Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Body Shop Sparkle this Christmas (Plus buy one get one 50% off)

Some of us out there have all our Christmas shopping sorted, some are leaving things last minute and some of us are concentrating on what makeup we are wearing over the party season.  Which ever category you fall into you might like to stop by The Body Shop to check out these little numbers which are part of the Winter Trend Collection.  My favourite thing of the whole collection has got to be The Dazzling Rocks, reminiscent of Guerlain meteorites these shimmering gold and bronze beads create a beautiful effect whether it be on your cheekbones as a highlight or across your decollete - I am obsessed with using these shimmering the beads across my shoulders, simply perfect for party season. 

The beads are housed in a dinky metal tin.  I have also been using the beads as a winter bronzer, as you can see there are more shimmery beads than bronze so swirled together they create a subtle and natural bronze shimmery effect (lets face it normal bronze would look a little unnatural at this time of year - it would be on me).
Accompanying the Dazzling Rocks perfectly is the Slanted Kabuki Brush.  Now for a little tale, many years ago when I bought my first MAC eyeshadow I decided that I needed a brush to go with it - when I asked the price the Sales Assistant at MAC must have noticed (my quite obvious) gasp at the price and whispered to me that The Body Shop have a great range of affordable, quality brushes.  Off I skipped to The Body Shop where I bought a number of brushes (which cost less than one MAC brush) which are still in my brush collection today.  This little lesson served me well over the years, I am really impressed with The Body Shop's range of synthetic brushes (although on certain brushes I prefer to use natural hair brushes but that is my personal preference).  The moment I felt the Slanted Kabuki Brush I was in love, its soft and dense and fluffy and did I mention soft?  Swoon, its the kind of brush that you absent mindedly rub along your cheek.  The Slanted Kabuki and Dazzling Rocks are BFF's the Kabuki applies the product but also buffs it out leaving a beautiful finish.  Without the Kabuki the Dazzling Rocks might appear a bit too shimmery on the face.  They make a perfect combination.   

Dazzling Rocks cost €28.95  and the Slanted Kabuki Brush cost €28.95 which could be quite a costly purchase the week before Christmas.  The Body Shop are feeling the love and offering buy one get one 50% off on the Winter Trend Collection right up to Christmas.  I find it very hard to resist going into the Body Shop without taking a whiff (and purchasing something) from their Ginger Sparkle range, its Christmas in a Body Butter.

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