Monday, September 30, 2013

September Favourites

So who wants to see what my September Favourites are?  I made a quick video including some really random favourites.

I wanted to mention that I was watching LisalisaD1's video and she picked up this amazing Trish McEvoy organiser from Saks Fifth Avenue which has a ton of products inside.  I am drooling looking at it - good news/bad news Saks ship to Ireland now so I thought I would include a link (here). 

I hope you like it.

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Monday, September 23, 2013

Stila Autumn 2013

So Stila Fans, we are going to talk about Stila's Autumn Collection 2013 - now as you know I am a huge Stila fan so I decided to do a little badly recorded You Tube video to do a recap of the collection.  It's linked at the bottom so let me know if you like it - please be warned that it's my first video and since I have no editing skills (or software come to think of it) I just had a bit of a chat to the camera, so be gentle. 

So since the video quality is so bad I'll show you pictures here of swatches and the products in clearer detail - I won't prattle on cause I have done enough of that in the video.  I am a little conflicted about the collection - it's new Stila goodies woo hoo but it's not the riot of colour that the Summer Collection brought us (or the magnificent metal eye shadows that Christmas has in store for us - sweet Jesus we will be broke with the beauty of those shadows). It's back to basics of perfecting the skin which Stila do wonderfully.  I have a pet peeve against brands (ahem MAC) overloading us with Limited Edition collections once a month that leave us under the impression that we HAVE TO HAVE this product or we will die/be totally uncool/end up searching eBay at a later date like the Terminator on a mission.

First up is a product I was scared of but ended up being quite impressed by and that is the Color Correcting Stick* with SPF20. 


When I saw the stick I thought uh oh its a flipping Pan Stick but worry not, the CC Stick is much lighter on the skin and has a green core which reduces redness which seems to be creeping onto my cheeks more and more as I age. There are anti aging properties and antioxidant properties which help to make the skin beautiful as well as covering it in a bendable foundation.  There is SPF 20 in the stick which makes it an instant choice for me for travel, so quick to apply and you can blend with your fingers.  What is a little more impressive about the CC Stick is it comes in 8 colours.  The CC Stick is currently not available on but keep your eye out for it if you want a quick and easy way to banish red while getting a gentle coverage.  I was surprised by how much I liked this foundation stick - I promise I never thought I would like a foundation that comes in stick form.

As you can see because there is a green core you don't get a dense swatch of colour, the green core almost helps the product to blend as you are swiping it across your face.

A swatch and then a blend of the CC Color Correcting Stick - I love it when a brand makes beauty easy for us - it screams Monday morning makeup.

Next up is Stila CC Cream* with SPF 20 - I don't like B B Creams they are too thick for my skin and they don't blend well on my combination skin.  Every brand is bringing out BB Creams and now CC Creams are hitting the shelves - ho hum please I just want a tinted moisturiser (Stila just happen to do a wonderful Tinted Moisturiser I cant wait for it to make a return to our shores) so to be honest with you I am a bit jaded by the alphabet soup of BB and CC creams. 

As you can see the cream comes out in a light green colour - to correct - and blends easily into the skin to create light coverage.  The CC Cream comes in a range of 6 colours and costs €30.00 its great if you have clear enough skin but if your skin has a few issues you will need something with better coverage - check it out here.
Do you have problems finding a concealer that matches your skin?  Well if so your days of misery are over Stila have given us their Stay all Day Concealer* (which is also housed on top of the Stay All Day Foundation).  This creamy, buttery concealer comes in a whopping 16 shades and costs £15.50 (check it out here). The concealer has anti oxidant and anti ageing benefits (they must know I haven't been sleeping). 

Our final and only burst of colour from the collection is the Stay All Day Liner in Cobalt*, as you may or may not know Stila's Stay All Day liners are fantastic, they have a fine tip which allows you to draw a thin line perfect for my small eyes - but you can also thicken it.  Stay All Day Liners come in a range of colours (I am making it my business to collect them all) and for the last couple of collections Stila have released a limited edition shade and for Autumn 2013 its Cobalt which is Stunning.

So if you want to watch me prattle on a little bit about Stila's Autumn Collection watch the video below, I tried my best to restrain myself against Stila excitement (I am wearing blue for Dublin - Up the Dubs) and let me know if you like the video and would like to see more  - again apologies for the bad quality.  I can't wait to do a video about the Magnificent Metal shadows that Stila have in store for us - I can't promise I'll be calm for that.

