Monday, February 18, 2013

NYC Expert Last Collection

NYC Cosmetics happens to be one of our favourite budget ranges, and how could it not be with everything costing under four euro.  The brand have some exciting launches coming up one of which is the Expert Last Lipsticks.  The Expert Last Collection* contains 14 different Lipsticks ranging from neutral to bright pops of colour - and every possible shade in between. 

The lipsticks are long lasting but are very comfortable on the lips. They don't last all day but they do put up a good fight. They survive a cup of tea but fail to last through porridge (my sticky test) but the interesting thing about these lipsticks for me is they fade evenly on your lips.  Normally with long lasting lip products (especially vibrant colours) I am left with a line of vibrant colour and the inside of the lips fade - not the case with Expert Last, these fade naturally from the lips.  They smell like sweets mmmm and if that's not enough they cost €2.49.  YUP that's right €2.49. 

I have six shades to show you, so let's get started cause there are a lot of pictures.

Sugar Plum

Traffic Jam

 Red Rapture


Purple Crush

 Air Kiss

Phew that was a lot of pictures - thanks for sticking with me. 
I have to admit I wasn't expecting the lipsticks to be comfortable on the lips, the fact that they are a budget brand and also a long lasting lipstick. I was very wrong - the lipsticks are very comfortable on the lips and a pleasure to wear.  If you read the blog you know that I am a fan of bright lipsticks - its somewhat a signature look for me, but Sile never wears brights lipsticks - until she tried Air Kiss which is her current favourite lip product (she likes to blot down the lipstick so its not as intense).   Expert Last are a great product in a amazing range of colours at an affordable price - what's not to love about that?
At €2.49 what an amazing way to try out new shades?

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  1. These colours look gorgeous, must check these out ASAP :)


  2. Thanks guys! Expert Last looks fab here - reminds me of the Giles or Holly Fulton catwalk looks. My faves are traffic Jam and Air Kiss xxx

  3. Loving the swatches missus, the bright shades always look gorge on you magaluf!

  4. I love these, cant believe there only 2.49

  5. I love these, such pretty colours, and the price is shocking for such great colour payoff.


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