Monday, June 24, 2013

Benefit Fake Up Review and Swatches

I'm a bit of a concealer junkie, owing in large part to my epic dark circles. I'm always on the lookout for the next big thing when it comes to concealers, hoping to find my holy grail. I had been impressed with Benefit's previous offerings, Bo-ing (great but a little cakey), Erase Paste (good but not a fan of the little pot) and the brilliant but sadly discontinued Powderflage, so when I heard they were bringing out a new, innovative, concealer, I couldn't wait to try it. 

Fake Up* (€26.50) is the latest concealer offering from the brand and it's very different to any other concealer I've ever used. It includes a moisturising balm, containing vitamin E and apple seed extract, which encases the concealer pigment itself. This is Benefit, so the packaging is gorgeous, looking more like a fancy lipstick than a concealer. It's available in three shades, light, medium and deep. 

Before I tried this, I heard it (negatively) described as a lip balm for under your eyes, and I really didn't think that it would be much use as a concealer, not when faced with my dark circles anyway. It does feel very slippery but this also means that it melts easily into the skin, making blending pretty effortless. It feels very comfortable to use under the eyes, and there's no dragging on the delicate skin there, even if you apply this straight from the bullet. 

I did find that this creased on me immediately after application, settling into the fine lines around my eyes, but a bit of further blending and setting with powder takes care of that problem. I would say the coverage is light but buildable. Unfortunately the coverage doesn't quite cut it on my dark circles but what I love this for is touching up during the day. One of the major problems with heavy duty concealers is that they can look cakey, especially when reapplied as the day goes on. At the moment I'm using Collection 2000's Lasting Perfection Concealer, with Fake Up on top, and then I touch up with Fake Up as the day goes on. Because it's so hydrating it always looks fresh and you don't get that caked look. 

This is a great product if you need light to medium coverage concealing, and usually have problems with concealer caking on you. You might need something a little heavier if you have Gru-style dark circles like me. 

Have you found your holy grail concealer yet?
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Friday, June 21, 2013

Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick - Let it Shine this Summer

Don't you love when you find a new range of lipsticks, when the colour range is perfectly formed almost for you in mind, the shiny formula is moisturising on the lips, packaging is cute AND BEST OF ALL, you can pick them up in the chemist.

These are my favourite kind of finds and this summer Bourjois are playing a blinder with their releases.  Coming in August (these may pop up sooner in Boots cause that's what seems to happen in Boots) Bourjois have the new Rouge Edition Shine Lipsticks which come in 8 shades (6 new shades).

Today we have three shades of the Shine Edition* lipsticks to show you.  As you can see from the vibrant (perfect for summer) packaging the colour at the bottom corresponds to the colour in the lipstick tube (which is always handy).  The metallic container stays shiny even after it has been thrown around in my increasingly packed handbag - although I am loving these so much I can envision them becoming battered from much love and overuse.  The writing on the lipstick also corresponds to the colour inside the tube which I always think is a lovely touch.

From the left we have 1,2,3 Soleil, Famous Fuchsia and Grenade In

As you can see from the swatches these lipsticks have a beautiful shine to them.  The consistency feels like a balm on the lips but they have wonderful pigmentation which looks just stunning.  Shine Editions cover you r lips in a moisturising balm and the look that is achieved is not over the top, there is something almost natural about the finish.  Like you were eating fruit or your lips were pigmented from an ice pop (although evenly covered not like actual ice pops).

1,2,3 Soleil

1,2,3 Soleil is my favourite of the three I have - which is surprising cause you know how much I love a pink lippy- I think it might be the formula of the lipsticks combined with the shade which makes it a winner.  I think this coral/orange is stunning and it hasn't been out of my bag.

Famous Fuchsia

Look how glossy and beautiful Famous Fuchsia is - I mean seriously, choosing a favourite is like Sophie's Choice. 

Grenade In

Grenade In has a slight more berry look to it and a smidge darker pigment, you probably don't need both Famous Fuchsia and Grenade In but you should definitely pick up one of them if you like a pink pout.  I know this will sound weird but I'll continue anyway - I think they make my lips look great, now bare with me.  My lips tend to be quite dry and this sorts them out while also giving my lips that glossy gelly look that is so popular with lip products at the moment and exactly what I thought the Dior Be Iconic lip glosses would do (read our post here). I mean the Dior is lovely but the Shine Editions give a nicer finish for much better value.