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Friday, September 20, 2013

The Body Shop Honeymania

We are pretty much going Winnie the Pooh on you here at Emerald Eyeliner this week. I love honey, I use it to sweeten my porridge in the morning, it's really good for you and let's not forget it has smoothing and healing properties. It truly is the ambrosia of the Gods.  

The Body Shop Body Butters are pretty much a staple in most bathrooms. They are exactly what you need if your skin needs moisture.  Personally I always have one close by and while I might not need it every day I definitely use it a couple of times a week.  The Body Shop are expanding their body butter range with a Honeymania Body Butter but they are also introducing a whole Honeymania range.

First up is of course the famous Body Butter* which not only smells divine but also seems to be more moisturising than other body butters.  The fragrance of Honeymania is of course of honey but it's also light and fresh.  Some people can find the scent of honey a little overwhelming but Honeymania gives you the sweetness of honey without being overpowering.  The body butter promises 24 hour hydration and normally I would scoff at this claim but anybody who has put on skinny jeans after applying a body butter will know that they take longer than lotions to absorb into the skin but also continue to leave the skin really hydrated.  I could feel how soft my skin was the day after applying Honeymania body butter, it was if I had just applied a body lotion.  I am not sure if it's the honey in the body butter which helps with hydration but it's my new favorite body butter. What I find most amazing is for each Honeymania product 100 busy little bees have to visit 50,000 flowers to get enough honey.  They really are busy little happy creatures.  Honeymania Body Butter costs €18.95

A new addition to the Body Shop's bath range is the Bubble Bath Melt*.  This is a liquid bubble bath similar to bath melts from Laura Mercier (but costing €13.95, a fraction of the Laura Mercier price). Scoop out a small amount of product and your bath is turned into a honey bubbly wonderland.  My only problem is the product can be quite messy - thank God we have a running bath on hand to clean up our hand from the golden melt ;)

Honeymania Lip Balm* is a sweet tasty way to keep your lips hydrated. At €7.50 its an affordable way to see if you like the scent.  I love that the balm doesn't feel waxy just moisturising.  I prefer stick balms for my purse but this has found its home beside my bed.

Don't forget the famous soap free Soap* €3.95 with a cute honeycomb and bee - personally I am way to messy to use soap but what a cute present this soap would make.

Honeymania collection is available now and the Honeymania Body Butter is a new favourite of mine (as you can probably see cause I had to use it before I took pictures).

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Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Marc Jacobs Honey

Hello Marc Jacobs Honey*, you cutie pie little fragrance you.  If you were the type of person to pick up a bottle of perfume and coo and it Marc Jacobs Honey would be that fragrance.  How freaking adorable is the bottle?  Lets start with that.

Similar to the bottle that DOT comes in Honey gives us a happy yellow lidded bottle with white dots on the side. There are two butterflies with pearls in the centre (more on butterflies later).  Marc Jacobs really draws outside the box when it comes to perfume bottles and while it is definitely aimed towards the younger audience the bottle is so cute that it also attracts the more mature lady.  That's right when I showed Honey to my mam she said "is that for me".  Mind you that's not really surprising, from the first time my mam laid eyes on Marc Jacobs Daisy she tried to find it a home - while she wasn't too mad on the scent she bought various editions of it as gifts for people.   When Oh Lola was released she loved the scent and it's her signature perfume and takes pride of place on the cabinet downstairs because it's so pretty she wants everybody to see it (although she is still trying to get her hands on Honey... mitts off mama).

Onto the scent

Top Notes: Pear, Juicy Mandarin
Middle Notes: Orange Blossom, Peach, Honeysuckle
Base Notes: Honey, Vanilla, Woods.

So as you can gather is a sweet, feminine, fruity scent.  Its not a strong or overwhelming perfume, in fact if your a fan of strong perfumes Honey is not for you.  I love a delicate fragrance especially during the summer and I love a sweet fragrance but other sweet fragrances can be a little fake and sometimes headache inducing.  Honey is a sweet fragrance but its not sickly sweet.  Because the fragrance is so light I keep thinking that it has worn off but the compliments that I have received when wearing has me assured that its still there and I have received a good few compliments when wearing Honey.  

The other day there was a large butterfly in work and it kept swooping down at the desk which resulted in myself and my colleague running around the desk to get away from it (I don't know if I mentioned to you before that I have an irrational fear of butterfly's - its irrational I cant explain it).  As we dove for cover my colleague asked "what perfume are you wearing? its attracting the butterfly" - so it seems the sweet delicate scent of Honey attracts butterflies.  (Unknown to us we were visible and recorded on the CCTV camera running around the desk like the Benny Hill show although in our defence the flipping butterfly was so big they thought we were running from a bird).

