Saturday, December 21, 2013

The Body Shop - Destination Christmas Gifts

So who is up for a bit of last minute shopping ?  If so The Body Shop is The Destination for Christmas Gift.  For years I had a relation who bought be sets from the Body Shop for Christmas although it was a tad predictable I have to admit that I used all the products.  
For the past couple of years The Body Shop have kicked up their Christmas gift sets to just about the cutest out there.  Not only are you guaranteed some of the Body Shops classic products as well as limited edition Christmas scents they also come in the cutest gift packaging (and FYI from the sales of their Christmas sets The Body Shop are donating £200,000 to build schools in their Fair Trade Areas).

First up to show you I have a White Musk* set which comes with 30mls of the classic scent as well as body lotion and body mist all for €39.95.  The set comes in a beautiful purple heart which is cute enough that you don't have to wrap it (feeling lazy).
Can we just take a look at this cuteness :) its a Snowman Shea Scrub & Soften Gift Set*  awww its just adorable.  The set has a full size Shea Body Butter and a 50ml scrub all for €25.95.

If you don't fancy picking up a set for somebody (although if you don't think the Snowman set or the even cuter Ginger Sparkle Ginger man set are adorable there is something wrong with you) you could always pick up my favourite body product for winter and that is the Ginger Sparkle Body butter.  The Body Shop have a whole range of Ginger Sparkle products mmmmm and they smell like Christmas.  I am obsessed with the Ginger Sparkle scent its warm and cosy without being overpowering.
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Thursday, December 19, 2013

Would you like to look at my rubbish?

Would you like to look at my rubbish?  Probably not but here is an empties video :)  For your viewing pleasure I have also learned how to insert a title.  I KNOW, impressed?

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Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Stila Winter 2013 Collection

Sorry for being very bad bloggers of late, while we have been very bad about blogging we have managed to put up a couple of videos on Youtube.  I happen to love a good You Tube video so I hope you like our little offerings.  They really are just me chatting about makeup so if you like that kinda thing check out my video on Stila's Winter Collection 2013.

In case you don't want to watch the video Ill give you a little run down on what I bought from the collection

First up I bought the Stay All Day Vinyl Lip Gloss in the colour Fuchsia Vinyl.  While Stila's other offering of Stay All Day lip colour offer long lasting and vibrant colour they were on the drying side where the Vinyl give you that high gloss almost plastic (but in a good way) look.  They are long lasting but sticky as you cant really achieve such a high seen look without a bit of stick so be careful of these bad boys getting on your teeth. I happen to really like the intense shine that these give and although Fuchsia Vinyl is a shade like nothing I have I really like it (although it would not be an everyday shade for me).  As the high intense shine wears off your left with almost a stain of the colour so while the vinyl look might not stay all day (but it does stick around - sorry pardon the pun for a long time) the colour is left on your lips and I am a big fan of the effect.  The lip gloss costs £18.00 and since the video I have picked up the shade Melon Vinyl.  

One of the reasons I love Stila (besides them making me look pretty and helping my skin look flawless and having pretty products) are they are very innovative with their makeup products as see my their Magnificent Metal Foil Eye shadows.  Now if you look at the video you will see that I am a little conflicted about the product.  So lets discuss: They really are unlike anything I have seen before, its not a metal colour or shade its like metal on your eyes.  Only a tiny amount of product is required for intense, fantastic colour.  You also get a tiny mixing potion with the shadow which also transforms the shadow into a even more foiled look. Again you only need a tiny amount of this, in fact if you pack on this product it can clump up so be careful in your creases.  You don't get tons of product in the packaging but a tiny amount will do and my advice would be to avoid the creases.   I really haven't seen anything quite like this on the market and once you swatch it you will want one.  I am conflicted about this product for one reason: Its expensive, very expensive €44 eeks.  I know.  In the video I show you Comex Gold and since then I have picked up Stila's classic shade Kitten but I did wait til there was a discount evening in Harvey Nicks.  Initially we only had a couple of shades to try in Ireland and the UK Stila seem to have gotten all 9 shades in stock (and dam if they are not all stunners).  

