Friday, March 22, 2013

Stila Color Balm Lipstick Valentina - Spring 2013

So we know I am a massive Stila fan - in fact I might just be Stila's number one fan (OK I am beginning to sound like Kathy Bates in Misery) so I was beyond delighted to get the opportunity to hear about Stila's Spring Collection from their Pro Makeup Artist Janie Howarth - think floating on my seat and trying hard not to be a know it all about the brand.  Stila are offering up the spring gods a fantastic new range of lipsticks and in my opinion it's filling the (tiny) gap that the brand has - it's just what I was looking for and the good news is they are going to be a permanent part of the collection.

The lipsticks are called Color Balm Lipsticks - but don't let the name fool you, these are only balm in the terms of moisturisation, they are lipsticks, amazing pigmented lipsticks.  When we hear of products called balms we have to think of Revlon Lip Butters - Stila's Color Balm leave lip butters in the dust, with one swipe you have beautiful clear pigment.  The lipsticks have nourishing properties (hence the balm name) they have peppermint oil to sooth - this also leaves a crisp peppermint flavour when you first apply the lipstick (this gently fades as you wear the lipstick),  sunflower polyglygercide adds slight volume and definition to lips.  There are 18 shades in the Color Balm range - from the everyday shade to the in your face vibrant colours.  I found with the bright shades they can leave a slight stain to your lips the more often you apply the product, and a little tip - the Color Balms leave the lips with a glossy finish, if you don't like that smoosh you lips together and it gets rid of a bit of the sheen.  So its not just a lipstick, it's a nourishing balm and a slightly plumping pigmented lipstick which is long lasting and really glossy.

When I was listening to Janie I was slightly mesmerised by her lips because she was wearing the Color Balm in Valentina*, a bright and beautiful orange red -it was stunning. I was beyond excited to get to take it home to try it out.  The packaging is a metal tube with Stila written in the corresponding shade of the lipstick to make the packaging a little more innovative (it is Stila after all and innovation is their middle name). There is a handy mirror on top of the lipstick to help you apply on the go - deadly or what?

I have been loving Color Balm and Valentia has hardly been off my lips, isn't it the perfect bright shade for spring? I can imagine myself wanting to collect the shades, in fact I might have picked up 2 more shades already (on two separate visits, although I am not sure if that makes me sound any more sane).

Color Balm lipsticks cost €18.00 (which is pretty good considering how expensive chemist brands have gone) and are available from Stila's counter in Harvey Nicks, Cara Pharmacy in Sligo and (which gives free shipping to Ireland and the UK).

Stila have also launched a skincare range which was developed to be used under makeup - you know the way with some skincare you need to wait about 15 minutes before applying your makeup? Stila's compact skincare range can be used straight before makeup but has all the benefits you would expect from a premium skincare range. Stila's skincare range has been thoroughly tested at New York and London Fashion week.  I'll talk more about the skincare range as I try it - but don't you love find new ways to buy Stila?
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