So Rouge Shine Editions cost €10.99 (or £7.99) and will be available in August.  Also keep an eye out for brilliant offers from Bourjois during the summer to celebrate their 150th Birthday these include a free Je T'aime blush (in 1920 ies replica packaging) when you spend €15.00 or more and in July (Boots) and August (In Independent Chemists) free Sunglasses when you buy any two Bourjois products.

Do you like super shiny lips without them being sticky?  If so you need one of these in your handbag and in your life.
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Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ladies and Gentlemen last Friday was quite an auspicious day - I take a deep breath as I tell you Kirstie Mc Dermott is back (I'll give you a moment to gather yourselves and to obtain crowd control).  Not that she was off becoming a Sherpa in some far flung country (as far as I am aware she has no Sherpa training to speak of) but she is back to take her crown as Queen of the Internet, master of the mother ship, the jam in our jammy donut..... you get my drift. 

Kirstie is back with a fantastic new site called It has everything not just makeup (although there is plenty of that), there is also life, style, news and much more.  Its more than a website or blog, it's an interactive magical land right here at our fingertips. Kirstie to me has always been Queen of the Interwebs - she knows more about blogs, social media and "The WWW DOT" (as my dad refers to the Internet) than anybody, in fact I reckon the Internet lives inside her head and all it took was to blink her left eye and Frillseeker was born (Ok when you actually go to Frillseeker you will see that it took a hell of a lot of hard work).  There was a gaping vortex (is that too Science Fiction for you? It may well confuse me) on the Internet while Kirstie was away (not being a Sherpa as previously discussed).  Things just got a little jaded and well, flat.  I was just getting a bit tired of the same old sites that I was looking up every day and now we all have something new and exciting to entertain us.  With Frillseeker Kirstie has injected her personality into things and its just what was missing from the interwebs.

Kirstie has always been a great encouragement to beauty bloggers, she encouraged us here to restart the blog after our long absence but more than that she is always warm and friendly even when I am having a fan girl moment (ahhh she knows my name ahhhhh).  So if you've been following me you get it....Queen of the Internet, really nice, cool about weirdos.

So what are you still doing here? Go and check out, go be entertained enthralled and develop a longing for Kirstie's signature statement necklaces.

Just in case last Friday wasn't exciting enough Internet wise, also became a proper website with online shopping.

That's it, I never need to leave the house again.
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Monday, June 17, 2013

NYC Foil Explosion Nails - pics and swatches

L-R Magic Earth, Aqua Mystic, Power of Elements, Pure Air.

L-R Magic Earth, Power of Elements, Aqua Mystic, Pure Air.

L-R Magic Earth, Power of Elements, Aqua Mystic, Pure Air.

We're big fans of NYC around these parts (I'm on the brink of finishing my Applelicious Balm in Pink Lady -   think it's the first lip product I have ever totally used up - momentous I think you'll agree!), especially their nail polishes which are amazing quality for less than the price of your daily latte. 

New from the brand are Foil Explosion nails* which are available in five shades, four of which we have to show you today. Much like one of our all time favourite nail polishes, Full Metal Jacket from NYC (swatch here), the formulation of these is great. Application is easy with no streaking or dragging on the nail, and the finish is smooth and opaque in one coat. I'm especially liking the green (Magic Earth), lilac (Power of Elements) and blue (Aqua Mystic) shades which are great summer colours. I think metallics look amazing on tanned toes in summer. If you want to tap into the metallic nails trend without dropping too many euros, this is the perfect way to do it. Available now for €1.99 each - sure where would you be going?!

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Friday, June 14, 2013

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner

Hands up who cleans their makeup brushes?  Well I know that we all should (mucky pups) but I have to admit I am a fan of the old quick clean of the brushes on baby wipes.  The only other specific brush cleaner I have is a Clinique one that I bought about a million years ago and with it I had to stand in the bathroom and spray the brush cleaner about a million times on the brush (only tiny amounts came out) and wash the brush with water and the whole process took so long that I would just use a baby shampoo.  It was too much of an effort for very little result.  After a hard day at work I really want to be able to clean my brushes watching the telly.  Is that too much to ask? I should also mention that I have slight makeup brush OCD and I like to try out a lot of them, thinking that they will improve my makeup skills - in some cases they do improve things; they are wonder brushes.

