Monday, January 14, 2013

Stila Sparkle Luxe Eye Shadow Palette

I am really nosy about what people got for Christmas, I mostly want to see what beauty products they got but I even love to see what socks they got (this year I got no socks or pjs...... what's that about?). 

I of course had my eye on a beautiful set from Stila called the Sparkle Luxe Eye Shadow Palette,  do I need more eye shadows?  Of course not, in fact I need to go on a eye shadow ban and use up some but what can a girl do when she receives a present?  Love it and cherish it.  It would be quite rude not to.

My very kind bro bought the palette for me for Christmas (Stila's new counter in Harvey Nicks Dublin is making life easier for my loved ones at Christmas).  In addition to the palette he also picked me up these rather deadly Hello Kitty Ear Muff earphones.  You may be one of the kool people (yes I spell it with a "k" to show exactly how unkool I am) walking around with Beats headphones but are your ears quite as adorable as mine with Hello Kitty?  I think not. 

The palette's packaging is a silver glitter fest, but not the annoying kind that comes off everywhere, it's more of a glittery effect which is so simple and pretty and as with all Stila's palettes, this comes with a look book.

The top row of the palette features 3 micro- matte shades which are soft and pretty much feel like other brands normal shadows (great job on the matte's Stila).  Normally I really don't like matte shades but Stila create mattes that are soft and pigmented and not at all chalky.

The rest of the palette has 6 cream to powder eye shadows.  They are a very unusual consistency which are sparkly and bright while also being creamy (no feeling of gritty glitter).  The colours are bright and pigmented and although they are glittery and sparkly there is very little fallout - I did experience a tiny amount of fall out but because the consistency of the shadow begins like a cream it seems to stop major fall out.

Bubble Bath, Silk and Bon Bon are the three matt colours as you can see bubble bath is the lightest shade and although it doesn't show up very well on my arm its the perfect base shade for my eye lid. (and yes they are my star p.j's in the shot - what can I say it was Christmas).
Pink Diamond, Marilyn and Bordeaux.  Well hello there is a shade called Marilyn and its pink and pretty and glittery.

Cashmere, Crushed Velvet and Heart of the the Ocean. 

Its hard for me to decide which of these is my favourite shade, my love of Marilyn draws me to that shade but look at how amazing Heart of the Ocean is, and the subtle beauty of cashmere.

Included in the palette is also a Smudge Stick liner called Ladyfish which is black with pink shimmer.  As you know I am a huge fan of Smudge Sticks, I pretty much wear one every day and this one steps things up a notch.

Its kinda of a no brainer that I am going to love a Stila present but I like the way they have deviated from recent palettes to make their Christmas offering a little more sparkly and special.  The colours in the palette dont scream CHRISTMAS and give you good options for bright eyes as well as classic every day looks.

This palette makes a beautiful gift, the colours are so unusual and sparkly.  For anybody with a few euro left over after Christmas are having a sale and the Sparkly Luxe Palette is reduced from £30.00 to £21.00 (have a look here).  Don't forget Stila give free shipping to Ireland and the UK.

Did you get any nice Makeup for Christmas?

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  1. Ohh forgot the Stila site will have a sale on, going to check it out now!

  2. The smudge stick is so pretty. I love the glitter in it.

  3. I saw this on sale a while back but I could not find swatches for the life of me! So pretty

  4. That Marilyn colour is just yummy, looks a bit like Cranberry from Mac

  5. The smudge stick looks amazing! The pink glitter in it is fabulous. That's a gorgeous palette, I keep forgetting Stila have free shipping.

  6. I read someones review and they said these didn't apply well using their normal eyeshadow brushes? Did you find this was the case?
    I really want to get this set before its sold out!

    1. They have a different texture than Stila eyeshadow but I have no problem applying them with regular shadows I have been loving the set ... Go get it ;)

  7. Hi, I own this palette and I love it! I wondered if you knew what type of brush is the best for applying the cream to powder eyeshadows?

  8. Hi, I own this palette and I love it! I wondered if you knew what type of brush is the best for applying the cream to powder eyeshadows?


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