I am still conflicted by the Magnificent Shadows they truly are magnificent (if in doubt swatch them, guarantee you will fall in love) and I am a little scared to see that now have the emerald and black gold shade in stock because they are amazing.  In saying that the price does make me draw breath and freak out a little. 

Stila is available from Harvey Nicks Dublin (the girls there are lovely),, Cara Pharmacy Sligo and online from Brown Thomas.  That's right you can now collect your Brown Thomas loyalty points and shop for Stila at the same time (click here).  This makes me very happy indeed.
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Saturday, December 7, 2013

Christmas Beauty Gift Guide - €30+

I'm kinda delighted with myself right now it has to be said - only the 7th of December and I have almost all of my Christmas shopping done. Unheard of! If you are heading out shopping this weekend though, here are some of the things that have caught my eye, beauty-wise, out and about in the shops and online. This guide is for the lucky mammies, sisters, friends, aunties, sisters-in-law, etc. that you may have a little more to spend on :-) 

Sometimes with beauty gift sets you get a couple of dud items you're not bothered with. Not the case here as far as I'm concerned - this set is all killer and no filler, containing They're Real Mascara, the Porefessional Primer and High Beam (all full size) along with a mini Coralista Ultra Plush Lip Gloss. Benefit always do gifts well but they've outdone themselves this year with this reusable tea-caddy style tin packaging. 

Beauty Junkies need no introduction to these excellent-quality brushes. Anyone who loves make up or who's just getting started with make up would love to find this set in their stocking. 

It might seem a bit crazy to buy someone a single eyeshadow as a present, and especially crazy to spend €44.00 on one eyeshadow (I still haven't brought myself to do it). However, if you're buying for a bonafide beauty obsessive, they will absolutely appreciate one of these beauties. 

Nothing like some luxe new make up at Christmas and this compact is totally gorgeous. The highlighter is definitely on the glittery side but if you can't wear glitter at Christmas, when can you? I plan on plastering it all over my face. 

If you were to buy the products in this set separately, they would set you back €94 so this set is actually great value if you're in the market for some spendy face masks. Glamglow has a bit of a cult following at this stage and this would be a perfect gift  for a friend or sister who is serious about their skin care. 

Bliss body butters are probably my favourite body moisturisers of all time - they sink in so quickly with no tackiness whatsoever and they smell amazing. The blood orange and white pepper scent contained in this set is the best one I think - Christmassy and wintery but so refreshing at the same time. 

This beautifully packaged set contains Nuxe's stand out product Huile Prodigieuse as well as full size Creme Prodigieuse eye and face cream. Deadly value, and these products will see your giftee's skin through the trials of winter. 

I don't know any woman who wouldn't like to receive a little (or large!) black and cream box from Jo Malone this Christmas - there's a reason why there's a never-ending queue of men at the counter in BT on Christmas Eve. You could pretty much substitute any Jo Malone product here!

Just one from a great range of sets Clarins have out this year, this contains Hydra Quench Cream (50ml), Hydra Quench Intensive Serum (15ml), and Hydra Quench Cream-Mask (15ml) in a classy looking cosmetic bag. 

How are you getting on with your Christmas shopping? All done? Or are you a Last Minute Lizzy like I usually am?

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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

November Favourites


I decided to a video of my November favourites but as we have learned I am a talker... so I had to break it into two parts.

I hope you enjoy it - let me know if you like videos or prefer regular posts 

Part 1

Part 2

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Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Bourjois - freakin' awesome Gift with Purchase

Bourjois is one of our favorite brands from the chemist/drugstore. Last week we spoke about the Color Edition 24 Hour Cream Eye Shadows (here), Or Desir being a pretty good dupe for Stila Kitten Smudge Pot.  

At the moment Bourjois have a great offer on in Boots - spend €20 on products and get this rather beautiful gift set worth €40 free.  These are all full sized products so it's a great deal.  I happen to think this would make a fab Christmas gift and it's all the makeup you need for a Christmas party look.  

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