Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Lancome Teint Visionnaire

Sometimes you have a product that is your ol faithful - it's trustworthy, reliable and the reality is you take it for granted.  For me the product has been Lancome Teint Visionnaire* - I have been steadily using Teint V (as I shall call it) for months now. Whenever I want my skin to look good it's what I pick up and when I want my makeup to last all day it's what I pick up. So for me it's a bit of a Holy Grail foundation (for reference I can have an oily T zone with dehydrated skin on my cheeks). 


Teint Visionnaire is a real breakthrough in product in that it is a 3 in 1 product  - a foundation,  a skin treatment and a concealer all in one handy bottle. As the name implies Teint Visionnaire contains the same skin protecting ingredients that are included in Lancome's Visionnaire serum (the LR2412 molecule) this magic little ingredient helps to smooth wrinkles, fade pigment spots and tighten pores. But imagine all this is almost secondary to the beautifully natural looking foundation that Teint V gives the skin.  The lid of the foundation contains a concealer which is enriched with vitamin CG (a new one to me) which brightens the skin.  

I could go into the scientific details (and pretend that I understand them) but for me Teint V leaves my skin looking really well - even coverage without my face looking caked in makeup.  The foundation comes in 18 shades and I am so impressed by the match I got.

What I think impresses me most about Teint V is it has passed the Irish Mammy test - my mam has foundation line OCD whenever I come into the house, or leave the house she blends (rubs with vigor) the foundation from my chin down my neck - when I say she has OCD I mean she has been known to do this to me even when I haven't been wearing foundation.  When I arrive in the house wearing Teint V she said "your skin looks lovely today"..... OK PEOPLE HOLD THE FREAKING PHONE - no face rubbing or "blending".  I get a compliment, my skin not only looks lovely, it looks Irish Mammy approved lovely.  So you might not realise what a big thing this is - but trust me it's a big thing.  This just confirmed to me what I already knew Teint V is an impressive foundation.

How about a before and after shot?  So before, I look sad. As you can see I have dark circles, red pigmentation on my cheeks and of course spotty red mess on my chin.

After:  well my skin just looks clear and radiant - the way God and Lancome intended.  The dark circles and redness are covered without it looking cakey or mask like.  Natural glowing skin.

For me the only part of Teint V I am not crazy about is the corrector which is happily housed in the lid.  I had forgotten about the correcter (if I am being honest with you the lid got lost in the confusion of my makeup storage). It is a firmer consistency than the concealers I generally like to use, I have developed some fine lines around my eyes (such is life) and find that a softer correcter works better for me.

Teint Visionnaire costs €45.00 which is a great price for a foundation, corrector and skin treatment (Visionnaire serum costs €73.00 so by using Teint V saves you a few bob).  I highly recommend you go to a Lancome counter and get a sample of Teint Visionnaire.  Try it yourself and you will see what a beautiful foundation it is.
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