Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Pearlys Teeth Whitening

We have a friend who's obsessed with teeth and hair (hi Esther!). Not just teeth and hair in general, that would be weird, but her own and looking after them. She likes other areas of beauty too of course, but she's right when you think of it, if your teeth and hair are well maintained, you've gone a long way to looking good. I think she'll be interested in Pearlys teeth whitening products (in fact, she's probably already using them). 

We've been trying out Pearlys Daily Teeth-Whiten Foam* (€25) and Pearlys Weekly Teeth Brighten Powder (€16.50). The foam is recommended for twice daily use, along with your regular tooth paste - you simply squeeze it on top of tooth paste and brush your teeth as normal. Pearlys say it will visibly whiten your teeth after two weeks of twice daily use - I can't say I've noticed significant whitening but then I didn't take 'before' pictures (my bad). I do feel that it is adding a little somethin' somethin' on top of my normal teeth cleaning though, my teeth seem more sparkly if that makes sense. 

Now the Weekly Teeth Brighten Powder, I LOVE. You know when you get your teeth professionally cleaned at the dentist or hygienist and they use that gritty stuff to buff your teeth that makes them feel super clean? That's what this is like. Recommended for use once a week, it acts as an exfoliant, lifting plaque and staining off the surface of the teeth. It leaves your mouth feeling so clean - you won't be able to stop running your tongue over your teeth. 

Pearlys also do a Teeth Whitening Pen for on the go touch ups and a Professional Home Kit for more heavy duty whitening. All products are available from pharmacies nationwide and Beauty Features

Do you do anything above and beyond the usual when looking after your teeth? Looking at these pics of celebs with no teeth makes you realise how important they are to our overall looks! 

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