Monday, March 25, 2013

Bourjois Fan-Tastic Volume Mascara...aka my new favourite mascara

Fan-Tastic Volume* is the newest mascara release from Bourjois and it's a good one. It has become my go-to daily mascara and may even have overtaken Benefit's They're Real as my current favourite (shock horror!). 

Encased in bright purple packaging, Fan-Tastic Volume has a fan shaped plastic bristle wand which I found really easy to use. It gets right down to the roots and in to the corners. I'll let the photos speak for themselves, the first photo (sorry for the blurriness, it's probably for the best) is with no mascara and the second is with one coat of Fan-Tastic Volume and no other make up. 

Other things I like about this mascara: 
  • It doesn't take lots of layers and lots of work to get a good result. One quick layer and you're good to go. This is great when I have approximately two minutes to do my make up in the mornings. 
  • It gives a nice lengthening, fanned out effect, with minimal clumps. 
  • It's really black and glossy. 
  • The formula isn't too wet when it's new. 
  • It stays put all day with no flaking or smudging. 

One coat of Fan-Tastic Volume with the rest of my makeup.

Fan-Tastic Volume is €13.99 from Bourjois stockists. Have you tried this? Are you a fan (pun intended) of Bourjois mascaras?
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  1. Wow this looks so good!

    talisa xx

  2. I really like comb-shaped mascara wands, so I suspect I'll get along very nicely with this one. Looking out for the Bourjois counters!

  3. I have NO eyelashes (practically) so mascara is my 'thing'. Must go buy!
    Chloe - Very Lovely Stuff

  4. I love this one too, it's brilliant! Bourjois do deadly mascaras, looking gorgeous in the pic Ms Sile!

  5. This is gawjus on both of you ladies, have a serious obsesh with new mascaras at the mo. LOVING your lippie here Sile!

  6. love the effects of this! the wand is incredible :O can't believe I haven't tried this yet.x


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