When I was at the Beauty Show in the RDS a couple of months ago Karen from Lovely Girly Bits (check her out here) told me about Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner - she said it was great and was off to re-purchase.  Being one of my favourite beauty bloggers and my sister from another mister I really trust Karen's opinion so like a sheep I also picked up a bottle.

This brush cleaner is easy to use and whats more you can do it in front of the telly - score. You put a little bit of cleaner in the lid of the bottle (or another small container) and dip and smush the brush about.  When you take the brush out you wipe off the cleaner on a paper towel (or clean towel if you're me) and voila a clean and happy brush in seconds.  This stuff dries very quickly so you pop your brushes back in the container without having to let them bask on a towel for days.  Cinema Secrets claim there is a vanilla scent which remains on the brushes - in my opinion it smells like cleaner slightly masked by a vanilla scent, not off putting but just not an amazing vanilla scent (if you know what I mean). It's more important to me the brushes are clean and very soft which Cinema Secrets does brilliantly.

I had a ton of brushes to clean and was amazed at how quickly I got through them - you can see from the bottle above how much cleaner I used on my masses of brushes (I mean it's a bit ridiculous I have that many brushes - I'm not a makeup artist).

I picked this up at the show for €12.00 but you can pick up Cinema Secrets brush cleaner from the (link here) where it costs €16.68.  I have to be honest with you the lure of cleaning my brushes with the much more affordable baby shampoo will be strong but where Cinema Secrets holds its own is how bright and sparkly it cleans your white brushes.  The white bristle brushes look brand new, it's kinda amazing - especially since some have been stained for years.  I might just keep the Cinema Secrets for keeping my white brushes clean and use the more affordable option for the others.

Look how clean and fluffy the brushes are.

What brush cleaner do you use and does it make your whites extra white?
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Thursday, June 13, 2013

Stila Turquoise Smudge Stick - Festival of Color Summer 2013

Its Summer Makeup time and not just any Summer Makeup Collection, it's the flipping amazing Stila Summer 2013 Festival of Color Collection - ahhhhhhhh.  Deep breaths, deep breaths.....aaaand relax.  I am a child of the summer so summer makeup collections (and clothes and anything summery really) are my favourite collections. They are usually bright and full of colour which I love.  Add that to it being Stila, which you all know by now I am totally in love with, and we are in a happy relationship (sometimes. I'm sure they want to take out a restraining order against me but mostly its sheer bliss).  Excited Me DEFFO.

It was my birthday last week and himself picked me up some things from the Stila Summer Collection as pressies (now this is making him out to be the best thing since sliced bread when the reality is he said go and buy some of that makeup you like - I am a bit of a happy weirdo about my birthday and he told me "don't tell the makeup people it's your birthday" cause obviously he found my excitement about birthday and Stila a little embarrassing).  I'll show you the products as I play with them but one of my favourite things that I got and from the collection is the limited edition Turquoise Smudge Stick.

I am a huge fan of smudge sticks, they are fantastic eye liners that really last all day, they are self sharpening and can also be used as a eyeshadow (which I haven't done with this colour but will do it tomorrow).  I have quite a few smudge sticks in my collection and recently Stila have been introducing limited edition shades with their collections.  As you can see above the packaging represents the colour of the product which is great when you are just grabbing a product first thing in the morning.

The colour is bright and matte with no shimmer. If you're looking for a pop of colour here it is in all its glory.  I am really loving the whole Festival of Color Collection (worry not sweet Stila fans I will post on the other products soon) but the Smudge Stick in Turquoise is the stand out product and if your're looking for proof beyond the swatches below myself and Sile got to join some of my favourite beauty bloggers (Karen from Lovelygirlybits and Rach from Dolly Rouge) (on my flippin birthday how cool was that - I was so excited I jumped up and down outside so much my boobs escaped their bra) to preview the collection with Stila Pro Artist Martin Carter and while I already had this smudge stick both Sile and Karen (Lovelygirlybits) had to buy it - sure you couldn't leave something that pretty there.  Proof of its amazement is three beauty bloggers pushing each other to the till to buy it (we didn't push promise).

