Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Kardashian Beauty Joystick Shocking Pink, Intimate Spotlight Illuminate

Where has the summer gone?  No seriously – we haven’t been kidnapped it just seems like life has been in fast forward of late leaving little time for us to update Emeraldeyeliner.  Fear not we haven’t been living in a beauty free world, we have had plenty of time to be trying out new makeup and skincare.

I know I have spoken before about the Kardashains – it's one of the only reality TV programmes that I watch (although if I am being honest I have recently been sucked into Breaking Amish but I'll keep that tale for another time).  So love them or hate them the Kardashians scream a certain type of upscale style, Kim especially is known for her monochrome colour outfits (personally I love colour too much to dress like this) but it has to be her highlighted makeup that has sprung a thousand YouTube/ blog tutorials.  Yep the girl has some pretty nice makeup going on.

Being savvy business women it's a bit of a no brainier for them to create a beauty line which they did and for some reason they called it Khroma Beauty?? I know.  Turns out there was already a brand called Khroma so cue a quick name change to Kardashian Beauty (no I don't know why they didn't call it that in the first place either).  So name change aside what is the makeup like?  We had spoken before about one of the palettes (the palettes are currently being phased out but you can read what we thought of the palette here).  I was pleasantly surprised by the palette and really impressed by the selection of colours in the set.

So Kim is all about the contouring, smokey eyes and nude lip - I never wear nude lips, I am all about the vibrant tones which luckily enough Kourtney and Khloe like to rock every so often.  While watching the "reality" show (their world is far removed from my reality) I saw that Kourtney had a bright pink lipstick on which was in a white tube.  Yup you guessed it it was a Kardashian Joystick in Shocking Pink (those girls know the value of product placement).  Aside from what brand it was it was an amazing colour but we will take a closer look at that in a second.

Kardashian Beauty wouldn't really make sense without having some highlighters and I have the Kardashian Beauty Intimate Spotlight Long Lasting Illuminator in Illuminate* to show you.  When I first tried what I thought was a powder in a eyeshadow size pot I thought ooo how creamy - until I realised it was a cream (OK so I'll never be a member of MENSA).  The Intimate Spotlight comes in three colours and costs €12.95. It is a creamy and easy to use illuminator which brightens up the usual spots (cheekbones, brow bone, cupids bow, decolletage) it says you can mix into your foundation but the thick creamy consistency might make that a little difficult.  I would recommend applying this product with your fingers, when I tried to use a brush it went a little powdery and left a more subtle all over glow than targeted illumination.  I have quite a strange obsession lately with highlighting products, I love them during the summer but have found that annoyingly the better ones are from premium makeup ranges - it's one of those products that you shouldn't have to spend a lot of money on and Intimate Spotlights offer a great affordable option.

Right onto the good stuff and oh yeah baby it's good stuff.  The Kardashian Beauty Joystick in Shocking Pink* tells it like it is - it's shocking pink but also very a wearable shade.  So the name Joystick ?  Let's just raise our eyebrows and move on shall we?  These are so easy to apply. Being a lover of hot pink lipsticks a steady hand is required and I never really bother with a lip liner which can make for difficult application.  The Joysticks are so easy to apply, they are shaped so you can draw, define and colour your lips in a couple of strokes.  Easy peasy, lemon squeezy.  Better than the easy application is the fact that they have a lovely texture, long lasting but also moisturising while having a light and delicate scent (I think it's vanilla).  Budget beauty brands have been knocking it out of the park of late with lipsticks but I have found some of them have really overwhelming scents - Joysticks' finish and scent is definitely more of premium beauty quality rather than the €13.95 which they cost.  There are 8 shades in the range and I really want to check out Retro Red and Sea Coral (OK I might have seen them wearing these shades too - what?  They look amazing).

Now I was happy enough walking around with my fab lippy but the true power of Shocking Pink revealed itself to me when a woman stopped me and asked me what lipstick I was wearing.  I have a lot of vibrant lipsticks and this is the first time this has happened, thus is the power of Shocking Pink.  When I told her it was a Kardashian Beauty lipstick she at first looked a little surprised but then said "well their makeup always looks perfect". I of course wrote down the shade and where she could get the lipstick.

Kardashian Beauty is budget brand priced (albeit the higher end of the budget range) the packaging is white with pretty rose gold but the actual product inside is really impressive especially Shocking Pink Joystick - it is simply stunning and so easy to apply.

Apologies for looking a little smug - what can I say, it's how I feel after a stranger complements my makeup.  Kardashian Beauty is available from Cloud 10 Beauty (check out the full range here).  I am a huge fan of Cloud 10 Beauty they have really quick shipping (last thing I ordered on a Thursday evening and it was in my hands on Monday morning) give you your choice of 3 samples with each order and also you can earn points when you review products - I highly recommend becoming a fan of their Facebook page (here) because it seems like they always have a special offer or deal going on.

So would you buy something from Kardashian Beauty?  I will definitely be trying out the Joysticks in Retro Red and Sea Coral - who knows I might give nude lips a go.
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