Friday, May 10, 2013

Beyonce Pulse NYC

After the bank holiday weekend I don't think that Beyonce is ready for the jelly of my belly but this weekend is unofficially BEYONCE Weekend as she is set to perform in Dublin and drive us all Beyonce Crazy.  While I am not lucky enough to have tickets I have seen her perform before where she literally took my breath away, she is so stunning.

So this weekend I might not get the opportunity to be stunned into silence (no small task) by Beyonce's beauty and talent but I can enjoy the smell of Beyonce - well her latest perfume release anyway.  Pulse NYC* was created by Beyonce and inspired by her adopted home, the city of New York.  She wanted to pay an ode to the city that never sleeps and created a bottle which looks like a skyscraper and a beautiful scent which is perfect for spring, which is my favourite time in New York.

The fragrance breaks down as follows
Topnotes: sparkling raspberry, rich pomegranate and juicy pear
Middle notes:  a floral middle of peony exotic Jasmine and rock orchid which is Beyonce's favourite flower (she sees it as a symbol of self confidence and it is in all her perfumes)
Base notes take on a more sensuous nature with notes of patchouli, cashmere musk and red velvet cupcake.

I have to be honest when I heard that Beyonce wanted the scent to capture the scent of New York I was a little sceptical, I have been to New York a number of times, it's my favourite place on earth to escape with the girls, or your sisters (I am afraid to bring himself in case he will give out about the crowds and ruin the whole New York experience on me.) New York can be an assault on your senses, the bright lights the noise of fire engines and police cars and the smell.  Well lets just say I think of  how New York smells and I think of garbage and multiple restaurants. 

When I smelled Pulse NYC I was reminded of a different New York,  the sweetness that you smell from the roasted honey peanut vendors and of course cupcakes which has been captured here for the first  time in a fragrance

The fragrance is young and sweet like New York on a spring day (the best time to visit), it's bright and full of promise.  Sweet but not sickly sweet.  Modern but not bonkers.  I have some love/hate feelings about the bottle.  I love that it represents a sky scraper, it's sleek and minimal and there are beautiful details (like a B on the underside of the bottle).  The blue lid/top represents one of Beyonce's stage outfits and this is the bit of the bottle that I don't like, on your counter it looks great, very modern in a "I'm not sure if this painting is upside down or not" kind of way - but it is way too bulky to carry in a handbag and it would get knocked off in the bulk of my bag.  The bottle has been carefully designed with  beautifully sleek features but if they had a removable little lid that would be perfect.

Beyonce Pulse NYC is available now and costs €25.95 for 30ml which is good value for a perfume.  So if you're missing out on the Beyonce Concerts this weekend, stick on a Beyonce CD, buy this perfume and dance around the living room shaking your booty - or in my case my recently inflated belly. 

Since we are having a little chat about New York I thought I would throw up some pictures of a visit that I made there a million years ago (an approximation). If you are ever in New York I would highly suggest a visit to Serendipity 3 which is a restaurant but ignore that part and go for the deserts which are to die for.  We had to take a visit after it was featured in the movie Serendipity with John (he who always wears long leather coats) Cusack - it would have been rude not to visit.  In the picture below you will see a quite hysterical me and Redser.  I was hysterical for a number of reasons - 
reason 1 - we were reinacting the scene from Serendipity when the waiter caught us rapid - morto and very funny
reason 2 - Myself and SileC ordered the same dessert - which was flipping massive and when Redser came out (she being hungers mother) we found it hysterical that hers was much smaller than ours
reason 3 - did you see the size of that dessert that's a lot of sugar.

We couldn't get over how massive the dishes were - looking back at the pictures they don't look too big (only the size of my head) which is kinda scary cause obviously our portion sizes have gone up a lot in the past number of years.

Yep I am just so happy eating my massive desert and wearing a Baby G watch in a non ironic way (I am dating myself here but really they were the Michael Kors of their day).    (I think I might also be wearing a Carrie style horse shoe necklace that I bought in Chinatown and promptly broke out in a massive rash from).  Ah New York what an amazing place.

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  2. I see the spammers are looking out for your bowels ladies ;)

    Ah mags you've done it again, wrecked here after an exam and you made me laugh so much! Baby-Gs! Fuck sake I was in love with mine!! Sinead and I are going to Beyoncé tomorrow and we are literally beside ourselves with excitement! x

    1. Oh my God, have just seen that, the spam comments are totally out of hand these days!!! I'll leave that one there for the laugh ;) Hope you enjoyed Beyonce, she was AMAZING last time x

  3. As i type im scoffing off some Ben&Jerry Vermonster and dreaming of your dessert. That looks delicious!


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