Friday, February 8, 2013

Eat your way to Beautiful skin

I have been thinking about this post for a while and it's like Gemma over at Gemsmaquillage read my mind (read her post far superior and more knowledgeable post here). 
I love makeup but I think that your skin is of vital importance, not only is it the biggest and busiest organ  in our body, it also makes or breaks how we appear to the world.   You could have the most expensive, groundbreaking foundation in the world but unless you have a good base with your skin, it will look bad.   I am turning into a advocate of eating my way to good healthy skin - proof of this would be my skin just after Christmas, my diet which consisted mostly of trifle and cake showed plainly on my greasy and blotchy skin.  Remember when we were teenagers and our parents said if you eat too much rubbish you will get spots.  Ha how we laughed.  When I look back at my teenage self I didn't really suffer from spots at all, at most I had one spot at a time - but sure why would I have spots?  Generally there was only a yellow pack multi pack of crisps that would last the house a week - no gorging on multiple packs of crisps at the one sitting.  There wasn't as much rubbish in the house to eat, no lunches of lattes and scones, no plates full of beige food (I used to be guilty of this).  Take out food was a treat that happened once or twice a year.  

I might be too old for this realisation but having fruit and veg in your diet is great for your skin, it will take a couple of weeks to notice but I guarantee that you will see the results.  The more colour you have in your diet the more vitamins you're getting. Sure you could buy a skin supplement, but it's much better not only for your skin but for your overall health to get your nutrients from food.  Now you would think that I am a skinny Minnie saying all this but I am not, for me it's not about weight, it's about being healthy from the inside out.  I am no saint  - I have my treats at the weekend, but I try and live by the 80% good 20% naughty approach to food.

Another thing that is important is fat and I mean good fat, it is so important for ladies of a certain age (over 30) to have some fat in their diet - not that you should eat 10 McDonald's a day but good fats are great for skin and specifically wrinkles, so don't be afraid of foods that are high in natural fats (like avocados) because they plump the skin.  If you're constantly eating low fat foods not only will it show in your skin - causing Ms Wrinkle face-  these foods also tend to be high in sugar which of course causes havoc with your skin.  So low fat is not always the best option (plus they tend to taste rubbish).

Eating my way to beautiful skin has been a bit of a resolution for me and it's working well.   Do you eat your way to healthy skin?  Full disclaimer: I have a massive spot on my chin but hey nobody's perfect.
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  1. I'm making a conscious effort to do this too! More fruit, veg, and water! Just want to feel and be healthier in general! So glad to see more and more people writing about this!:)

  2. You look fabulous Mags and its a great resolution. Im the same, every time i get on a health kick my skin and hair thank me and i can use even the cheapest product. When im eating bad, i need a hundred potions and still dont get miracles.

  3. I absolutely agree, I've recently stopped eating dairy and oily foods and my skin is so different. When I do eat oily foods like pasta sauce etc I instantly get spots. I used to eat so much cheese as well and they are a right fecker for causing spots. You are what you eat!


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