Friday, February 1, 2013

Lancome In Love - Making Spring Very Easy Indeed

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Lancome have created quite a beautiful and glowing spring collection this year and two of the products that I was most excited to try were the Cheeks In Love blush and the Kohl in Love.  I love the imagery of the campaign, it's simple and vibrant, everything that spring should be. 

There are two blushes in the collection both with pretty pink packaging with bursting flowers on them, and that is what this collection represents to me - flowers bursting with colour and vibrancy. 

I found the blush very hard to get a good swatch of colour from, but it applies beautifully to the face, the mixture of the pink and the peach creates a beautiful flush across the cheeks that can be built up for a more vibrant look.

The star of the show for me is definitely the Khol in Jade Crush - it's simply stunning.  We were big fans of Lancome's Christmas liner in Jazzy Taupe and this shade knocks it out of the park.  I was going to do use this post as a tutorial of this look but really the liner makes life so simple (I applied a neutral colour shadow over my lid and a smudge of brown in the crease for depth and then I used the liner - simples).  The liner is smooth and easy to use, extremely pigmented and dries to a even and budge proof finish.  When I say budge proof I mean it, the swatch on my hand lasted all day. I really need vibrant liners to dry, I don't have massive lids and liners can transfer onto the upper part of my eye.  Lancome's liner stayed in place all day, beautifully.  What's more the colour is matt which I think sets it apart from other bright liners - you get clear, beautiful, vibrant colour.

I didn't have the rest of the collection so I used a bright lip colour to create a stain on the lips and then applied a gloss - the Baume in Loves are sheer colour and with such vibrant liner you have to be careful not to look clownish.  I have used a sample of Lancomes new groundbreaking foundation Teint Visionnaire on my skin (I can't say what the concealer part of the foundation is like but I am really liking the foundation on my skin).  

I have been wearing this look for the past couple of weeks (except when the flu got me - I looked more like the Walking Dead then) I think it's pretty bright but also very wearable.   When I initially saw the liner,although I thought it was beautiful, it might draw attention to my dark circles and eye bags - it doesn't - the shade lifts the area and it's impossible not to smile when wearing it, the shades make you feel lighter and brighter.

 Lancome Cheeks in Love Blush costs €39.00 and Kohl in Love costs €17.28.  For me the must have product from this collection is definitely Khol in Love in Jade crush.  I am not sure if it's a conscious decision on the part of Lancome to have the stand out product be a liner which also happens to be the most affordable part of the collection but if it is..... it's genius.  Normally I love to pick up a piece or two from my favourite brands' new collections but as we all know this recession is kicking our bums so I would only pick up the stand out products - for me without a doubt Khol in Love is a stand out and too pretty to leave behind.

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