Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Blake Lively - Spokesperson for L'Oreal

So you have probably been hiding under a rock (a very cold rock - isn't it chilly out there) if you haven't heard the new that Blake Lively is the new spokesperson for L'Oreal.  Sorry if I am late to the game with this post I have been suffering from the lurgy and feeling very sorry for myself but this news cheers me right up.

I will be the first to admit I was a fan of Gossip Girl and my favorite character was 100% Blair, as a character she was much better fun that Serena.  In many ways for me Serena (and somewhat Blake Lively) is my female equivalent of David Beckham - Almost perfect human form, amazing figure, stunning face, great style but you don't have to talk (in fact Serena used to ruin it for me when she opened her mouth).  

I love Blake's style she can go from Hollywood Glamour to Boho in a blink of an eye and more importantly none of the styles look fake on her, she looks like herself.  I love her style and I kinda want to be her in the film Savages (except for the messy love life and getting kidnapped and possibly a few other things that happen in the film).  Of course I love her makeup she is a fan of the bright lip (like myself), Hollywood glamour (usually I go for that look on a Wednesday) but also does lovely natural looks which I am very excited about trying to recreate. 

I not only have a bit of a style crush on Blake I also am in awe of her figure and if I am being honest I have saved pictures of her on my phone in a bid at deterring me from eating rubbish.  I love that she looks healthy and toned but the shape of a woman.  Should we talk about the hair?  I almost cant talk about the hair, she looks like she just arrives and her hair is perfect and easy and soft ( I am a fan of hair that you can run your fingers through).  She has to be number one choice for promoting hair products.
In a way myself and Blake are very alike which is another reason I am excited by this news - practically twins really... here is my evidence

Blake Lively's husband is Ryan Reynolds  - Ryan Reynold's is one of my (many) fantasy celebrity husbands

Blake Lively has amazing blonde hair - I also have is blonde
Blake Lively is in fantastic shape, she has a perfect figure healthy and toned - I have a shape (round)
Blake Lively has amazing long toned legs that thousands want - I have short footballer legs, that footballers want (maybe)
Blake Lively has great style envied by many - I have my own unique style envied by the Minions from Despicable me
Blake Lively likes to bake - I buy the chilled cookie dough and sometimes it makes it into the oven
Blake Lively looks great in hats - I have a hat (I don't wear it)
Blake Lively had a nose job - I need a nose job (but happen to think that imperfections make us interesting).

See total twins

You might think less of me for admitting this but if I see a celebrity look (makeup more than clothes) and I like it I will try and recreate it.  If I see something I love I will try and hunt down the product. I don't think I am alone in this and I cant wait to see the products and the advertisement's that L'Oreal are going to use with Blake - I will be sucked in (I am the Marketing dream) and want to own what Blake is rocking, cause lets face it she will be rocking whatever look she is wearing.

OK I think your getting I have a girl crush.  Does anybody else buy products cause they see a celebrity using them? Is anybody else excited about Blake? 
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  1. I love her hair, look and fashion sense, I do. But because I absolutely hate her acting skills (or the lack of), I dislike her. But she is stunning though!


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