Friday, March 1, 2013

Stila Major MAJOR Lash Mascara

You may know that myself and Stila have an epic love story going on... its has spanned years crossed continents and even lasted through a vast and devastating separation - but if you love something set it free and if it comes back to you.... buy ALL the makeup.  So although we have big love and mutual respect (I might be imagining the love and respect on their part but don't ruin the dream for me) we understand that we are not perfect.  Stila knows that although I love to eat cake, I cant really bake it (not at all not a bit, melting chocolate is difficult for me) and I realise that although Stila creates some of the most fantastic makeup products in the cutest containers they haven't make a mascara that rocks my boat.  This isn't something that is going to make us fall out our love affair is far to epic for that after all nobody is perfect.

During the sales I picked up a great bargain from Stila, the Best of Stila box (read the post here to see what else is in the set).  While rooting through the masses of makeup in the kit I saw there was a mascara, now although you may think I look at Stila products through rose tinted glasses of love - you would be wrong, see I could admit that they never had a mascara that I liked.  The mascara in the Best of Stila was the major MAJOR lash mascara.. I am thinking that it should be pronounced in a Victoria Beckham "This is Major" kinda way, well Sarah Lucero is Victoria Beckhams makeup artist and Vicky B is a huge fan of the brand.  I was going to pass the mascara along to a friend but its Stila I have to give it a try.

The first thing I noticed was the wand was massive, really massive - this terrifies me because I have tiny eyes and often when the wand is massive its doesn't coat my tiny lashes. 
For reference I had been using the YSL Shocking Mascara which I loved, Shocking is a mascara which thickens out the lashes and can leave they a little lumpy but I liked how it covered my lashes and added volume and lenght.  When I started to use Major MAJOR I was a little surprised, the mascara covered my lashes all the way down to my fair coloured roots (I didn't think a big wand would be able for this) the wand tapers down which makes it much easier for an even distribution of product.  The mascara opens up the lashes creating doll like lashes with added length and volume with no clumping or messing around, Just swipe the mascara wand on the lashes and you have length and volume which lasts all day.
On the top I have no mascara and on the bottom Major MAJOR - to be honest this picture doesn't really do the mascara justice - but can you see how it opens up my eye, the mascara leaves me looking awake, wide eyed with separated doll like lashes.  I am so impressed with Major MAJOR that YSL Shocking has been tossed over my shoulder (its still a good mascara but can clump the lashes) and myself and Stila pretty much have a perfect relationship (they have to ignore my flaws). 

Stila are really hitting it out of the park at the moment and from the images of the Spring Collection (check it out here) I will be burning up my credit card in the next few weeks - Seriously the Colour Balm Lipsticks look AMAZING.

Stila Major MAJOR Lash Mascara costs £15.00 (click here to check it out) and is available at Stila Harvey Nicks Dublin and also at which free shipping to Ireland and UK Pin It
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