Friday, June 14, 2013

Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner

Hands up who cleans their makeup brushes?  Well I know that we all should (mucky pups) but I have to admit I am a fan of the old quick clean of the brushes on baby wipes.  The only other specific brush cleaner I have is a Clinique one that I bought about a million years ago and with it I had to stand in the bathroom and spray the brush cleaner about a million times on the brush (only tiny amounts came out) and wash the brush with water and the whole process took so long that I would just use a baby shampoo.  It was too much of an effort for very little result.  After a hard day at work I really want to be able to clean my brushes watching the telly.  Is that too much to ask? I should also mention that I have slight makeup brush OCD and I like to try out a lot of them, thinking that they will improve my makeup skills - in some cases they do improve things; they are wonder brushes.

When I was at the Beauty Show in the RDS a couple of months ago Karen from Lovely Girly Bits (check her out here) told me about Cinema Secrets Brush Cleaner - she said it was great and was off to re-purchase.  Being one of my favourite beauty bloggers and my sister from another mister I really trust Karen's opinion so like a sheep I also picked up a bottle.

This brush cleaner is easy to use and whats more you can do it in front of the telly - score. You put a little bit of cleaner in the lid of the bottle (or another small container) and dip and smush the brush about.  When you take the brush out you wipe off the cleaner on a paper towel (or clean towel if you're me) and voila a clean and happy brush in seconds.  This stuff dries very quickly so you pop your brushes back in the container without having to let them bask on a towel for days.  Cinema Secrets claim there is a vanilla scent which remains on the brushes - in my opinion it smells like cleaner slightly masked by a vanilla scent, not off putting but just not an amazing vanilla scent (if you know what I mean). It's more important to me the brushes are clean and very soft which Cinema Secrets does brilliantly.

I had a ton of brushes to clean and was amazed at how quickly I got through them - you can see from the bottle above how much cleaner I used on my masses of brushes (I mean it's a bit ridiculous I have that many brushes - I'm not a makeup artist).

I picked this up at the show for €12.00 but you can pick up Cinema Secrets brush cleaner from the (link here) where it costs €16.68.  I have to be honest with you the lure of cleaning my brushes with the much more affordable baby shampoo will be strong but where Cinema Secrets holds its own is how bright and sparkly it cleans your white brushes.  The white bristle brushes look brand new, it's kinda amazing - especially since some have been stained for years.  I might just keep the Cinema Secrets for keeping my white brushes clean and use the more affordable option for the others.

Look how clean and fluffy the brushes are.

What brush cleaner do you use and does it make your whites extra white?
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