Wednesday, February 6, 2013

January Favourites

This is my first January favourites post. I don't have masses of products cause this month I was struck down with the flu which meant I didn't wear any makeup for the flu portion - there was a lot of tissue used, in fact I might have used up my lifetime tissue quota.

1.  First up is the Lancome Blush in Love - it's a beautiful bright vitality giving blush - stunning and simple, it's a beautiful mix of pink and peach which leaves your cheeks glowing.

2.  and 3. Ill be posting more about these skin saviours later in the month but Nuxe Nuxellence Jeunesse is fast becoming one of my favourite creams of all time. I like to use this in the morning and Clarins Double Serum has been keeping my skin safe at night.  They were really put to the test with my flu face (Like American Horror Story's Bloody face - except snotty).

4. Lancome Kohl in Love is my obsession product of the month - oh how I love you. It's a beautifully creamy liner which glides on and stays put (read more about Lancome's Spring Collection here).

5. Philosophy Lip Gloss has been a bit of a revelation to me. It's a sparkly lip gloss that tastes amazing, is not sticky and is fast becoming a handbag must have.  It's the only lip product that himself has ever made himself go mmmmm rather than wiping his lips like he is a little brat. 

6. Stila Long Wear Lip Colour in Exhilarating (read my post on it here)  dabbed onto my lips with Philosophy lip gloss on top is what I have been wearing for a lot of the month. It's bright and vibrant but you can wear it toned down for a subtle look.

7. Viktor and Rolf Flowerbomb - Who are Viktor and Rolf?  Haven't a breeze, they kind of sound like they should be characters from the Muppets rather than the name on this beautiful perfume.  Flowerbomb manages to be sweet smelling but at the same time a strong and kick ass perfume. 

8. Mane 'n Tail Detangler - I am really excited about this, in fact it has taken over from Orifluido as being my must have hair product.  I'll do a more detailed post but basically it makes my kinda crazy hair manageable and detangles like magic.

Below is the face I have been sporting for most of the month with Lancome's Kohl in Love on eyes and Blush in Love on cheeks and my lip combo of Stila exhilarating blotted on my lips and topped off with Philosophy.  Its quite a bright spring face.  What have you been loving in January?

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