Wednesday, May 8, 2013

NYC Applelicious Balms - a handbag must have

NYC Applelicious Balms* were one of those products that I was keeping my beady eye out for, I had seen them on You Tube and on American Blogs and really wanted to try them.  I thought why spend a tenner on a Revlon Lip Butter when you can get one of these babies for less than a latte.  My trusty NYC did not let me down - they are a handbag must have.

We are huge fans of NYC Cosmetics here at Emerald Eyeliner, they are the brand that have really shown us that you can get some really good affordable cosmetics and these Applelicious Balms are for me lip balm perfection.  Each of these balms has a moisturising core - and it's literally a core in the shape of an apple which is just about the cutest thing I have ever seem (the shape doesn't smudge or go away as you use the product which is nice) they have a hint of apple flavour which is delicate and not overpowering, exactly what you need in a lip product.  There are five different shades in the range available in Ireland and I have three shades to show you today.

How adorable are Applelicious Pink, Caramel Apple and Big Apple red? 
The Apple Balms give you shiny colour while moisturising your lips, basically a lip two for one.

The colours swatched below are in the same order as shown above.  I think the arm swatches show that although they are a balm you get a very decent amount of colour pay off.

Caramel Apple leaves a soft natural sheen to the lips

Applelicious Pink give a pretty pink vibrant lip - this would be a great product to try if you want to try vibrant lips but you're a bit afraid.  It gives you a bright wash of sheer colour.

Big Apple Red gives the lips a pure juicy red wash of colour.


These amazing little lip products are so easy and convenient to use.  I have had one in my jeans pocket at all times over the past couple of weeks - If I am being honest I meant to post about these much sooner except I misplaced Big Apple Red (in a pair of jeans).

I think Applelicious Blams are a must have for everyone from your teenage sister to your nanny. Not only do they hydrate your lips but they also give beautiful colour with a slight hint of apple flavour and the best bit (besides the cute apple core) is that they cost €2.49.
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  2. I have yet to try these but now I want to try big apple red. I want to try something that actually taste okay for once!

  3. Due to the different materials used, the colors on my bag handles are of different shades. But they provide a nice contrast to the texture of the handbag.


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