When I saw Turquoise Smudge Stick it remided me of Lancome Spring Liner Jade Crush from their In Love collection - as you can see from the swatch below (where Jade Crush is on the top and Turquoise is on the bottom) while they are certainly in the same family there is a difference and the smudge stick is almost more of a mint shade.  If you already have Jade Crush (which was also limited edition) you might not need Smudge Stick in Turquoise but if you're on the look out keep in mind that Jade Crush cost €17.27 and Stila Smudge Stick in Turquoise costs €15.00.

The Festival of Color Collection also has a Stay All Day Waterproof Liquid Eye Liner in Turquoise but I think that you get more intense colour from the smudge sticks but you can also tone them down or blend them out.  As you can see below I have a soft swipe of the liner on my eyes and this is what I have been wearing into work all week.  Stila have used similar looks on the runways of New York and London fashion weeks where they lined the lid with black liner and double lined with the colored liner, this works great to differentiate between your eye colour and the shade of the liner.  I happen to think a swipe of the liner is very pretty.

Stila Smudge Stick in Turquoise costs €15.00 or £13.00 which is great value for a long lasting product but it is limited edition as part of the Festival of Color Collection so if you want to grab yourself one pop along to the amazing Stila counter at Harvey Nicks Dublin (where I have poor Sue mithered with my madness), Cara Pharmacy in Sligo or where you can get free shipping (you can't beat that).

Above is a picture of me taken by Karen and she said its "Mags at her happy place" - and I was so enthralled by the make up that I didn't notice her taking the picture.  But we all look really happy and that's what Stila does to you.

Just when you thought my birthday couldn't get more amazing I got a Happy Birthday tweet from my beloved which included a picture of me AS A STILA GIRL.  How flipping amazing is that?  I am still gobsmacked and every time I look at the picture it brings a massive smile to my face.  She is even wearing bright pink lippy.  I may be one year older but I am a Stila girl - sure this has me floating on cloud 9.  You can probably imagine what my home screen on my phone is (ooo I could get it as a phone cover) I think its the coolest thing I have ever seen.  Thanks so much Stila.

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Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Empties - Or Look at my rubbish

Some people love these posts, some hate them, cause it kinda is like looking at somebody's rubbish but I love to see what products people have used all the way up and if they would repurchase.  So let's get rubbish surfing.

First up is Philosophy 3 in 1 Shower Gel, Shampoo and Bath Lotion in Sweet Talk - this was a limited edition fragrance from last year so I probably can't repurchase but I ALWAYS have one of these in the shower - I am currently using Coconut Frosting which is flipping AH MAZ ING, they smell amazing and last ages, I am a huge fan (in fact I have just finished another Ginger Bread Girl - there will be a bit of a ginger theme going on in this post).

Origins Ginger Burst Body Wash - MMM I love a ginger fragrance in the winter and this lasted me two winters, smells delicious and left a soft fragrance.  I think this is a winter exclusive scent that I got in a set and I would definitely repurchase although it's a more expensive body wash.

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter - who doesn't love the Body Shop Body Butters?  Nobody, that's who, they are amazing, they leave the skin moisturised and slightly scented.  I love the scent so much I got two which I used and adored (I hope they bring them out next Christmas). ( I have also finished the Ginger Sparkle Bath Crystals - to be honest I never think to use bath crystals but these really warmed me up on the cold evenings).

Pout Boob Cream - the fact that Pout is now gone (a moment's silence please - God, I loved Pout it was a great brand and it makes me sad that it's gone) means it's impossible to repurchase.

Vichy Dercos Shampoo is a great straightening shampoo (read about it here) and I will be repurchasing it cause it's the kind of shampoo that I always want to have on hand - even if I don't use it every wash it's great to use every other wash.

Soap and Glory Clean Mary - it was the cleanser that would never get used up. I feel like I had it FOREVER.  Nothing special. I would not repurchase - there are so many better cleansers out there, even better cleansers from Soap and Glory so I wouldn't bother with this one.  This is the empty product that made me start an empties post cause it took so freaking long for me to use it up and I didn't enjoy the process.

Stila Perfect and Correct Foundation - I have a few foundations floating around and this is the only one that I have used up completely in the past number of years which speaks volumes of how much I liked the foundation.  The colour was great, the consistency was lovely.  I thought I had posted on this foundation but I obviously forgot (sorry about that I was obviously too busy using up the foundation).  I would definitely repurchase the foundation but I'll have to use up the ones I have before I do.

