Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Khroma Beauty - That's the Kardashian Beauty Line to You and Me

OK I have something to admit - I watch Keeping Up with the Kardashians (and ALL the spin offs). It's my guilty pleasure.  This is hard for me to admit because I generally don't watch any reality tv - but that's what I love about Keeping up K family, it's not reality, well not as I know it.  They live in a world that is quite frankly a fantasy world full of big fancy houses, fast cars, fancy heels, pouting and quite a few family squabbles.  Myself and himself used to watch it as a guilty pleasure, until Kourtney had her baby - if you haven't seen it, the tiny woman literally pulls the baby out herself - after that he can't really watch and still gets freaked out around pregnant women or women with babies (I think it's like a 'Nam flashback for him).

This beautiful but very melodramatic family are taking over the world and they always look immaculate. While I couldn't wear those heels all day, I love how well groomed they all are.  The Kardashian sisters have recently launched a makeup line called Khroma Beauty (well it had to start with a K didn't it).  The line is a capsule line and, surprisingly enough, is very affordable.  My favourite family member by far is Khloe (least favourite is Kim, I love that her family call her boring). Khloe is funny and brash and doesn't suffer fools gladly, she also seems a little more down to earth.  Khloe's palette just happens to be my favourite look from the collection.

The kit is called Khloe's Kardazzle - be warned for those that are expecting a huge big palette, these palettes are credit card size. I love the idea that they are this size because they fit everything you need and it's handbag friendly.  They are similar in size to the Too Faced Glamour to Go sets.

The outside is a hardened plastic with snake print design.  When I first showed the kit to Sile she looked at the shadows and said she loved the shades and how compact the set is, this was before she realised that it housed blush and highlighters on the bottom layer - when she realised this it deserved an OOOOOOOOO.

I love the fact that there are no poky applicators that you're never going to use included in the kit, it's compact and sleek.  As you can see there are 8 shadows (including a handy mirror), the top four shades are matte and the bottom four have a shimmer.  The layer underneath has all you need to perfect the chiseled Kardashian cheekbones.

If you read this blog you may know that matte shades are not my favourite formulation to work with - makeup trends and brands are slowing bringing me around with their better quality matte shades which are easier to use and blend and Khroma are no different.  If I am being honest I expected the shadows to be chalky and gritty and I was really surprised and impressed by the quality.  The matte shades are smooth and pigmented and the shimmer shades are simply to die for.  As you can see below the top left colour barely shows up  on my ruddy arm but on my eye lid it's a perfect base colour.  There are no makeup guides with this kit, you really don't need them. They are pretty shades that you can pick and choose from, creating a range of looks.

While I was really impressed with the eyeshadow shades when I applied the cheek colours that's when I got a bit excited.  The kit includes two cheek colours which hug onto a golden white highlighter.  The peachy/pink shade is simple and pretty on the cheeks which is a perfect contrast to the matte bronzer.  The three colours help create the perfect cheek contour.

I am so impressed by the kit, I could quite happily take this on holiday and only use these products.  The palette offers great range and quality all for an affordable price.   Besides the quality and the portability of the palette I think I am most impressed by the selection of colours in the kit, they are so well thought out and flattering.  As this is an affordable celebrity brand I can see it becoming quite popular with younger people. Don't let the celebrity name put you off, the colours are really flattering and I had to swipe it out of my mother's hands who was really impressed with it (get your own mam) and she actually thought the Kardashians were from Star Trek (do they have the bumpy heads she asked).

Khroma Beauty is available from Cloud 10 Beauty (click here to look at the Khroma Beauty range) and costs €16.95 - yeah I told you it was affordable. In addition to this amazing price the lovely people at Cloud 10 Beauty are offering a introductory 15% discount if you use the promo code KHROMA15OFF.  If you want to recreate Kim's signature Smokey eyes have a look at Kim's Palette  but I am eyeing up Kourtney's palette which has beautiful rose gold eyeshadow. 

P.S.  If you're anything like me you will be mentally unable to purchase just one thing online - I don't know if it's internet shopping OCD or simply greed but if you are looking to buy something else from Cloud 10 Beauty I couldn't recommend the Tigi Catwalk Curlesque kit enough (click here to check it out).  This kit contains a curling wand and Curls Amplifier (which I gave to the naturally curly Redser),  if you're looking to recreate Victoria's Secret hair this is the wand to use, I am always complemented on my hair when I use this (the rest of the time my hair generally looks like a hot mess).  It's easy, but more than that, quick to use (what can I say I have a lot of hair and get distracted easily).  It's quite literally one of my favourite beauty products I have ever purchased.

DISCLAIMER: Sample from Cloud 10 Beauty Pin It


  1. Why Margaret, you look stunning! That lipstick was custom-made for you right? x

  2. You look gorgeous :) I think I might get Kim's one... Maybe :) x

  3. Thats absolutely freaked me out too when Kourtney pulled her own baby out! So weird.
    I don't think I will be rushing out to get this palette. A couple of the colours look good & pigmented but overall I don't think Its something Id get alot of wear from

  4. Mags what lippie are you wearing? Its FABILIS! I must have it xx

  5. I actually just got the same Khroma Beauty Kardazzle yesterday from ! I only used it today, but I LOVE it! Kourtney Kardazzle is definitely next on the list! Kim is my favourite but I think the colours in her palette are not as versatile as the other two Kardashian sisters! x

  6. Oooh I love the bronzer and blush, they look stunning on you!

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