Monday, September 23, 2013

Stila Autumn 2013

So Stila Fans, we are going to talk about Stila's Autumn Collection 2013 - now as you know I am a huge Stila fan so I decided to do a little badly recorded You Tube video to do a recap of the collection.  It's linked at the bottom so let me know if you like it - please be warned that it's my first video and since I have no editing skills (or software come to think of it) I just had a bit of a chat to the camera, so be gentle. 

So since the video quality is so bad I'll show you pictures here of swatches and the products in clearer detail - I won't prattle on cause I have done enough of that in the video.  I am a little conflicted about the collection - it's new Stila goodies woo hoo but it's not the riot of colour that the Summer Collection brought us (or the magnificent metal eye shadows that Christmas has in store for us - sweet Jesus we will be broke with the beauty of those shadows). It's back to basics of perfecting the skin which Stila do wonderfully.  I have a pet peeve against brands (ahem MAC) overloading us with Limited Edition collections once a month that leave us under the impression that we HAVE TO HAVE this product or we will die/be totally uncool/end up searching eBay at a later date like the Terminator on a mission.

First up is a product I was scared of but ended up being quite impressed by and that is the Color Correcting Stick* with SPF20. 


When I saw the stick I thought uh oh its a flipping Pan Stick but worry not, the CC Stick is much lighter on the skin and has a green core which reduces redness which seems to be creeping onto my cheeks more and more as I age. There are anti aging properties and antioxidant properties which help to make the skin beautiful as well as covering it in a bendable foundation.  There is SPF 20 in the stick which makes it an instant choice for me for travel, so quick to apply and you can blend with your fingers.  What is a little more impressive about the CC Stick is it comes in 8 colours.  The CC Stick is currently not available on but keep your eye out for it if you want a quick and easy way to banish red while getting a gentle coverage.  I was surprised by how much I liked this foundation stick - I promise I never thought I would like a foundation that comes in stick form.

As you can see because there is a green core you don't get a dense swatch of colour, the green core almost helps the product to blend as you are swiping it across your face.

A swatch and then a blend of the CC Color Correcting Stick - I love it when a brand makes beauty easy for us - it screams Monday morning makeup.

Next up is Stila CC Cream* with SPF 20 - I don't like B B Creams they are too thick for my skin and they don't blend well on my combination skin.  Every brand is bringing out BB Creams and now CC Creams are hitting the shelves - ho hum please I just want a tinted moisturiser (Stila just happen to do a wonderful Tinted Moisturiser I cant wait for it to make a return to our shores) so to be honest with you I am a bit jaded by the alphabet soup of BB and CC creams. 

As you can see the cream comes out in a light green colour - to correct - and blends easily into the skin to create light coverage.  The CC Cream comes in a range of 6 colours and costs €30.00 its great if you have clear enough skin but if your skin has a few issues you will need something with better coverage - check it out here.
Do you have problems finding a concealer that matches your skin?  Well if so your days of misery are over Stila have given us their Stay all Day Concealer* (which is also housed on top of the Stay All Day Foundation).  This creamy, buttery concealer comes in a whopping 16 shades and costs £15.50 (check it out here). The concealer has anti oxidant and anti ageing benefits (they must know I haven't been sleeping). 

Our final and only burst of colour from the collection is the Stay All Day Liner in Cobalt*, as you may or may not know Stila's Stay All Day liners are fantastic, they have a fine tip which allows you to draw a thin line perfect for my small eyes - but you can also thicken it.  Stay All Day Liners come in a range of colours (I am making it my business to collect them all) and for the last couple of collections Stila have released a limited edition shade and for Autumn 2013 its Cobalt which is Stunning.

So if you want to watch me prattle on a little bit about Stila's Autumn Collection watch the video below, I tried my best to restrain myself against Stila excitement (I am wearing blue for Dublin - Up the Dubs) and let me know if you like the video and would like to see more  - again apologies for the bad quality.  I can't wait to do a video about the Magnificent Metal shadows that Stila have in store for us - I can't promise I'll be calm for that.

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  1. Brilliant video Mags!! Can't wait to see more :) and lovin' that Colbat blue liner.. Have been drooling over the Metal shadows since I seen a pic!! When is it being launched?

  2. Excellent video, that stick looks very interesting, as does the blue liner. Cannot wait for those fancy christmas eyeshadows to come out, they look amazing!!

  3. Mags, loved the video you are a natural! keep them coming. Lovely collection from Stila, would you believe i still havent got my Gerbera blush...feel a shopping spree coming up :)


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