Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Summer Scents from Marc Jacobs (and Cupcake Wars)

A couple of weeks ago we were lucky enough to attend an event launching new Spring/Summer products from Coty fragrances and NYC cosmetics. The event was held in Cook's Academy in Dublin and we got to get our bake on afterwards. It basically turned into Cupcake Wars. More on that later. To the serious matter in hand first (not that cupcakes aren't serious) - new perfume. 

We have two of the three new Spring/Summer fragrances from Marc Jacobs to tell you about. Oh, Lola! Sunsheer Edition* incorporates delicate floral notes and a creamy vanilla drydown but is lifted by fruity top notes of pear and raspberry. If you like the original Oh, Lola! you'll like this too - it doesn't stray too far... just a fruitier, more summery version.  50ml edt €59.77 / £47.00

Daisy Sunshine* is a vibrant interpretation of the original Daisy, featuring an infusion of juicy red fruits, spring blossoms and tender lychee, with a drydown of blushing apricot skin and radiant musky woods. I was never a fan of the original Daisy perfume - it was way too floral and, well, daisy-ish for me, but I LOVE this. 50ml edt €57.23 / £45.00

Both are available nationwide now. Have you found your summer perfume yet? Probably not as we are still in the depths of fecking winter. We recommend giving these two a whirl. Just look how beautiful the bottles are too!

Now. Cupcakes. We were given instruction in how to make cupcakes, two types of icing, and decorations, then we were split into teams and let loose in the kitchen. The task at hand was to create a batch of cupcakes and decorate them, taking inspiration from the new Spring/Summer fragrance and cosmetic launches we had just seen. Each team had to bring forth their best cupcake at the end, Great British Bake Off style, and there were prizes for those deemed the winners. Nothing like a bit of competition! Cupcake Wars!! Mags and I were paired together and made some pretty amazing cakes if we do say so ourselves...we even came first in the competition - I know. No one was more surprised than us. 

Extreme baking from Andreea of Art Donatella. She bakes so fast, she's a blur 
Our naked white chocolate chip and rasberry cakes. Droooool....
Mags getting her bake on. That's the Stila Periwinkle eyeliner she's wearing right there. 

Learning how to make cute decorations
The judges deliberate! Paul and Mary eat your hearts out. 
Our winning cupcake. Ta Dah! It wasn't really deliberate at the time but definitely inspired
by the Oh Lola! Sunsheer bottle! 
It was a good night. Oh yeah. 

Apologies for my iphone pics which look like they were taken under water. Apart from learning how to make proper cupcakes, we were also reminded of the simple pleasure that is eating raw cake batter and icing from the bowl. Yum.

Stay tuned for more gorgeous new summery products news! 
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  1. Oh how badly I want that Daisy perfume!!

  2. Ditto @Makeup Monster Can't wait to try the new Daisy!

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  4. Signed into a different account...

    I loved this post, bring back happy/yummy memories! xoxo

  5. That sounds like a ton of fun making cupcakes! I love baking! The oh lola! fragrance sounds right up my alley!


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