Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Clarins - Splendours Summer 2013

The Mayan calendar may not have marked the end of the the world as we know it but it certainly has inspired Clarins to create their Summer Collection "Splendours"* which is simple and beautiful like the world it has taken its inspiration from.  (Warning this post will contain every cliche known to man about holidays and exotic places).

Many (many many) years ago I went on a great adventure to Mexico. It was so long ago that I think I just missed the Mayan civilisation (their kettle was still on the boil).  The trip was one of my favourites I have ever taken, part Indiana Jones and part Spring Breakers, there is more culture and history in that part of the world than you can shake a tanned arm at. It also happens to be nestled in paradise so it's the perfect inspiration for a summer makeup collection. 

I got to visit Chichen Itza (a World Heritage Site) and if I am being honest I only managed to climb halfway up the steep pyramid (it was very high and the steps were tiny).  I am not the kind of person that has many pictures of myself floating around my house but the picture of me in front of this ancient wonder has pride of place.  

I eagerly await summer makeup collections (my favourite collections tend to be the summer collections) and Clarins Splendours is exactly what you would expect from a Summer makeup collection or what you would wish for in a Summer Holiday, bronze and golds intermixed with some exotic and mysterious etchings from an ancient time.  This collection transports you to an exotic and beautiful place, just looking at the collection almost makes you feel the sun on your face and a gentle breeze on your skin.

Splendours Colour Quartet* €39.00 (pictured with my own little Mayan calendar disk) gives us a trio of subtle metallics; a copper, gold, a pink gold along with a brown powder liner and a plum eyeliner to create bright eyes or more mysterious lined eyes for those sultry summer nights (we can dream about sultry summer nights even if for most of us the simple dream is a barbecue in the back garden - we can still look the part).  When I first saw the colours, besides the beautiful etching in the shadow I thought that perhaps the colours could be duped, and perhaps they can but the consistency and colours are stunning.  The copper shade has stolen my heart.  The shadows can also be used wet (with a damp brush) for a more intense look. There are two "looks" included with the palette but I have been simply using the light gold as a highlight and the copper on the lids and under the eye for every day - and look the results have brought the sun out from behind the clouds.

Splendours Shimmer Body Oil* is a light body oil which looks like some kind of Mayan treasure  in a bottle.  The oil suspends tiny specks of gold which looks lovely on your arm and will look simply stunning over a tan (fake or otherwise).  The oil smells delicious and its light fragrance of ylang ylang and tonka bean is the perfect summer fragrance.  The oil contains essential oils of tangerine, grapefruit and Hazelnut which softens the skin and although its an oil your skin is left radiant and not greasy.  I applied the Shimmer Body Oil on one arm to see what it was like - at €37.00 I wouldn't be using it every day - and then went to the cinema, I spent the whole time in the cinema stroking my moisturised and soft arm (it had nothing to do with Ryan Gosling being on the screen cause that is making me sound a little weird - but I was stroking my arm like a Bond villain would stroke a cat). I was obsessed at how soft my arm felt and that was in the dark without being able to see the gentle glimmer the gold gave to my arm.  This is admittedly an expensive buy but a little goes a long way.

There are two Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Gels* €20.00. These are ultra glossy ultra moisturising lip glosses which leave your lips looking like you were eating fresh fruits or perhaps had cooled yourself down with an ice pop.  These feel lovely on the lips and have a tasty blackcurrant flavour.  Although for me they are not a "miss" product however if I was saving my money somewhere in the collection it would be here, simply because the other products are so stunning and the chemist brands are producing such great quality lip products at the moment.  

The collection also includes Instant Smooth Crystal Lip Balm which comes in 4 colours and costs €22.00 - these are very interesting looking and look like cool pops in the form of a lipstick.

My must haves for Clarins Splendours Summer Collection? Sometimes when a collection that I like comes out I will pick up one little thing just to sooth and quieten the makeup addict voice that talks to me.  With the Splendours Collection I could definitely hold out and go for the heavy hitters of the collection,  The Splendours Colour Quartet €39.00 is universally flattering - the shadows are soft and pigmented with looks that can range from a simple summer eye to a more dramatic evening look.  The Shimmer Body Oil €37.00 is one of those products that is going to last you a number of summers.  A number of years ago I fell in love with the rather similar Nars Body Glow and although I prefer the smell of Nars, it's a whopping €65.00 and I would definitely repurchase Clarins first - although as I said a little goes a long way and you will have this Shimmer Body Oil for a long time.  The stand out product for me of the collection is the stunning Bronzing Summer Compact €38.00 - the packaging like the product itself reflects the look of the round Mayan Calendar.  The colours of the bronzer are a brown (handy for a bronzer), a terracotta and a gentle gold in the middle.  This means you can use the bronzer as a matte or a shimmer bronzer.  I will be ducking and rolling into the shops in May a la Indiana Jones when the collection is released to rescue this treasure from the shops.

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  1. I love the Mayan disc :) I love this collection, it's. beautiful. Clarins definitely win when it come to packaging. It's so unique :) x

  2. Beautiful collection, ill be getting the bronzer for sure. Make more travel post please, love living through other peoples stories :) x


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