Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Things that make me go MEH

We are generally very positive peeps here at Emerald Eyeliner and tend to only mention products that we love. I am always slightly wary of slagging off a product or mentioning that it doesn't work for me because I am well aware that although it doesn't work for me it could be your holy grail product - after all a moisturiser for a 18 year old will alas have very different effects on my slightly (ahem) more mature skin. This post is not about products that are rubbish, it's really just products that don't work for me or have something about them them that make me go Meh, and trust me there will be some that you will go WHAT THE HELL

First up is Organix Coconut Milk Anti- Breakage Serum - I love hair oils and I love coconut, plus I saw this on Makeupbytiffanyd so it had to work.  Right?  Wrong.  First I am really annoyed by the conversion price - it costs €9.99 in Boots and its only $7.99 in America - I thought that this might be a bargain alternative to my beloved Orofluido oil.  I have quite a lot of hair but I found that even small amounts left my hair looking and feeling oily, I can imagine if you have fine hair that this wouldn't work at all.  All in all it left me feeling very Meh and quite hesitant about buying any more Organix products.

Batiste - I know, I know, everybody and their mother LOVES this stuff (even the other eyeball in Emerald Eyeliner loves it). I can't use it, my excuse is I must be allergic to something in it because every time I have used it in the past it has made my head so itchy that I have spent the day scratching in effect having people stand about 10 metres away for fear they would get cooties. I spend the whole day thinking I should have just washed my flipping hair. It never ever  EVER goes near my head - it's not worth my sanity or the itchy scalp that it leaves behind.  Worst case scenario I spray a bit of hairspray on my roots and whats wrong with a pony tail every once in a while.

EOS- I was recently reminded about when Pandas visited Ireland - aww they were so fricking cute but they just kinda sat there looking cute and not doing anything - at all. I mean anybody who has ever seen Pandas will have no doubt as to one of the reasons they are an endangered species (random Panda fact: All Pandas no matter where they are born in the world are the property of China - what? I told you it was random?).  EOS remind me of Pandas, they took the beauty world by storm last year, they are dinky little round lip balms - I was so lucky to have been sent one from my beautiful friend Yessie in America but found it didn't really work on my dry lips. I have quite dry lips and well it just kind of scraped the dry skin off them I didn't feel any moisture. I gave it to my mam and she adores it.  I also picked one up for Sile and she also loves them but for me they are the lip balm equivalent to a Panda - its sits there looking adorable but not really much else.

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish - OOOOO I hear you say, how could I possibly put my Holy Grail Cleanser on here? Well I just want to state that it currently is my holy grail cleanser and does its job magnificently by removing all my makeup including eye makeup so why is it here? Well it leaves scum on my sink, a lot of scum and I am not talking about dotting some criminal elements around my sink (take that you scum) it leaves sticky scum around my sink.  I am not a domestic goddess by any means and I hate to ever have to do extra cleaning so this really bugs me.  I initially thought that perhaps it was when I removed my makeup and the Shroud of Dublin was leaving the mess on my sink, but Cleanse and Polish also does this on my morning face.  If I had to choose between a clean face or a clean sink I'll go with clean face.

MARC by Marc Jacobs iPad Case - while this is not specifically a beauty product I think it counts as a lifestyle piece.  I was a good girl and managed to get a iPad 2 years ago.  At the time I was mad to get a Marc Jacobs iPad case, I thought I would be one of those really cool people who had an iPad and a Marc Jacobs case.  How cool would I be?  I could swish around being trendy and hip (I realise that trendy and hip people don't use those words).  When I got my iPad they were very hard to get but it was nothing towards the mythical status the Marc Jacobs cases had achieved, they were NEVER in stock.  Finally last summer I managed to pick one up in the sales.  Besides people thinking I was learning how to spell (us blondes are easy picking when it comes to stupid jokes) it is, in essence a piece of cardboard with some nylon foam over it.  Don't get me wrong it's sturdy enough cardboard and it protects the iPad - but it's still just a piece of cardboard.  I am very careful with the iPad and case but it has still manged to become piggy dirty.  I would still love a Marc Jacobs bag (so I would be a hip and trendy person with a Marc Jacobs bag - I never learn) but I don't think the Ipad cases are worth it especially since there are some great cases on the high street.

Nars Night Series Eye Shadows - I have been seduced by these shadows on a number of occasions and they never fail to let me down.  I think, it's Nars it has got to be good.  The night series shadows are a glittery range of shadows from Nars that will catch your eye when you pass the counter.  They are pretty and glimmery but don't be fooled.  The shadows are gritty and powdery and have masses of fall out - so much so there is more fall out than actual product.  I have even asked at the counter how to apply the shadows and have been told that you have to press them into the lid - well for me this doesn't work and unless you have some superglue they are still not sticking on the lid.  There is better pigment on the darker shades but they are not worth the money and you could get something that does a better job for a fraction of the price.

Very gritty and bitty shadows. Meh

Cover Girl Lipstick in Enchantress is my last choice - I picked this up in America I was quite excited to try some of the Cover Girl range but I didn't have long to shop.  I went for the most vibrant shade in the lipstick selection, there are no testers in the chemists in America so the whole thing is a bit of a guessing game.  When I got home between the lights in the shop and my quick pick the colour was a frosted pink, very 80s and not in a good way - not very me but I was willing to give it a chance.  The lipstick leave a stain on your lips (I wouldn't mind that if I liked the colour) and is also very strongly scented, and when I say strongly scented I mean it actually took my breath away.  I don't mind scented lip products but this is too obnoxious for me. 

Have you tried any of these products?  What products have made you go Meh lately?
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