Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Stila After Glow Lip Color - Festival of Color 2013

When you think of a festival goer you think of Kate Moss in her short shorts looking all cool and bohemian with Hunter wellies and a carefree attitude.  I am not that festival goer, in fact anybody who has stood in a field in Kildare being drenched with rain until your fingers turned to raisins knows that you need to be a little more prepared than that.  Your wellies are more likely from Penneys/Primark, you need a cross body bag with a pack a mac and baby wipes and hand sanitizer and Vicks to put up your nose when the porta loos get too "festive", you also need makeup that won't run down your face while bands are singing about sunny days. In other words you need to be prepared - Stila have created a great lip product that will suit the festival goer like me but also suit the cool Kate Moss types, and they are the After Glow Lip Colors.  

As you can see these are lip pencils - a lot of brands have done a similar format and I think they are brilliant. Precise enough to act as a lip liner as well as a lip colour and no need to sharpen which wastes so much product (who wants to buy an expensive lip pencil only to waste half of it sharpening it?).  There is a reason so many brands are producing lip products in this format - they are easy to use and apply (kinda fool proof) and can be popped in your pocket (festival perfection right there).  Where Stila have made things interesting this summer they have created a range of 6 buildable colours except they 
"contains fluorescent pigments that are three times brighter than conventional colours, creating a dazzling pop of colour in the sunlight. Once the sun goes down, special light-sensitive pigments cause the lip colour to glow when exposed to ultraviolet (UV) light".  
So that basically means the lip sticks are brighter in sunlight WOO HOO and they glow under UV light (which if I'm being honest I don't really find myself under a lot -or any- UV light but it's a cool concept and imagine if you were to draw on each other with the lip colour if you had artistic tendencies).

Of course it's Stila so they have jam packed the lip color with great properties for your lips including vitamins C & E for antioxidant benefits, glycerin which attracts water from the air to increase hydration (very fancy), algae, sunflower seed oil to moisturise and oat kernel extract to sooth the lips. 

This is one swipe of Tangerine Dream - as you can see it is an orange/red.  It's bright and perfect for those who want to try a bright lippy - the fact that these get brighter in the sun makes it almost 2 lippies in 1.  I adore this shade.

The other colour I picked up is Electric Pink and it's just that - a bright vibrant pink - which gets brighter in the sun.

While you would think Electric Pink is just my kinda colour (it is and in fact was the first color I gravitated towards and the first colour I bought), my favourite is Tangerine Dream.  There is something about how flattering Tangerine Dream is on the lips that has made me fall in love.  I have been wearing it non stop since I got it (in fact it seems to have gone into the lipstick protection programme in one of my bags or pockets, it's trying to tell me to wear something else and give Tangerine Dream a rest - I am getting a little worried about it at this stage, I may have to do a tangerine alert).

Stila After Glow Lip Color costs €14.00  or £12.00 - Although you know I love Stila in a slightly unhealthy way I am so happy that they are not robbing the Euro customers, there are so many brands that seem to pluck a euro price from the air and I find it really off putting.  I love that Stila allow you to buy flipping fantastic beauty without having to refinance your mortgage.

You can buy Stila from, Harvey Nicks Dundrum and Cara Pharmacy Sligo with new locations soon to open.
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