Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Butter London Sweetie Shop

Ok Ok I know this collection is called Sweetie Shop but I can 't get the song Candy Shop out of my noggin.  Butter London is one of those cult brands that I have always been interested in trying, after all who wouldn't want to try something from a brand that has brought us a lip gloss in the shade "Trout Pout".  How brilliant is that.  I have seen the range in Avoca and I have been a little overwhelmed at what shade to try, they are all so pretty.  

For Spring 2013 - which is now fact fans - Butter London have released Sweetie Shop, a collection of six sweet pastel shades as the name would suggest.  If you imagine Betty Draper became a time traveller who decided she would create a nail polish range, this is what she would create (although if you created time travel you might want to do other things than create a polish collection, like visit Madonna when she worked in Dunk in Donuts and laugh at her in the uniform - although travelling in time to create a nail polish collection sounds perfectly reasonable to me).  So Betty the time travelling nail polish creator - are you still with me? - decided that we should all have classic lady like pretty nails this spring, and gosh darn it (Betty is a lady and does not swear) it might be cold outside but we are going to have bright and pretty nails NOW.

The range has 6 shades
Cuppa - a tan colour (I think this might depend on your skin tone how it would suit you)
Fruit Machine - a creme bright pink
Jasper - pastel yellow
Kerfuffle - coral peach

On my nails today (they are so pretty I couldn't just choose one now could I) are Fiver*, a mint  and Molly Coddled*, a lavender shade.  The polishes apply pretty opaque but as they are light pastel colours I did need to apply two shades of Molly Coddled (the purple) and to get a smooth coating of Fiver I had to apply three coats.  The coats were easy to apply and although Fiver took three coats - a less picky person could have gotten away with two - the polish applied beautifully.

I am in love with the shades of this collection and it seems other people are too because a few people have commented on my nails.  The colours really have cheered me up during this dull and dreary weather.  Butter London nail polishes cost €15.00 and are available from lots of places including Avoca (get some cake to go with your nail polish), Dylan Bradshaw, Harvey Nichols, Beauty, Millies and The Loop (for those of you doing a bit of travelling). 

And seriously how cool is the name Trout Pout for a lip gloss.

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