Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Benefit The Bronze of Champions

I have found the perfect set for summer - oh I know that it's been said before but this little dinky set has knocked my socks off. Good job' cause who needs socks in the summer? (well we might in Ireland but I digress).  The set is called the Bronze of Champions* and it's from Benefit (can't you tell from the nifty packaging). Now, I like Benefit cosmetics but it's been a while since their colour makeup products have wowed me.  I love Fake Up, I use it every day under my eyes and I was always a fan of their boxed powders but it has honestly been a while since I turned to Benefit for something other that foundation or complexion enhancers.

Inside the box that looks like a 50s noir book (all be it one that is set at the beach) there is pretty much everything you need for your face (except foundation). Everything to create the perfect beachy summer face for €37.00.

The set includes 5 products all of which are not full sized but are big enough for a summer of fun.

Hoola Bronzer

Ultra plush lip gloss in Hoola 

Watt's Up! 

Creaseless cream shadow in Bikini-Tini

Long wear powder shadow in Thanks a Latte 

They're Real!  Deluxe mini

Powder brush to go with your Hoola Bronzer.

It has been a long time since I used Hoola, a matt bronzer (it was liberated from my collection by my mam) and if I am being honest I forgot how nice it is. I love that this is a smaller size because I have to admit I am always tempted by the lure of a new bronzing product and I don't think I know anybody who has ever worked their way through a Benefit boxed powder (great if you're looking for a bargain - frustrating if you're a beauty junkie like myself).

The set is laid out with removable inserts so you can use the box again for storage and it also includes instructions on how to apply the makeup (where to apply the highlighter etc).  I love that the kit includes a bronzer and a highlighter cause I have grown a little obsessed with highlighters of late and I think they really finish off a bronzed look. I find bronzer alone, especially powder bronzer, can leave the face looking a little flat. 

The products that have made me fall a little in love with the set is the Creaseless Cream shadow in Bikini-tini and the Long Wear Powder shadow in Thanks a Latte. I am not sure if it's the quality of the products (Benefit have given their colour range a re-jig of late) or the colour combination but together they are perfection - in fact apart they are perfection.  Bikini-tini is a beautifully creamy base which glides over the lids.  It also makes a lovely highlighter.   Depending on the day this can crease on me a little (but I do have oily lids) one swipe over my lid fixes that up in a jiffy.   Thanks a Latte is a beautiful browny taupe - I never thought I would dig such a neutral colour but it's stunning, pigmented and soft and a perfect neutral shade.  It has so much more dimension than a flat brown which makes it so flattering.

On the left Bikini-Tini and on the right Thanks a Latte. 

On the top of my hand you can see a swatch of Hoola (although this is such famous bronzer at this stage you probably all know what it looks like).  Below that On the left Bikini-timo and on the right Thanks a Latte and further right Hoola  lip gloss. 

Ultra Plush lip gloss in Hoola is a grand gloss and nice that it's included to finish the look.  The texture of the gloss is lovely and I have to admit I am a fan of the formulation of Benefit glosses because they feel so nice on the lips although they don't generally have a lot of pigmentation.  As you can see hoola is a sheer nude colour gloss - it feels beautiful on the lips but I wouldn't buy it separately. 

I didn't have Whats Up! in my collection and this dinky mini had made me a fan - the tiny mini lipstick like applicator makes it so simple to basically draw on your face.  Quick and simple highlighting.  The colour is a warm gold (almost rose gold).

For me The Bronze of Champions lets me create a quick, pretty, radiant face - in my eyes the look is of the natural beauty of Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, it's all about glowing skin and wide eyes.  It's  like the naked palette but for your whole face.

I always seem to forget something important when I'm taking these pictures (usually it's my brows) but today I forgot the gloss - although I love the feel of hoola gloss I have been applying a brighter lip color on top.

So I haven't mentioned They're Real! - its a really good mascara, this is the first time that I have tried it (Sile is already a massive fan), it creates lovely fanned out long lashes, its only downside is you practically need a power hose to remove it.  If you have crap lashes like me its a joy to wear.

The Bronze of Champions is available now and costs €37.00 - this has recently been my go to every day makeup (I mix it up with a bright liner every other day).  If I was going on holidays I would be happy enough to take this set, my foundation, a bright liner and bright lippy and that's it.  It is sunny day, easy makeup perfection.  When I run out I will definitely pick it up again, although the kit contains just the right amount of product so I think it will last me a while.

Excellent job Benefit, excellent job.
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  1. Thanks for this in depth review, I had been thinking about buying this as a present for someone but hadn't seen a lot about it, looks lovely on you!

  2. I've seen this in stores and haven't checked this out! I always love benefits little kits! I keep forgetting that I have Hoola at home! I love it and it is perfect for my skin tone!!

  3. This looks like a lovely set for summer!

  4. this look gorgeous on you :) been hummin and aaahin whether or not to get it i will now thanks :) x


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