Sunday, December 23, 2012

Instagramming Christmas

Christmas-ifying corners of my apartment | The tiniest Poinsettia | My tree | Gingerbread at Fallon & ByrneRuby Slippers | Goodies from my bro's NY trip | Grafton Street  | Snowy Rocky Road | More sparkly Dublin |

I love weekly Instagram posts on other blogs but never seem to generate enough photos to do one here (much as I'm addicted to Instagram). Christmas has brought out the photographer in me though - everything is just so damn photogenic at this time of year :) 

If you're on Instagram do follow us so we can folly back! I'm silec and Mags is actionmags

P.S. You have to try that Snowy Rocky Road recipe - it's AMAZING. My stomach just rumbled typing that. 
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