Friday, July 5, 2013

YSL Babydoll Mascara - It's a Rave Review

YSL Babydoll mascara just sits there all chilled out and ladylike.  Its sleek packaging is confident and assured.  The word babydoll in pink, delicately written across its side almost like a whisper, a promise of things to come.  It doesn't have to scream and shout about how wonderful it is,  or have claims of its marvel cluttering up the side of the packaging.  Babydoll knows that once you try it you will be hooked.  You realise that it works and works like a dream.

I am a fan of YSL mascaras - they may be très expensive but man you are guaranteed that you're getting what you pay for.   I had always heard great things about YSL mascaras. My friend who has the best lashes I have ever seen (funnily enough naturally babydoll looking, long, full, fanned out and curled) always said her lashes were down to YSL Faux Cils (although I am sure it helped she has naturally amazing lashes).  Last year I had a love affair with YSL Shocking mascara (that Sile kindly picked me up in the Duty Free).  If you're looking for volume and seriously long lashes with an almost clumpy effect YSL Shocking is where you need to go. I know you're supposed to throw out your mascara after three months (a hard pill to swallow when it's an expensive mascara) but I couldn't make myself throw out my YSL Shocking - relax, I'll put it in the bin now I have Babydoll.

I have the colour N° 2 Brun Enjôleur - which is a brown for all you non French speaking folk out there.  Hold on a minute why am I raving about a brown mascara, the last time I got a brown mascara was in 1996 or perhaps if I accidentally picked up brown instead of my usually blackest black.  No° 2 Brun Enjôleur has been a revelation to me - I am naturally dark blonde/light brown and this shade suits me perfectly. It looks natural and helps my eyes look wide awake and brighter - it's less harsh than black (let's face it, I am never going to naturally have blackest black lashes and blonde hair)  The tips of my lashes can look fair so if the mascara I'm wearing flakes off it can look a bit odd - not Boris Becker odd but like I haven't applied mascara on all my lashes odd.

My before picture is possibly the saddest picture ever - yeah they're my lashes, it doesn't even look like I have any, as you can see they have a habit of clinging together for dear life as if one more bad mascara will cause them to break off and head to the hills.

Here is some bright makeup (just in case you didn't notice the pink shadow and turquoise liner)

The truly beautiful thing for me about Babydoll is how the mascara wears,  for me I found that the mascara lasts amazingly well. It looks pretty much the same at the end of the day as it does when I first apply it - without re applying.  For me a lot of mascaras flake or wear of the outer lashes so it either looks like I have missed a bit or I am shedding.  Babydoll leaves your lashes perfectly fanned and lengthened even after the end of a very rough day with no shedding or flaking.  My perfect example of this was a couple of weeks ago when I went to see Robbie Williams. I applied my make up in the morning, went to work, got lashed on, missed my dinner reservation, got rained on again, ate a single of chips from the steamy wrapper, got lashed on again, then finally I got to see the twinkly eyed Mr. Williams and then home.  You know when you have been rained on so much that your bra and knickers are wet, you look like a drowned lunatic but thanks to Babydoll I was a wide eyed perfectly mascaraed looking lunatic.  After a long damp and soggy day my mascara had stayed perfectly applied on my eyes, no flaking or melting or smudging or abandoning ship. I was shocked, I have never had a mascara look that good and last that well or a normal day let alone a long and wet day.

We have all had mascaras that work well with our eyes - but the fact that Babydoll keeps your lashes look ing like this is the amazing thing.  Babydoll also manages to lengthen, add volume and generally make your lashes look fanned out and amazing but also doesn't leave your lashes crunchy which is a pet hate of mine.  I might be a bit bonkers but I actually think that Babydoll leaves my lashes in better condition - after I take the mascara off they still look great and still fanned out.

Babydoll makes my eyes look wider and brighter and in one sweep, you know those mascaras that make your lashes look good but you need a degree to apply them?  You need to apply with one side of the brush and then wait and apply with the other, say a Hail Mary, do a rain dance and then fan out the lashes with blood, sweat and tears?  Well with YSL Babydoll there is none of that messing-  you apply one coat and you're good to go. 

Although I have shown the mascara here (in many pictures because I am so obsessed with it and I can't quite get over how amazing it makes my lashes look) it has given my lashes a boost of confidence that I have been wearing very little eye makeup lately - usually just a brightening wash of colour to the lids and YSL Babydoll.

The picture above is YSL Babydoll Mascara after a day at work.  See tired eyes but happy lashes.

YSL Babydoll Mascara costs €32.50 which for a mascara deserves a swift intake of breath but it really works and not just for the first five minutes of the day - I am safe and slightly smug in the knowledge that my once crappy non existent lashes look amazing, flawlessly fanned out to perfection all day long and as I mentioned I feel like the formula has been improving the condition of my lashes.   I love that my lashes look amazing but they also look natural looking - you can see I am wearing mascara but not a ton of spiky looking product.   I usually save my Boots points exclusively for YSL products and Babydoll goes straight to the top of my list.  I can't promise I will be repurchasing every 3 months but I will definitely be repurchasing.  YSL Babydoll Mascara has impressed me more than any other mascara my little lashes have tried for a long time.  
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