Thursday, December 13, 2012

Armani Miracle Powder

I am going to talk about powder- face powder, if I am being honest if it was me I might flip politely past this blog post but STOP don't do it, this isn't any old powder this is a magic powder (no not that kind of magic powder, this isn't LOVE/HATE you know). 

Now I know powder is an essential part of a beauty routine, its sets your makeup and helps it last all day, this being especially essential for the oily skinned folk such as myself but I don't use it.  I should sit on the naughty blogger step, Ijust hate the drying feeling of powder on my skin, ewww hate it.  Its not like I am the kind of person who will reapply my makeup during the day OH NO I just put my makeup on and go (I might reapply my lippy) so by the end of the day I generally look like a broken and shabby version of myself and for some reason I prefer that than applying a drying, caky powder. 

All this changed in a dramatic way when Armani Micro-FIl Loose Powder in Moonlight Pink came into my life (It mightn't have been that dramatic but trust me when I say I am impressed).

I would normally be a more than a little hesitant about putting something over my face that is called Moonlight Pink - it gives me the idea that I may end up like Peppa Pig.  Ah but Armani would never EVER leave you looking like Peppa Pig - Armani make up helps you look like ride - FACT.

Moonlight Pink is ultra fine powder, which is so soft and smooth it almost feels like liquid.  The powder is translucent with a pearlescent sheen which evens out skin tone giving a flawless finish. 

Since the powder has a slight rose glow I have seen some people say they would only apply as a highlighter - this was after I had happily applied it all over my face and guess what?  I was glowing, but not in a weird space alien way, in a Victoria Secret kinda way.... NOT A JOKE.  In fact the week that I got this powder was the week in which I was inundated with images of perfect Victoria Secret Angels strutting the catwalk manging to look stunning after loosing baby weigh in literally a fortnight (while I still haven't managed to loose my Holiday weight).  Using Moonlight Pink set my makeup all day (which is quite helpful actually) without drying out the skin or making makeup cakey - while also leaving you with the radiant skin of a Irish Victoria Secret Angel (i.e. paler). 

I am kinda gutted to learn that this powder is limited edition for Christmas because it creates such a beautiful effect on the skin.  I am loving using this along with Lip Maestro in Blush (read about it here) which finishes off my Victoria Secret look beautifully (without the figure or the paycheck or the Kings of Leon Husband obviously).

Of course to up the anti during the party season you can also apply this to your shoulders and décolleté for a beautiful glowing, rosy shimmer. 

Now I apologise in advance if the pictures just show pictures of powder - there is no way to truly capture the pretty way in with the powder gleams like twinkling fairy wings.
This is a blurry shot - sorry but I was trying to show the pearlescent glow to the powder.

Look at me looking thoughtfully into the distance (PS I am not wearing the Lip Maestro I haven't a breeze what I have on my lips).   As you can see I look nothing like Peppa Pig perhaps I am eyeing a puddle to jump in?.

The Giorgio Armani Holiday Collection is  available exclusively at Brown Thomas Dublin and Cork.  The Micro-Fil Loose Powder Moonlight Pink costs €36.50 and considering what a small amount of powder you need I imagine it will last a long time YIPPEE.
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