I love the bottle (even with butterfly's on the side) and I love the fragrance (butterfly attracting qualities aside).   If your a fan of Marc Jacobs perfumes you need to check this out.  I have been wearing Honey every day - ignoring the risk of attracting butterflies cause I like to walk on the wild side.

Marc Jacobs Honey is available now and 50ml costs €63.50 and 100 ml costs €86.40.  I am loving Honey, the bottle makes me so happy every time I see it, even if I have to hide it from my mam. Pin It

Monday, September 16, 2013

NOTD Sally Hansen Jungle Gem and Shoot the Moon

Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure have released the Runway Ready Collection of which there are 7 polishes.  Being a typical Gemini I found it hard to pick just one polish to put on my name so I went for my favourite Jungle Gem* and second favourite Shoot the Moon*.
Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure polishes are easy to apply since they are a base coat, a polish and a top coat (as well as being a growth treatment, a strengthner and chip resistant) all in one polish.  I love how shiny the polishes are.  I love that Sally Hansen allows you to get on trend colours at an affordable price.

The Runway Ready Collection also contains some beautiful neutral shades like Greige, Mauve Along and  classic red in Right Said Red - expect some NOTD soon.  There is currently €2.00 off Complete Manicure polishes meaning you can grab one of your favourites for €6.95. Pin It

Friday, September 13, 2013

FYI - For Your Attention Space NK Gift With Purchase

Why Oh Why am I on a shopping ban?  Oh sweet lord I do love a good freebie and I love nothing more than a freebie with a lot of brands that I haven't tried.  Enter Space NK at Harvey Nicks which have a beauty event running on the 18th and 19th of September.   When you spend €175 you receive a goody bag worth up to €300 of cult products and new discoveries, book an appointment with the lovely girls there and get some advice on the new beauty products (I am dying to try Living Proof Flex Hairspray but as you would imagine the list goes on and on and on a bit more) a bit of pampering and a glass of bubbly.  Space NK in Harvey Nicks really is a gem which is filled with wonderful makeup brands like Chantecaille, Kevyn Aucoin, By Terri, Hourglass and that is not evening mentioning the skincare and hair care products that they stock (I am loving the look of the T3 hairdryer). I could happily spend all day and all my money there.

 Tickets are €15 and fully redeemable against any purchase at the event. To book call 01 2910421.  You can also shop on Space NK's website which is

And if you do go you can visit my Stila Counter while your in Harvey Nicks and look at some of their Autumn offerings which I will be talking about very soon (I might have some on my face right now) Pin It

Mark Hill - Two out of Three aint bad

So we had the sun, we had the fun.  I enjoyed days where my hair could air dry and be away from the shackles of the hair dryer - oh the liberation and the frizz -.  I did feel that my hair needed a little TLC so I headed into Boots to buy a deep conditioner... did I already have a deep conditioner ?  of course I did but I wanted something new and fantastic and I found it.
I don't know why I walked past all the huge displays of hair brands and stopped at Mark Hill with its fabulously pun intended MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Treatment but stop I did and once I opened and had a sniff at the wonderful concoction I knew it would be coming home with me.  It smells like sweets - or summer sweets like 10 penny bags with a faint hint of liquorice (only a hint mind you cause I am not a fan of liquorice).  The conditioner claims that you only have to leave it in for 2 minutes for beautiful hair - I have never used a watch :) but it definitely works and in less than 2 minutes.  My problem would be putting too put product in because it smells so feckin good.  If you have fine hair this could weigh your hair down slightly - just use less product.  After I have washed out the conditioner my hair is left with a slight memory of the fragrance - beautiful - but more importantly than that it feels wonderful and soft.  I felt my hair had dried out a little what with highlights in June and a bit of sun but this restores it and feels like a lovely treat but one you can pop in when your in the shower - no messing around for 15 minutes or putting a towel on your head, just pop it on wash yourself or shave your legs and bam your done. 
I shall sandwich the bad in between the two good products - Next up is Beach Babe which is a sea salt spray, to be honest with you its more of a "its not you its me" situation with this product.  I love that wavy hair beachy look but I hate my hair to feel crunch or full of product and alas as with most Sea Salt sprays this makes my hair feel horrible and gritty and dirty.  I used it only once and as a rule on this blog we NEVER speak about a product having used it only once but I felt it made me look more like Crazy Cat Lady from the Simpsons than a beach babe.  I met my friend when I had this in and her first words to me were "what's up with your hair" which is not really what anybody wants to hear.  Of course I have one of two sea salt sprays at home (I will never learn) and I have come to the conclusion that they are just not for me.  I have discovered that if I plat my hair when its wet and let it dry I get the look of beachy waves without the crunchy feel.
Last up from the trio (no I didn't pick these up on 3 for 2 but there was money off on the products - Boots is great for that.  I think they might be on 3 for 2 at the moment) is the Sun, Sea, Frizz- Free Anti Humidity Spray which I picked up cause as the heat went on my hair got bigger and bigger and I was about to discover how Marge Simpson's hair stood on the top of her head (lot of Simpson's references today - don't know why).  I would use this fine mist like spray after my hair was done and it was so fine I almost thought no product was coming out - until I sprayed it in my face to check, I know I am an idiot.  The spray is very fine and delicate but it seems to do the trick because my hair didn't frizz up and it added a small amount of shine to the hair.  Its not the hair spray for you if you want strong, ridged hold or to lock a style in place, this is more a finishing spray but one that keeps humidity at bay.

