Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Christmas Goodies - Am I still allowed to say Christmas ?

Am I too late talk about Christmas? Sure I know it's practically the summer by now, it's just himself did very well this year although it has to be said it was not without help (not that he would read this blog in a million years, so I can pretty much say what I want about him but credit where credit is due especially since he HATES shopping and literally goes shopping once a year at Christmas).

I first saw Alex and Ani bracelets on Cupcakeandscissors on Youtube (I loved her videos).  I thought they were the kind of thing that you would only be able to buy in New York and that they would never grace our shores.  Low and behold Ireland's favourite department store Arnotts began to stock the range before Christmas as part of their newly designed accessory department.  Alex and Ani bracelets are made from recycled material and each bracelet has a special meaning.  Himself got me the Eye of Horus which helps the wearer with healing, reason and protection and the symbol just happens to hold a special place in my heart.   I was a little worried about being allergic to the bracelet as I am very sensitive (what, don't laugh). Ok, ok  I reiterate my skin is sensitive towards metals but the bracelet has been grand and makes a great and very affordable replacement for my Tiffany bracelet that broke before Christmas.  My plan is to get a few of these bracelets (that's my birthday sorted)  and stack them.  Check out the range of bracelets at  Now if you're thinking "God, isn't he great for listening to her prattling on about jewellery and makeup and the like" he got help from my Bestie, a lot of help.

I love Miranda and although he won't admit it, the way he snorts through an episode made getting the box set an easy choice and we have our video evenings sorted for a while (although it's quite dangerous drinking tea while watching Miranda cause a few times I have either snorted it or spat it across the room when laughing).  You might know that I am a big fan of Philosophy and he also knows this cause there are a couple of bottles in the bathroom, except when he got to Arnotts (when shopping he hits one shop and doesn't tend to leave) he forgot the name and asked for "the bath stuff" to the confused and quite possibly terrified staff.  All was saved with another phone call to my Bestie who told him the name of the brand and where to find it.

OK I told him I wanted this - how could I not? It's a Michael Kors for Estée Lauder makeup set. The sets also comes with a red makeup bag or black makeup bag but himself picked out the gunmetal (I am so proud).  The makeup is fuchsia themed which is brilliant.  I really want to try more Estée Lauder,  I think the quality of the products is amazing but they sometimes are a bit of a miss shade wise. I picked up a lip set during the sale and the lipstick was very 80's frosty although lovely quality (I gave the kit to my mam).  I think the bag is beautiful, it's brilliant quality with two pockets inside and would make a great evening clutch.

The nail polish in the set is called Fuchsia Flame and it's a beautifully glossy polish.  This is my first foray into Estée Lauder Polish and I am quite impressed.

The set also has a blush which you could also use for contouring, I haven't had a good trial of this yet but I'll keep you up to date.

The lipstick in the set is called Rubelite Shimmer and it's a beautiful fuchsia with a smidge of frosty shimmer, the consistency of the lipstick is amazing and it's quite a wearable bright although I would prefer it if there was no frost/shimmer.  Do you think this is too frosty?

Look at me hiding out in the mirror *Hi*.  The set also contains a mini mascara, a black liner and a lip gloss which I haven't tried.  If you are impressed by this set I think it's still on sale with 30% off in Brown Thomas.

So himself did great I am very proud of him altogether.  I was supposed to get a jacket in sales from him too but the jacket never went on sale.  It will be mine though.

I wanted to add a homemade pressie that my Bestie made for me, you may know that I LOVE Marilyn and she made me this picture - all with different pictures of Marilyn doing her makeup along with Marilyn quotes.  I love it.
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