Origins Brighter By Nature Brightening Peel - These worked great when I remember to use them which wasn't very often and after a while they went a little dry.  Lesson learned.  To be honest I can't recommend a product that I kept forgetting to use.

Bliss Fabulips - It was a nice lip balm but expensive for what it is. I would recommend a chemists brand lip balm quicker cause they are much better value and work just as well.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Energising Cream - Oh my dehydrated oily skin loved this product, it's a cream/ gel consistency which is light enough but still hydrating.  Unfortunately Bliss is not as readily available in Ireland. Boo. Although if I had to recommend something similar I would say give Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse a go, which has a similar consistency and my skin loves it.

Orofluido is a pretty amazing hair oil, it's like Moroccan Oil but more affordable.  Although this costs €22.00 it lasts forever.  Even if I flit between different hair products I always have a bottle of Orfluido on hand cause I think it minimises spilt ends, speeds up hair drying time and leaves a subtle fragrance in the hair.

Garnier 2 in 1 Makeup Remover is another one of those products that would never go away.  I bought it to remove my eye makeup, I find eye makeup removers irritate my eyes and the oil leaves a coating on my eyes. I thought that being oil free it would be better for my eyeballs.  I did not like using this, my eyes still felt icky (yes icky) and it didn't remove all the eye makeup.  I am so happy it's empty, now I can find something better.

Lastly is Mac Prep and Prime - to be honest with you I didn't use this up, it turned on me.  Being diligent with my SPF I was keeping this SPF50 for the very sunny Irish days, so that means I got to use it about twice in the past two years.  When I went to use it last week it had separated.  I would not buy this again, firstly I am not a big fan of MAC and secondly there are better creams out there.

So do you like to see empties posts?
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Monday, June 10, 2013

Guess Girl a wonderful Spring Summer Fragrance

So we had the sun and what more could we want?  Well I would quite like a pretty fragrance to go along with the sun and Guess Girl the new fragrance from Guess is the perfect new offering.  If I am being honest with you I didn't even realise that Guess had a range of perfumes until a short while ago. I love watches and Guess do an amazing range of watches which is what I have always connected with the brand. My friend who is slim with long legs swears by their jeans which she are perfection.  Anybody who has taken a trip to New York has returned with a Guess bag, it's just one of the rules of shopping, so for me it was surprising to learn that the brand is thirty years old and to celebrate they have released Guess Girl.

Guess Girl is is exactly what you would expect from the brand - it's pretty, girly and very sexy.

Like most woman we want to be a number of things at once we want to be innocent and also sexy and the fragrance manages to have a number of facets to it.  The fragrance is bright and pretty with a sexy backbone.

Top Notes: Raspberrry Nectar, Melon, Bergamot Mist
Middle Notes: Brazillian Paradise Orchid, Provence Acacia Flower, Lily
Base Notes: Australian Sandlewood, Madagascar Vanilia

In typical Guess style the face of the fragrance is blonde beauty Amber Heard.  The brand Guess is brilliant at doing retro modern and Guess Girl manages to achieve a modern classic sent which is not too "young".

To me the bottle is very reminiscent of a Marc Jacobs fragrance and makes the perfect addition to any collection.  The bottle also has soft and smooth curves like the Guess Girl who always looks like a curvy woman. 

Guess Girl Collection €25.95 for 30ml
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Friday, June 7, 2013

Chanel Summer 2013 Chanel's L'Été Papillon - Nail Polish in Azure and Fresh Effect Eyeshadow in Moon River

I am going to start this post by telling you two things about me, 1. I never thought I would buy another Chanel nail polish. I bought Rouge Noir back in the day but I personally think €22.50 is too ostentatious to spend on a nail polish and sure it's far from Chanel nail polishes I was reared and 2. I hate and am afraid of butterflies - chill out I know they are pretty but it's called an irrational fear for a reason. Come on now, they are still insects, don't be fooled by the pretty wings.

So having learned those two facts what am I doing talking about a Chanel collection which is inspired by the wings of butterflies (Chanel's L'Été Papillon) ? Well it's a woman's right to change her mind on a whim but mostly I was sucked in by the prettiness of the collection.  

