Monday, July 1, 2013

Get some Beauty Sleep with Neal's Yard Remedies

I love bed and I love snoozing. Who doesn't? I'm a bit of a sucker for products that claim to promote sleep - pillow sprays, sleep balms, lavender essential oil - I'm all over that stuff. I don't know if it's the placebo effect or not but I do find that they help me get off to sleep a little easier, not that I need too much help most of the time. (I've even started falling asleep at inappropriate times in chairs/on the settee. Does this mean I'm getting old? If so, it's one aspect of the aging process that I can actually get on board with. I'm so jel of my toddler nephew getting to go for naps during the day - why isn't that a thing for adults?!) 

Neal's Yard Remedies are well known for their botanical ingredients which are grown by the company on their own organic farm. Beauty Sleep Body Butter* and Beauty Sleep Concentrate* contain a blend of essential oils 'renowned for their calming relaxing properties', 'to calm the mind and enhance a restful sleep'. Both products have the same scent and the dominant smell that you get from them is that of frankincense. As Mags noted, it smells like Mass. It's quite intense but not overwhelming. I find it to be a very comforting scent (I find myself regularly just opening the body butter tub and deep breathing it in - the smell, not the body butter), but beware if you're not a lover of strong smells in your beauty products. 

Beauty Sleep Body Butter is absolutely gorgeous. It does a fine job of moisturising but this isn't your typical greasy body butter that takes an age to sink in. It melts into the skin almost instantly meaning you can get into bed without feeling like a greased up turkey and leaving residue all over your pyjamas and bed linen. 

Our skin is supposed to repair itself while we sleep and Beauty Sleep Concentrate aims to assist this natural night time repair process, helping to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This is a surprisingly light cream (for a night time product) which is instantly absorbed into the skin. The immediate effect is super soft and not at all greasy skin but I do find that it's not quite moisturising enough for my (increasingly dry) skin. Neal's Yard advise that you can use this cream over a serum if you wish, which is what I've been doing (currently using Kiehl's Midnight Recovery) and the combined effect is brighter, smoother skin come morning time. 

Combine both of these products and you'll be sleeping like a log but if I was to recommend one, it would definitely be the body butter - I LOVE it. 

Neal's Yard Remedies have recently entered the Irish market and the products are sold through direct selling. You can contact them through their Irish website to locate a consultant and I believe you will shortly be able to shop online with them as well. If you're across the pond in the UK they have plenty of physical shops there too (please open one here NYR!). 

Do you have any special sleep-inducing bed time beauty rituals? 

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