Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Dior Addict Be Iconic Lip Gloss 853 Rouge Defendu

I am the kind of person that marketing teams dream about, I see an advertisement and get caught up in the excitement of the whole thing.  When I saw the visual for Dior Addict Be Iconic Gloss I have to admit I was totally sucked in.  I wanted beautiful pouty glossy lips.  Part of my mind gets swept away and thinks I am going to look like the advert.  I know, I know it's silly but how simple and elegant is the picture - I want to look simple and elegant while also looking pouty and mysterious.  Is that too much to ask for? 

A lot of people have gone off lip gloss (did you know the Lipstick Index is an actual economic "Thing"? During recessionary times women want better value for money);  some people won't even remember that a few simple years ago ladies didn't wear lipstick at all - it was lip gloss all the way (of course I always felt jealous of those people who didn't live in a windy country, during lip gloss' heyday - where there is lip gloss and wind, there is hair attached to lips).  There is nothing that will quite make the lips look as juicy and kissable looking as lip gloss (this is somewhat ironic because there is nothing that lads like less than kissing lip gloss attached to a woman).

The Be Iconic glosses come in 24 different shades. I loved the idea of the clear jelly like glosses (they also have some that have a shimmer).  So much choice but I of course went for one of the more vibrant shades - 853 Rouge Defendu. 

For me the colour looks like raspberry jam - or like you have been sucking on fresh fruit or eating an ice lolly.  Ok so I don't look exactly like the advertisement but I think the colour is build able and very pretty.  I really like the feeling on the lips, it's very moisturising and best of all not at all sticky, with a slight fruity taste.  The consistency is so nice and smooth and when you rub your lips together there is no "lip gloop". 

Course it's me so I like a little more oomph to my lip colour so I have found the perfect pal for my Be Iconic Lip Gloss and that is a very affordable and a very pretty Matte Red Lip Colour from Elf.  Sometimes I apply the Elf colour and then a bit of Dior on top.  In the picture below I applied Dior and then applied the Elf lip colour on top.

Be Iconic glosses are really nice glosses, they feel light and moisturising and feel more like a treatment than a gloss.  The bad news?  They cost €29.00 which is the price of a small house (OK OK it's the price of a small dog house or perhaps a goldfish bowl). They are expensive.  I probably won't be picking up another one anytime soon although I will enjoy using this one - while I try to ignore the visuals of the Dior Birds of Paradise Summer Collection.

A small side note - when I was looking at the lip glosses, the Sales Assistant asked would I like to try it on, but of course I did (swatching on the hand is not a sufficient test when testing for lip gloop). She proceeded to apply about 10 different products and finished with the gloss.  When she finished she asked "is there anything you would like to treat yourself to today?"  Why yes the lip gloss that I asked about approximately 27 minutes and 10 products ago. "Great" she said but then ruined it all by saying "Is there anything else you would like to treat yourself to... and then went on to point out the other 9 products she used.  Now I understand that Sales Assistants have targets to meet and are under a lot of pressure to meet them, but us customers are also under a bit of pressure and the guilt of me spending €29.00 (yep not cheap) on a lip gloss (which is possibly all my grocery money for the week or disposable income for the month) is bad enough without feeling like the worst person in the world cause she spent ages applying the lip gloss (and other 9 unnecessary products) and the lip gloss was all I bought.  A few years ago when there was such a thing as "disposable income", I would have bought a couple of products one of which would have just been a guilt purchase but now I am being strong. 

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