Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Gingembre Roger & Gallet

She knows me so well ...that's what I keep singing about the very lovely Karen from Lovely Girly Bits.  Let me explain this a little bit myself and Karen.... we have a great old laugh when we get together, our chats can be quite bold and always result in a giggle (sometimes she climbs into my brain) and we can even manage that in under 140 characters on the twitter and on one such occasion she was telling me how much I would love Gingembre from them lovely peeps at Roger & Gallet - she knows I love the smell of ginger but Gingembre manages to be fresh and zesty while having a hint of ginger mmm (read Karen's post here). 

The last time I saw Karen she surprised me with a wonderful treat - one of the new 30ml Travel Editions of Gingembre which I promptly whipped open and have been wearing since.  

The Fragranced water (I have to be honest this term "Fragrant Water" kinda freaked me out at first because it just didn't sound as fancy as perfume - but what is perfume other than fancy water? and don't get technical on me).

Gingembre doesn't give you a heady burst of ginger as you would expect, its much more subtle than that here is how Roger and Gallet describe it

Head: It all starts with zing of Janpanese ginger; essence of neroli adds its fruity vigour, while bergamot, soft and delicate, swathes them with its roundness.
Heart: Jamaican ginger and the oriental sweetness of ambrette adds sensuality to the fragrance.
Base: Finally, the round, hot notes of benzoin balm appear with a magnificent blend of musk.

This pretty fragrance addition has been in my bag since I got it (it is not as heavy as lugging around a bottle of perfume) in fact it has its own pocket in my bag. The 30ml Travel Edition costs €17.75 and because the fragrances have been demagogically tested you can wear them in the sun - travel friendly or what?  (I am mentioning this because sometimes fragrance can react with the sun when on holidays and it can also stain your skin when exposed to the sun, luckily or unluckily enough we don't have to worry about that too much in the lovely Emerald Isle).

I have to admit what I love most about Roger & Gallet is the fact that the fragrances are a little bit unusual and not everybody is going to be wearing them, your not going to be wearing the same fragrance as your friend......except if your friends with me and Karen.
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  1. Ah I'm glad you love it as much as I do Mags :) I'm currently smelling like the shower gel and body lotion in the Gingembre range which is decidedly more soapy and amazing and because I brought it to New York with me, it's now my New Yorky smell and I want to go now thanks ;)

    We shall smell loverly together missus :)


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