I picked these up in Boots where they were around the 10 euro mark each (they were on special offer with money off) I cant find a link for them on so I cant find an exact price (sorry).  If I was to pick one product it would be the MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Treatment I am currently using it as my conditioner every other wash it smells AMAZING. Sometimes you just want a quick affordable product that works and this is it. Pin It

Monday, September 9, 2013

What's in my Holiday Beauty Bags!

I know you're all in autumn, tights and boots, hats and scarves kinda mode now that we're well into September, but hang on a sec, I still have to go on my summer holidays! As this post publishes, I'll be on my way to Spain for a long awaited week of sun, spa and cocktails in Marbella. Want to see what beauty bits I'm bringing with me? I've tried to learn the lessons of last year but I think I've still probably over packed. But you have to be prepared, right? 

Apart from the boring bits and bobs like toothpaste and razors, here's what's in my body and skincare bag. 
  • La Roche Posay Anthelios XL Invisible Nutritive Oil SPF50+* - I stupidly burned myself horrendously last year using SPF15 so there'll be none of that this year, SPF50 all the way. I had the opportunity to try this out here during the good weather and it is gorgeous. Miles away from the white-caste, take-an-age-to-rub-in SPF creams I've used in the past, this oil makes sun protection feel like a treat rather than a chore. 
  • For protecting my face I have Vichy Capital Soleil SPF50+. I was all set to buy a similar product from Clarins, but once I smelled this I had to get it, it's divine! It also sinks in easily and doesn't feel at all greasy. 
  • My shower gel is two Voya minis which I robbed from a stay in the K Club earlier this year :)
  • I prefer aloe vera gel type aftersun and this Soltan one is very nice indeed - again it absorbs into skin quickly with no stickiness. 
  • Batiste Dry Shampoo is an essential and I got this mini one in my favourite of their scents, cherry.
  • Compressed deodorants are so handy for travel and this Dove Go Fresh in the cucumber and green tea scent is so refreshing.
  • La Roche Posay Cicaplast Baume* comes to the aid of all skin ailments and is a handbag as well as a holiday essential. 
  • My eye cream which you can barely see (sorry about the rubbishy photo) is a Freeze 24/7 Anti-Aging Eye Serum* sample which I haven't tried yet but is the perfect size for a week away. 
  • I really debated whether or not I should bring The Body Shop's Honey Bronze Shimmering Dry Oil* because it is in such a heavy-ass glass bottle and, I discovered, is next to impossible to decant. But... it  is such a gorgeous product that looks stunning on tanned skin that I decided I would pack it. It smells amazing too!

  • I'm a fan of decanting my favourite products rather than buying loads of minis - For my hair I'm bringing my regular Pantene Aqua Light Shampoo and Conditioner as well as John Freida Frizz-Ease Smooth Start Conditioner*. The John Freida conditioner is BRILLIANT for keeping frizz at bay (I don't need to use my hair straighteners when I use it) but I do find that it makes my hair get greasy quicker than usual so I don't use it everyday. 
  • For cleansers, I have The Body Shop Nutriganics Softening Cleansing Gel which is a gel to oil cleanser which I reviewed here and in that little Clinique bottle is actually Clarins Instant Eye Make Up Remover which I have just repurchased. Expensive but brilliant. 

