Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Smashbox Love me - Spring 2013 - Adore me

A little while ago our lovely friend Andreea (Artdonatella) asked have we ever had a falling out over makeup - especially makeup for the blog.  Of course not we said, and really on the surface we are very democratic here at Emeraldeyeliner - we definitely have our interests. Sile is our tan aficionado and I love my bright lips so often we know straight away what products the other will be interested in, so no fights.  Plus the fact that Sile is one of the most laid back and ladylike people I have ever met. 

You see we are very grown up and mature (snort) so we would never fall out over something like makeup hmmm.  But then the memory of Smashbox Love Me collection came to mind (this story is dramatised for your reading pleasure).  A little while ago I had the pleasure of attending a Smashbox masterclass.  Now Smashbox is a brand that I have bought a few things from here and there - generally they have amazing eye palettes and sets that catch my eye - but they are now a little more accessible with stands in larger Boots and Arnotts.  During the Masterclass the Spring Collection eye shadow palette was used in Admire Me*.  

Smashbox's spring collection was in collaboration with Curtis Kulig, a renowned street artist whose artwork has been used to "tag" the collection with the words 'Love Me'.  It's a very exciting collaboration where the products are simple and classic yet with the edge of the Curtis Kulig artwork. 

I thought that the palette Admire me was stunning, it had been a little while since I had bought a Smashbox shadow so I was blown away by the quality.  The shadows were soft and pigmented - I was so impressed I thought they were right up there with my favourite eye shadows from Stila and Bare Minerals (if you read this blog you will know what an honour it is being compared to Stila - my favourite brand), possibly even better.  The colours were the perfect mix of 5 shades - and what I love is that the shades that you would use more of are are given larger space in the pan.  

The moment I saw the palette I was in love but I also immediately thought - these are totally Sile's kinda colours, I was right.  Sile was in love too.  And there started the war.  When I mean war it was possibly the most polite argument you have ever seen regarding anything - it all went a bit Mrs Doyle and her friend trying to pay for tea.


Ah it's lovely you have it, no you like it you have it.  (After about 5 to 10 minutes) the teeth begin to grit and the intensity of us thinking the other should keep the palette is more pronounced as the palettes was pushed between us.

Lets have a little look at this famous palette.

As you can see the palette's design is really interesting - the colours swirl in the same form as the Love Me design and the lighter colours that you would use more of are given a bigger space - for me this is genius.

Normally if I am being honest I don't get excited about brown shadows or tones but look at how beautiful they are .... I love all of them (maybe with exception to the matt shade which is second on the right end but I am not crazy about matt shades).  

These shadows are really impressive, they are the kind of shadows that you swatch and automatically ooooooo out really loud.  As I have said, they are pigmented and soft in stunning shades and the shadows can be used dry or wet.  For the best impact Smashbox recommend wetting the shade you want to stand out - in this case the neutral champagne shade in the middle which was used on the eye lid - and use the rest of the shades dry as they will blend better.  An interesting tip from Smashbox was to use the rose gold shade (second from left above) above the crease, normally I would use a dark shade in the crease and I thought my small eyes would not suit this look but the shade brightens the whole eye area.  I used the dark shade as a liner and it completes a simple and pretty look.

So by the looks of this post it looks like I won our "argument" but I didn't.  Sile has primary care of the Adore Me palette.  It would take an awful lot for me and Sile to fall out and the beauty and amazing quality of Smashbox Adore Me palette nearly brought us to it - but how can you fall out over something with such a positive message like "love me"?

You might be looking for a blush and as part of the Love Me Collection Smashbox have released the perfect Spring Summer Blush in Idolize Me - you can see from above it gives a beautiful glow to your cheeks and is the perfect peach/ pink mix.  I added a little bit of Smashbox's Artificial Light in Diffuse to add a shimmer to my cheekbones (which basically creates cheekbones).

Smashbox Eye Shadow Palette Admire Me costs €32.00 which is a brilliant price for 5 eye shadows and better still when you feel the quality of the shadows and the blush in Idolize Me costs €29.00.  You can buy Smashbox from larger Boots and from Arnotts and also from their website which gives free shipping (I love that) where you can check out the rest of the Love Me Collection here.   I don't know about you but if Spring is this pretty I can't wait for Summer. 

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  1. Gorgeous! the warm tones suit you so well xo

  2. You're gas, I can't imagine you falling out with anyone (unless someone robbed all your Stila) - those shades are right up my alley so I can understand how you both fell in love with it, it's so pretty! You look great Mags.


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