Last week I went to Harvey Nichols Dublin Summer Shopping Evening which offered 15% off beauty purchases which is very tempting to beauty addicts such as myself and when I laid eyes on the Chanel summer collection it was so pretty I was sold.  I couldn't work out which colour to pick but the beautiful metallic teal sheen of Azure sold me.   I love teals and this metallic shade which at times looks blue and others green, like a shimmering ocean (I am staying away from all butterfly references, I don't want to freak myself out), the shade is AH-MAZ-ING.  I am justifying the €22.50 price tag by saying I got 15% off don't judge me for being fickle.  Now if you read any beauty blogs you will know that Chanel produce the most amazing nail polish collections, the only thing that lets them down is their lasting power.  One of the reasons I am not a nail polish addict is they don't stay on my nails and unfortunately Azure is no different,  on my right hand the tips wore down and chipped after two days.  I'm not sure how this compares with other Chanel polishes but I was able to top up the nail polish without having to redo all my nails.


It's a stunning shade which deserves my picture over load, I am just about to repaint my nails with Azure which shows how much I love it.  Although the price tag of €22.50 (see I am so shocked I keep repeating the price tag) will probably stop me from developing any kind of Chanel Nail polish addiction - I mean I have bought an actual winter coat for €25.00 - it was a red wool coat on sale and every time it rained I smelled like wet sheep but still it was a whole coat.

I am still having slight palpatations at having paid that much for a nail polish and if you're anything like me you might be looking for a dupe - my good pal Karen from Lovely Girly Bits may have found one, check out her post (here)  - it's pretty close which makes my guilt palpations worsen.

Next up is the Fresh Effect Eyeshadow in Moon River - I swatched this on my hand and the cooling feeling of this make me go ooooo.  My eyes were feeling kinda of puffy and I wanted to put it straight on my lids - and look at this beautiful pewter colour, it's simply stunning.  The girl on the counter had a number of the shades blended together and it looked amazing.  I don't know if I would be able to blend this cream texture as well but I think the simplicity of Moon River on the lids during the summer is stunning.  If you suffer from hay fever I imagine the cooling effect might be soothing on the lids.  The Fresh Effect Shadows costs €28.00 - again very expensive but this is such a classy way to do wear a shimmery shade.


Please excuse my eyebrows that need to be done badly.  I lined my eyes with Lancome's Jade Crush (read our post here).

So I think I lost the run of myself a little bit but it was very easy to get carried away when a makeup collection is so pretty - I am such a sucker for summer makeup collections.  You have also had a little insight into my makeup maths. I don't like to spend money on nail polishes but I seem perfectly fine spending it on other bits of makeup.

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Thursday, June 6, 2013

Anthelios Dermo-Kids with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water

So the sun is shining WOO HOO and everybody is in great form - sure isn't Ireland absolutely beautiful when the sun shines?  Of course this sends most of us scrambling for a bit of sun protection - I am using a high factor because personally I am scared of wrinkles (vain I know) but a lot of people are trying to protect their little dears from the sun's rays which can be so damaging on children's skin especially when we are not used to it.

I have a 3 year old nephew and apart from being adorable (seriously the kid is adorable), he also happens to have very sensitive skin.  Like myself he is half ginger so sun protection is really important for his skin, but he is allergic to most sun lotions.  When his mam first put sun lotions on him he broke out from a rash - which she thought was a heat rash - these were sun lotions specifically made for kids and he still broke out in a rash.  If he didn't break out immediately the most they could get was until the end of the day and if the lotion wasn't washed off the poor mite was covered in a rash. Madness especially when the lotions that were being used were specifically for kids.  Every product for sensitive skin and for children had been tried and all of them broke him out in a rash.

So the sun shining was a bit of a nightmare, he needed sun protection but it broke him out.   La Roche- Posay to the rescue.  My sister in law picked up Anthelios Dermo-Kids with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water and miracle of miracles (I expect nothing less from  La Roche-Posay at this stage) it was perfect, it didn't break him out even if they didn't wash it off in the evenings. 


