Friday, January 11, 2013

Leighton Denny at QVC

Hands up who knew that QVC delivers to Ireland? Mags did (because of her shopaholic tendencies) but I certainly wasn't aware that they did. To be truthful, I wasn't even aware that you could order online from them, I always thought of QVC as strictly an infomercial type TV channel. I'm so behind the times!

Anyway, not only do they deliver to Ireland, but they stock a huge range of beauty products, some of which are difficult to get on our shores. They also stock a lot of brilliant value sets. Nail polish fiends such as myself have plenty to choose from. One of the brands they stock is Leighton Denny, which I've never used before, simply because it doesn't have many (or any?) stockists near me. We were kindly sent one of their Colour and Go Manicure Pens to try out. 

This is a double ended product, containing the nail varnish in one end, and a base/top coat in the other end. How handy is this for travel?! One bottle instead of three. I wasn't sure about how good a dual base and top coat would be but I was impressed. The formula of the colour polish is also great and it wears well, even on my weak nails. 

The shade is called Provocative - a classic, glamourous red. 

I can see myself investing in more Leighton Denny in the future! *Heads off to browse QVC*

Have you ever bought anything from QVC? 

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  1. As you say they look so handy for travelling! Off to QVC now! I just can't buy though I'm smashed! Christmas is just an excuse for a shopaholic like me haha!


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