Friday, March 8, 2013

Stila - Periwinkle Blue The Shade of the Summer

Ah Stila how you spoil me. In fact, it's like you reached into my brain and made a product that I had been dreaming about - we are so in sync like that.  As you may know bright graphic liners are all the rage for Spring/Summer, we loved Lancome's offering (read about it here), but Stila have gone ahead and made quite possibly the prettiest coloured liner I have ever seen.  

The shade is Periwinkle Blue (last time I heard the shade Periwinkle Blue, Brad Pitt was looking for a mobile home for his mother in the movie Snatch) and it's the prettiest colour I have ever seen (I quite fancy a mobile home in Periwinkle blue now myself too).  I love to look at the makeup trends that are shown during fashion weeks in fact that is where I first saw this beautiful liner in action during Alice and Olivia's Spring 2013 show - the wonder of Sarah Lucero's Instragram is you can see products when they are first in action and when they are in development. Before you say anything, I am a proud Stila Stalker.

Stila have gone one step further than just creating a liner in what I think is The Shade of Summer, they have given us options, that's right, there is the Smudge Stick Waterproof Liner and also the Stay all day Waterproof Liner, so it's really up to you which type of liner you prefer.  Both liners give a matte Periwinkle Blue shade which is simply stunning.

The Liquid Liner gives a more precise line - perfect if you want to line your eyes with black liner and double line with periwinkle blue - something I am going to master if it kills me.  The Smudge Stick is brilliant for quick application and I am a longtime fan of the formula (I have tighten lined with this and it adds a subtle brightness to the eye).  I find the Smudge Stick offers more colour payoff but that may be because more pressure can be used when applying the Smudge Stick - even so I personally can't work out which one I prefer.

 The top heart is the liquid liner and the bottom is the smudge stick. As you can see both leave the exact same shade so the preference is really how you like to apply your liner.

Periwinkle blue is such a stunning shade that gently brightens the face, and really brightens and widens my eyes.  I am obsessed with it and have had so many compliments when I wear it.  It creates such a pretty look.  The colour is so stunning, it's like a cure for SAD disorder in a piece of makeup - how can you not smile when you look at it?

Stila's liners are part of their Spring collection which you can pick up from ASOS (where I got mine) (here remember Stila give free shipping to Ireland and the UK) or from the Harvey Nick's counter in Dundrum where they cost €17.50.   Stila also have a fabulous new counter opening this week in Sligo the rather brilliant Cara Pharmacy are opening a beautiful new Stila counter this week and rumour has it the counter is even more amazing than the counter in Harvey Nicks.  How brilliant is it Stila is coming to Sligo? A little bird tells me there is another amazing shade coming out in the Summer. God Stila you really are spoiling us - and I love it.
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