Friday, June 21, 2013

Bourjois Shine Edition Lipstick - Let it Shine this Summer

Don't you love when you find a new range of lipsticks, when the colour range is perfectly formed almost for you in mind, the shiny formula is moisturising on the lips, packaging is cute AND BEST OF ALL, you can pick them up in the chemist.

These are my favourite kind of finds and this summer Bourjois are playing a blinder with their releases.  Coming in August (these may pop up sooner in Boots cause that's what seems to happen in Boots) Bourjois have the new Rouge Edition Shine Lipsticks which come in 8 shades (6 new shades).

Today we have three shades of the Shine Edition* lipsticks to show you.  As you can see from the vibrant (perfect for summer) packaging the colour at the bottom corresponds to the colour in the lipstick tube (which is always handy).  The metallic container stays shiny even after it has been thrown around in my increasingly packed handbag - although I am loving these so much I can envision them becoming battered from much love and overuse.  The writing on the lipstick also corresponds to the colour inside the tube which I always think is a lovely touch.

From the left we have 1,2,3 Soleil, Famous Fuchsia and Grenade In

As you can see from the swatches these lipsticks have a beautiful shine to them.  The consistency feels like a balm on the lips but they have wonderful pigmentation which looks just stunning.  Shine Editions cover you r lips in a moisturising balm and the look that is achieved is not over the top, there is something almost natural about the finish.  Like you were eating fruit or your lips were pigmented from an ice pop (although evenly covered not like actual ice pops).

1,2,3 Soleil

1,2,3 Soleil is my favourite of the three I have - which is surprising cause you know how much I love a pink lippy- I think it might be the formula of the lipsticks combined with the shade which makes it a winner.  I think this coral/orange is stunning and it hasn't been out of my bag.

Famous Fuchsia

Look how glossy and beautiful Famous Fuchsia is - I mean seriously, choosing a favourite is like Sophie's Choice. 

Grenade In

Grenade In has a slight more berry look to it and a smidge darker pigment, you probably don't need both Famous Fuchsia and Grenade In but you should definitely pick up one of them if you like a pink pout.  I know this will sound weird but I'll continue anyway - I think they make my lips look great, now bare with me.  My lips tend to be quite dry and this sorts them out while also giving my lips that glossy gelly look that is so popular with lip products at the moment and exactly what I thought the Dior Be Iconic lip glosses would do (read our post here). I mean the Dior is lovely but the Shine Editions give a nicer finish for much better value.

So Rouge Shine Editions cost €10.99 (or £7.99) and will be available in August.  Also keep an eye out for brilliant offers from Bourjois during the summer to celebrate their 150th Birthday these include a free Je T'aime blush (in 1920 ies replica packaging) when you spend €15.00 or more and in July (Boots) and August (In Independent Chemists) free Sunglasses when you buy any two Bourjois products.

Do you like super shiny lips without them being sticky?  If so you need one of these in your handbag and in your life.
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