Make Up wise, I think I've done really well in narrowing down my stash for the week. Having said that, I do intend on buying a couple of things in Duty Free and in Kiko :) 
  • Kiehl's Actively Correcting & Beautifying BB Cream* - I'm not a fan of BB creams in general as they don't give me enough coverage. This one, however is an exception - light but still giving me decent enough coverage and it has SPF 50 included. 
  • Vichy Compact Solaire SPF30* is a cream compact foundation with UVA & UVB protection. I used something similar from Avène last year and it was brilliant. Simple and hassle free which is just what you want on your hols. 
  • For my cheeks, I have an old Estée Lauder Bronzing Powder and my Estée Lauder Illuminating Powder Gelée blush in Tease which I basically don't go anywhere without. I'll have to start rationing it soon :) 
  • I have three concealers as I've a bit of a problem with concealers to be honest - my three favourites at the moment are Clarins Instant Concealer*, Bare Minerals Stroke of Light and Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection. 
  • For eyes, I'm keeping it really simple with my trusty Mac Teddy eyeliner, Maybelline Color Tattoo in On-and-On Bronze, and the waterproof version of the brilliant Max Factor Clump Defy mascara
  • For day time lips I'm bringing No 7's High Shine Gloss in Smile which has SPF15 and feels quite moisturising and for night time, I have Stila's Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in Fiore. Hot pink lips are very uncharacteristic for me, but sure... I'll be on my holidays :) 

Phew, that's the lot, providing I don't start panicking and throwing random stuff into my hand luggage, which I can't guarantee I won't do :) Do you too struggle with whittling down your beauty booty for travel? 

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Friday, September 6, 2013

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection - Are you a buffer or a fluffer?

If you have ever watched a beauty YouTube video you will have seen a Pixiwoo tutorial and no doubt you have been impressed.  A number of years ago Sam from Pixiwoo created a range of brushes called Real Techniques (we reviewed some here) and they recently released a Duo Fiber Collection*.

Duo Fibre brushes became all the rage with MAC and their 187 brush - of course by now most ranges have some form of Duo Fibre brushes in their collection.  Duo Fibre brushes allow you to apply your makeup to a flawless almost airbrush finish.  Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection consists of 3 brushes - the face brush, the contour brush and the eye brush.

So what are my thoughts?  Well first I will ask you a question, are you a buffer or a fluffer?  Personally I am quite a buffer, I am guilty when applying bronzer that I tend to pile it on and buff it out - exactly the opposite of what the experts tell you to do.  The experts tell you to gently fluff (possibly not fluff but stay with me) on the product, gently applying as you go.  The Duo Fiber brushes are perfect for fluffing (I can't stop using the term fluff now) on product - they don't pick up a lot of product so are perfect for gentle application. 

When I first used the brushes with bronzer I was a little confused because they don't pick up a lot of product (the opposite to what I am used to) but you can use these brushes with powder, cream or liquid and I have been loving using them with my Estee Lauder Gelees which are intensely pigmented - so intense that I haven't really been using them without looking like a clown.  Because the Duo Fiber brushes pick up minimal product, just the right amount of intense pigment is picked up.  

I have been using the face and contour brush but am not a fan of the eye brush, I find the Real Techniques eye brushes tend to be a little too big for my eyes and this eye brush is also a little too big.  I have also found that although the brush is soft, it's tapered into so much of a point that it scrapes my eye.  

If you like to buff on your face products these are possibly not the brushes for you (although I might see you at clown school). If you want a gentle, soft application Duo Fiber brushes are definitely worth a try.

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection are available from Cloud 10 Beauty (click here) and cost €27.99.  You know that we are huge fans of Cloud 10 here at Emeraldeyeliner not just because they give you free samples when you make an order.  I would also advise you to become a fan of their facebook page (here) because they have great special offers and money off codes.
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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lancome Teint Visionnaire

Sometimes you have a product that is your ol faithful - it's trustworthy, reliable and the reality is you take it for granted.  For me the product has been Lancome Teint Visionnaire* - I have been steadily using Teint V (as I shall call it) for months now. Whenever I want my skin to look good it's what I pick up and when I want my makeup to last all day it's what I pick up. So for me it's a bit of a Holy Grail foundation (for reference I can have an oily T zone with dehydrated skin on my cheeks). 


