Wednesday, June 19, 2013


Ladies and Gentlemen last Friday was quite an auspicious day - I take a deep breath as I tell you Kirstie Mc Dermott is back (I'll give you a moment to gather yourselves and to obtain crowd control).  Not that she was off becoming a Sherpa in some far flung country (as far as I am aware she has no Sherpa training to speak of) but she is back to take her crown as Queen of the Internet, master of the mother ship, the jam in our jammy donut..... you get my drift. 

Kirstie is back with a fantastic new site called It has everything not just makeup (although there is plenty of that), there is also life, style, news and much more.  Its more than a website or blog, it's an interactive magical land right here at our fingertips. Kirstie to me has always been Queen of the Interwebs - she knows more about blogs, social media and "The WWW DOT" (as my dad refers to the Internet) than anybody, in fact I reckon the Internet lives inside her head and all it took was to blink her left eye and Frillseeker was born (Ok when you actually go to Frillseeker you will see that it took a hell of a lot of hard work).  There was a gaping vortex (is that too Science Fiction for you? It may well confuse me) on the Internet while Kirstie was away (not being a Sherpa as previously discussed).  Things just got a little jaded and well, flat.  I was just getting a bit tired of the same old sites that I was looking up every day and now we all have something new and exciting to entertain us.  With Frillseeker Kirstie has injected her personality into things and its just what was missing from the interwebs.

Kirstie has always been a great encouragement to beauty bloggers, she encouraged us here to restart the blog after our long absence but more than that she is always warm and friendly even when I am having a fan girl moment (ahhh she knows my name ahhhhh).  So if you've been following me you get it....Queen of the Internet, really nice, cool about weirdos.

So what are you still doing here? Go and check out, go be entertained enthralled and develop a longing for Kirstie's signature statement necklaces.

Just in case last Friday wasn't exciting enough Internet wise, also became a proper website with online shopping.

That's it, I never need to leave the house again.
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  1. Oh Mags, did I forget to tell you? I WAS off being a sherpa.

    Thanks for this, you're so good! wow.

  2. This is such a lovely piece. Kirstie is just brilliant & loving piece, something that's been missing lately!

  3. Feck Boots, they don't have the brilliant cushions and the awesome buckledy necklaces. Delighted Kirstie is back, you sound so excited! x


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