Monday, March 4, 2013

February Favourites

I know that February is a short month but last month went ridiculously fast - has somebody invented time travel without telling me.  Zoom and it was over.

I spent most of the month feeling crappy and looking like a mess and one of the things that was like CPR on my face was Smashbox new Halo blush In Bloom*. It's a beautiful pink in a dinky pot where you shave off fresh product each time you use it.  The blush adds a luminosity to your skin as well as colour and let me tell you I needed that during February.  The range of Halo Blushes will be available on Smashbox counters in March.  During February this was less a luxury and more a necessity.

I have been using Lancome's new breakthrough foundation Teint Visionnaire* which is a three in one product - it really deserves its own post (which is coming soon), the foundation is not just any foundation, it's also anti aging and in the lid there is a corrector.  It has a lovely consistency which lasts all day on my oily skin.

You know I LOVE Stila but they have never really made a great mascara until now their major MAJOR lash mascara is fantastic. I wrote a post about it (here) but the pictures don't really do the mascara justice.  The mascara leaves you with wide eyes, long separated lashes with added volume.  Lash perfection.

I was so excited when I got this Dior Lipstick in the shade Marilyn for Christmas (I didn't post about it because it was part of the Christmas collection and was no longer available). The shade is a perfect red/pink.  You can wear the shade light or intense and even thought I have been washed out in February it's a beautiful shade which is very flattering.

Ah the Kardashians - who would think they would create such great makeup - I love how well thought out the colours in this palette are and to be honest the quality of this bargain shocked me. (Read about the palette* here).  You can pick up Khroma Beauty from Cloud 10 Beauty a wonderful Irish site with a great range of beauty brands.  Did I mention the palette costs €16.95 - amazing value no matter how you feel about the Kardashians.

February might have been bad health wise but at least I have been smelling fantastic with the help of Roger & Gallet Gingembre  which was a gift from my pal Karen (Lovely Girly Bits). It's a amazing scent which manages to be refreshing and gingery all at the same time.  I adore it.

Finally a special award has to go to NYC's new fantastic  Expert Last Lipsticks* (read about them here). Not only are they pigmented, feel fantastic and smell lovely they are an amazing price, €2.49 - at that price you could pick up every colour from the 14 shade range.  Gold star NYC.

I have a disappointment of the month. It's not exactly beauty related but allow me to rant none the less - I can't wear costume jewellery (even though I love it) because I break out in a rash so bad it makes my skin leap off my body so himself got me a Tiffany Onyx Bead bracelet last Christmas (so I have it a year) like the one pictured below but black.  I was sitting watching Hollyoaks, enjoying the last of Brendan Brady (he is great by the way and I don't know if I'll be watching when he is gone) when the flipping thing fell off my arm.  The string it was on broke, what alarmed me more than anything was it was on a piece of string.  I brought it back to Tiffany's in Brown Thomas (where it was purchased) and they said that it costs €30 to restring (literal string here people) and that it should be done every two to three years.  I asked is it supposed to just fall off your arm after a year (when I was sitting minding my own business wondering how much food gets caught in that monster tash).  The girl said that it would be complementary IF I COULD SHOW PROOF OF PURCHASE (even though I said it should be on loyalty card).  I understand when you're purchasing something from a brand such as Tiffany's you're paying the majority of your money towards the brand name but I was under the illusion that you were also paying for quality.  €30.00, money for old rope (or string to be more specific).  I seriously doubt I will ever buy anything from Tiffany again.

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