Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Top 12 of 2012 (Except its more like top 13 and a bit)

We have seen this post on a few different blogs, one of our favourites being our pal Karen (Lovelygirlybits) and decided to give it a whirl.  As there are are two of us we each get 4 products and we are also going to show you the 4 products that impressed both of us the most this year.  (It turns out we got a bit carried away and have more than 12 - our new years resolution will be to learn how to count).

 Mags' Top Products

1.  Stila Stay All Day Foundation. As you know I could stop there as I am a huge fan of the brand and its really hard for me to choose just one product (the eye shadows are amazing, and the liners and that's not even mentioning the convertible cheek colours or the lip products).  The product I have reached most for this year has been the Stay All Day Foundation (read the review here).  The foundation stays all day on my oily skin and also has a handy concealer in the lid.  I love the consistency which is not  light or runny as most of this years foundation launches seem to have been, but it still feels light on the skin.  When I first got this it was a smidge too dark but it blended really well, now that it matches me, it is perfection.

. 2.  Bare Minerals Ready Eye Shadows - I can't believe that more people don't talk about these shadows. I have two palettes (The Star Treatment and The Soundtrack) and the fact that I have listed these instead of Stila eye shadows speaks volumes about how much they impress me (I adore Stila eye shadows).  The shadows that I have tried are soft, buttery and very pigmented.  Bare Minerals reminds me of loose powders and I am too messy for that kind of carry on.  The Ready range is a collection of the colours pressed.  I urge you to have a play with them next time you're at a counter - you will be impressed at how soft, pigmented and pretty the colours are.

3.  Vichy Dercos Nourishing Reparative Shampoo - (read about it here) If I am being honest I never really paid a whole lot of attention to what shampoo I was using until I started to use Vichy Dercos.  I have long colour treated (or should I say my hair is naturally blonde after the highlights?) hair which can be a bit of a hot mess 90% of the time. Dercos shampoo is a nourishing shampoo enriched with keratin.  It makes my hair healthy and swooshy.  I never thought I would have a holy grail shampoo but this is it. 

4. Giorgio Armani - LIP MAESTRO No 500 Blush  (read about it here).  I have a lot of lip products  (more than any sane person should have).  I try to use them up but they seem to be breeding with each other and multiplying at a vast rate.  I have so many lip products I am not that worried if I use one up - except the Lip Maestro in Blush.  It's my special lip product that I panic a little if I can't find, that's for "good" wear.  I love this lip stick/gloss/stain hybrid and it feels fabulous on the lips.

5.  The Body Shop - Vitamin C Microdermabrasion (read full review here) I can literally feel my Christmas clogged pores clearing at the mention of this product.  Gentle but effective exfoliating leaving your skin feeling clean and refreshed and all for €17.00.

Síle's Top Products

6. Sally Hansen Salon Manicure Nail Polishes. I have a lot of nail polish, but if I want a fuss free, fast and easy manicure that I know will look great, I reach for these. The formula is second to none. I think they give your nails the really neat and shiny look of Shellac (without the longevity of course!). 

7. Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer. I know the whole beauty blogosphere goes on and on about this, but it really is as good as people say it is. I need pretty heavy duty coverage for under my eyes and this does the job brilliantly without looking heavy or caked. It's also brill for blemishes. Another plus is the price - about 6 quid. 

8. Benefit They're Real Mascara. I actually have a bit of a love/hate relationship with this mascara. I hate how hard it is to get off, I think it dries out fairly quickly, and it's pretty expensive. But nothing gives me lashes like it and it wears so well - you know it's gonna look just as good at eight in the evening as it did when you put it on at eight that morning.

9. Zoya Remove +. The most brilliant nail polish remover ever. Review here.

Products we have both adored this year (this makes them extra special)

10.  Closer by Halle Berry (read full review here). For us Closer has been the perfume of the year.  It's a very different perfume with the added bonus of being affordable.  Not only has it been a constant companion in the bags of both of us, we have both gifted it to different people.

11.  NYC Cosmetics NY Minute nail colour in Full Metal Jacket - WOW this has amazing coverage, one coat covered Sile's Christmas red polish and all for €1.29.  Phenomenal polish and outstanding value.

12.  Micellaire Waters. You could say that 2012 has been the year of the micellaire water and we have been loving La Roche Posay's and Avène's offerings, as well as mini bottles of Bioderma that Sile picked up in Spain (by the way, I saw a very exciting tweet from British Beauty Blogger the other day - apparently Bioderma will be available in Boots this year - hurrah!)

13. Lancome Le Crayon Kohl in Jazzy Taupe. We are both very wary of avoiding the Scissor Sisters look and generally don't use black liner on the lower water line or lash line. Brown is a more flattering alternative and Jazzy Taupe from Lancome's Holiday 2012 collection (we have been amusing ourselves by saying Jazzy Taauuuuppe in a Northern, Sean Bean type accent - try it, you will be amused too) is a super pretty sparkly bronze colour that is gorgeous on blue eyes especially. We heart it. 

Ok, so that's a top 13 of 2012. We couldn't leave any out!

Oh P.S. We have to give an honourable mention to Maybelline's Baby Lips too - Mags received some in her swap with Yessie and then picked some more up when she was in Florida and we have been loving them. Can't wait for them to be released here.

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  1. Great list girls! Love the baby lips shout out to me:)) Still have not spotted the LE that were supposedly released- of course I'm picking some up for you both! Wish me luck:))

  2. Great choices ladies, Mags i need to try more Stila this year x

  3. Hmmm now I'm curious about that Stila foundation!


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