Thursday, May 2, 2013

So Sad - Avon Super Shock Gel Eyeliners you will be missed

Usually about this time I post about my monthly favourites and any annoyances I have during the month.  I am not going to post about my April favourites because I appear to be in a space time continuum where I have no concept of time and instead just post about my sadness/disappointment for the month of April.  That disappointment is Avon's decision to pull out of Ireland, of course my main disappointment is for Avon's many representatives which were left blind sighted by Avon's decision many only finding out on the radio or tv..  A lot of people worked hard for the brand in one form or another and will feel the loss.

On a personal level besides being annoyed with the brand for the way they handled things - shame on you Avon especially since the company was created by the son of two Irish people - I will miss some of Avon's products especially their Super shock Gel Eyeliners.  One of my colleagues did all her cosmetic and bath shopping from Avon and every other day she will remember a new product that she will mourn.

I was just finishing a post on Avon's limited edition Super Shock Gel Eyeliners when the news hit - so here is a case of here is what you could have bought.

What has annoyed you this April ?

Kakhi, Aqua Pop, Flash and Steel.

Steel Liner

Khaki Liner

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