I am a huge fan of La Roche-Posay. It never lets me down, so I was delighted that it worked out perfectly for my nephew (without my urging might I add).   Anthelios Dermo-Kids with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water has Ultra Protection against UVA rays, Anthelios exclusive filtering system with Mexoryl ®SX and Mexoryl ®XL ensures it also has been tested for resistance against water, sand and sweat and whats great for my nephew it has been tested under dermatological control and under pediatric control so that it's safe on the most sensitive skin types.   It's easily absorbed which is great when you have a squirming 3 year old trying to jump around and play.

The range has two different products - a spray (very easy for the beach) which has a RRP pf €22.50  and the Lotion which has a RRP of €20.50.  This has been a bit of a saviour and if I am being honest I nicked a bit of this myself (SPF 50 will keep my face looking wrinkle free) so it's great for the whole family.   I am thinking that the spray will be great for himself cause he refuses to apply any kind of sun protection so if I could discreetly spray it on him it would stop me having to endlessly apply aftersun after he gets burned (happens every freaking year).   Long may the need for Anthelios Dermo-Kids with La Roche-Posay Thermal Spring Water continue.  

When we were out and about in Penneys on Sunday the little cutie took a hat and put in on his back "I'm a snail" he said as he got on the floor, we took the hat off him and told him he couldn't be a snail with no house to which he replied "Now I'm a Slug".   You can't argue with that kinda genius from a 3 year old. Pin It

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Smashbox Beauty in Focus

A couple of weeks ago I had a lovely shopping trip with my friend in town - this being Spring in Dublin we got rained on, the wind blew us around a bit and we got rained on some more.  When you're shopping with me it will involve you stopping in as many beauty halls as I can possibly fit into our trip and I had to stop off in Arnotts at Smashbox's fab new counter.  When we got there I explained to my friend that Smashbox have an amazing photo booth at the counter in Arnotts where you take pictures and and post them directly to social media - and the photo booth is magic, you look amazing in the pictures.  How great is that you can get makeup tips take a picture and upload it or print it out.  Check me out below with the Andreeas (Yourbeauty and Artdonatella) messing around but looking fab.
Smashbox Photo Booth 

That fateful day we happened to have been rained on one too many times and looked like Crazy Cat Woman: the Damp Dublin Days - of course we didn't want to remember those pictures so we tried to delete them (word of warning: you can't) only for them to float along the side of the photo booth.  We really should have re applied some makeup before jumping into that booth.  The only thing to do was to cheer myself up with a bit of a makeup purchase.

I have said before I have a bit of a weakness for makeup sets - I find them a great way of trying new products from a brand, sometimes products you wouldn't necessarily pick up or products you have never tried before.  The Beauty in Focus set by Smashbox comes in a beautiful makeup bag (which the girl at the counter told me she has used as a see-through bag to go through airport security).  In the set Smashbox have included their award winning Photo Finish Foundation Primer, Photo Op Eyeshadow Trio, Lip Enhancing Gloss, Cream Cheek Color and an Eyeliner.

Smashbox shadows have an amazing formula. They are soft and pigmented and this trio is such a flattering trio and is fast becoming my go-to everyday eye makeup.  Every time I swatch them I am more impressed (seriously go to a Smashbox counter and check out their eye shadows).

The shades in the trio are called Vanilla, Crisp and Bittersweet. 

The cream cheek colour is called Captivate. It's very pigmented so you only need a tiny amount.  The colour is a pretty shade which I have also been using on the lips - gotta love a multi-functioning product.

The eyeliner is in the shade Brandy which is a brown liner. I love a brown liner it defines the eyes without making you look Scissor Sister like (a makeup fear of mine).  Brown eye liner is black liner's classier cousin and Brandy is a interesting brown shade.

The Lip Enhancing Lip gloss seems to have gone into some form of witness protection (it's probably hiding out in a pair of jeans trying to assume a different, more sophisticated owner) so I cant swatch it for you but I will say that it was the first thing I tried from the set and I was blown away by it, it feels beautifully moisturising on the lips and the colour makes your lips look amazing - in fact the moment I tried it on I went straight to to see what other colours were available.  I got so excited by this gloss I am not surprised it has gone into hiding.

Smashbox Beauty in Focus is a fantastic set which costs €48.00. All you need is foundation and mascara and you have a complete face.  I think you would be hard pushed getting all this makeup at the same price from a drugstore brand.  

Smashbox is available from larger Boots shops, Arnotts and from

Have you tried out The Smashbox photobooth in Arnotts?

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