Teint Visionnaire is a real breakthrough in product in that it is a 3 in 1 product  - a foundation,  a skin treatment and a concealer all in one handy bottle. As the name implies Teint Visionnaire contains the same skin protecting ingredients that are included in Lancome's Visionnaire serum (the LR2412 molecule) this magic little ingredient helps to smooth wrinkles, fade pigment spots and tighten pores. But imagine all this is almost secondary to the beautifully natural looking foundation that Teint V gives the skin.  The lid of the foundation contains a concealer which is enriched with vitamin CG (a new one to me) which brightens the skin.  

I could go into the scientific details (and pretend that I understand them) but for me Teint V leaves my skin looking really well - even coverage without my face looking caked in makeup.  The foundation comes in 18 shades and I am so impressed by the match I got.

What I think impresses me most about Teint V is it has passed the Irish Mammy test - my mam has foundation line OCD whenever I come into the house, or leave the house she blends (rubs with vigor) the foundation from my chin down my neck - when I say she has OCD I mean she has been known to do this to me even when I haven't been wearing foundation.  When I arrive in the house wearing Teint V she said "your skin looks lovely today"..... OK PEOPLE HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE - no face rubbing or "blending".  I get a compliment, my skin not only looks lovely, it looks Irish Mammy approved lovely.  So you might not realise what a big thing this is - but trust me it's a big thing.  This just confirmed to me what I already knew Teint V is an impressive foundation.

How about a before and after shot?  So before, I look sad. As you can see I have dark circles, red pigmentation on my cheeks and of course spotty red mess on my chin.

After:  well my skin just looks clear and radiant - the way God and Lancome intended.  The dark circles and redness are covered without it looking cakey or mask like.  Natural glowing skin.

For me the only part of Teint V I am not crazy about is the corrector which is happily housed in the lid.  I had forgotten about the correcter (if I am being honest with you the lid got lost in the confusion of my makeup storage). It is a firmer consistency than the concealers I generally like to use, I have developed some fine lines around my eyes (such is life) and find that a softer correcter works better for me.

Teint Visionnaire costs €45.00 which is a great price for a foundation, corrector and skin treatment (Visionnaire serum costs €73.00 so by using Teint V saves you a few bob).  I highly recommend you go to a Lancome counter and get a sample of Teint Visionnaire.  Try it yourself and you will see what a beautiful foundation it is.
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Monday, September 2, 2013

Urban Fudge Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Styling Hair Mousse

I have to be honest with you - for the last couple of months I have had a secret weapon, a secret hair weapon.  Yep that's right while a lot of you have been struggling with Monica style frizz during our recent stint of heat my hair was looking rather brilliant.  OK so it didn't look brilliant ever day but when I put in a bit of effort and that effort included Urban Fudge Iced Raspberry and Vanilla Styling Hair Mousse*.  

If like me you lived thought the spiral perms of the 90ies (I never got one - just to clarify) you would be slightly terrified of hair mousse - so much product was used and hair was so dried out that it looked like you could snap off a spiral curl with a quick crunch.  If I am being honest the whole time left me terrified of hair products.  ABSOLUTELY FRICKIN TERRIFIED.  My hair care included shampoo, conditioner and some Orofluido that was basically it. 

Honestly I wanted to try this because it smells amazing but not in an overpowering "you have a bowl of fruit on your head" kinda way, I like the idea of my hair having a scent but not one that enters the room before me.  When I have a bit of time I like to curl my hair using my beloved Tigi curling wand so I decided to test Urban Fudge out.  I used a liberal amount of the mousse in my hair (I have a lot of hair) and gave my hair a rough blow dry.  The mousse creates a slight slip to the hair.  Then I went on and curled my hair.  I usually find that when I curl my hair I get more time between washes but with the heat and humidity I wasn't expecting anything.

So - this is not my hair after I have freshly done it - its TWO DAYS in.  That's right two days after curing my hair using Urban Fudge my hair looks really well and this was during the crazy heat we had.  What I find even better than the hold the mousse gives is the fact that my hair is soft and you can run your hands through it (seriously if you meet me come up and ill let you).  The mousse is also a heat protectant which is great because I don't like to use too much heat on my hair (come on now, its already highlighted it doesn't need more torture) and it also means I don't have to use a separate heat protectant product.  

I have used Urban Fudge with my sleep in rollers and it does give you good hold but also a slight mousse crunch.  The product really works best when used with heat.

Urban Fudge ICED RASPBERRY & VANILLA STYLING MOUSSE is available now and costs €7.99

So what was your secret hair weapon this summer? Pin It
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