Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Empties - Or Look at my rubbish

Some people love these posts, some hate them, cause it kinda is like looking at somebody's rubbish but I love to see what products people have used all the way up and if they would repurchase.  So let's get rubbish surfing.

First up is Philosophy 3 in 1 Shower Gel, Shampoo and Bath Lotion in Sweet Talk - this was a limited edition fragrance from last year so I probably can't repurchase but I ALWAYS have one of these in the shower - I am currently using Coconut Frosting which is flipping AH MAZ ING, they smell amazing and last ages, I am a huge fan (in fact I have just finished another Ginger Bread Girl - there will be a bit of a ginger theme going on in this post).

Origins Ginger Burst Body Wash - MMM I love a ginger fragrance in the winter and this lasted me two winters, smells delicious and left a soft fragrance.  I think this is a winter exclusive scent that I got in a set and I would definitely repurchase although it's a more expensive body wash.

The Body Shop Ginger Sparkle Body Butter - who doesn't love the Body Shop Body Butters?  Nobody, that's who, they are amazing, they leave the skin moisturised and slightly scented.  I love the scent so much I got two which I used and adored (I hope they bring them out next Christmas). ( I have also finished the Ginger Sparkle Bath Crystals - to be honest I never think to use bath crystals but these really warmed me up on the cold evenings).

Pout Boob Cream - the fact that Pout is now gone (a moment's silence please - God, I loved Pout it was a great brand and it makes me sad that it's gone) means it's impossible to repurchase.

Vichy Dercos Shampoo is a great straightening shampoo (read about it here) and I will be repurchasing it cause it's the kind of shampoo that I always want to have on hand - even if I don't use it every wash it's great to use every other wash.

Soap and Glory Clean Mary - it was the cleanser that would never get used up. I feel like I had it FOREVER.  Nothing special. I would not repurchase - there are so many better cleansers out there, even better cleansers from Soap and Glory so I wouldn't bother with this one.  This is the empty product that made me start an empties post cause it took so freaking long for me to use it up and I didn't enjoy the process.

Stila Perfect and Correct Foundation - I have a few foundations floating around and this is the only one that I have used up completely in the past number of years which speaks volumes of how much I liked the foundation.  The colour was great, the consistency was lovely.  I thought I had posted on this foundation but I obviously forgot (sorry about that I was obviously too busy using up the foundation).  I would definitely repurchase the foundation but I'll have to use up the ones I have before I do.

Origins Brighter By Nature Brightening Peel - These worked great when I remember to use them which wasn't very often and after a while they went a little dry.  Lesson learned.  To be honest I can't recommend a product that I kept forgetting to use.

Bliss Fabulips - It was a nice lip balm but expensive for what it is. I would recommend a chemists brand lip balm quicker cause they are much better value and work just as well.

Bliss Triple Oxygen Energising Cream - Oh my dehydrated oily skin loved this product, it's a cream/ gel consistency which is light enough but still hydrating.  Unfortunately Bliss is not as readily available in Ireland. Boo. Although if I had to recommend something similar I would say give Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse a go, which has a similar consistency and my skin loves it.

Orofluido is a pretty amazing hair oil, it's like Moroccan Oil but more affordable.  Although this costs €22.00 it lasts forever.  Even if I flit between different hair products I always have a bottle of Orfluido on hand cause I think it minimises spilt ends, speeds up hair drying time and leaves a subtle fragrance in the hair.

Garnier 2 in 1 Makeup Remover is another one of those products that would never go away.  I bought it to remove my eye makeup, I find eye makeup removers irritate my eyes and the oil leaves a coating on my eyes. I thought that being oil free it would be better for my eyeballs.  I did not like using this, my eyes still felt icky (yes icky) and it didn't remove all the eye makeup.  I am so happy it's empty, now I can find something better.

Lastly is Mac Prep and Prime - to be honest with you I didn't use this up, it turned on me.  Being diligent with my SPF I was keeping this SPF50 for the very sunny Irish days, so that means I got to use it about twice in the past two years.  When I went to use it last week it had separated.  I would not buy this again, firstly I am not a big fan of MAC and secondly there are better creams out there.

So do you like to see empties posts?
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  1. Hehehe... "look at my rubbish" I love it!

    I like posts like this especially if you mention if you would repurchase or not, its a great indication of the efficacy of the product!


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