Friday, September 6, 2013

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection - Are you a buffer or a fluffer?

If you have ever watched a beauty YouTube video you will have seen a Pixiwoo tutorial and no doubt you have been impressed.  A number of years ago Sam from Pixiwoo created a range of brushes called Real Techniques (we reviewed some here) and they recently released a Duo Fiber Collection*.

Duo Fibre brushes became all the rage with MAC and their 187 brush - of course by now most ranges have some form of Duo Fibre brushes in their collection.  Duo Fibre brushes allow you to apply your makeup to a flawless almost airbrush finish.  Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection consists of 3 brushes - the face brush, the contour brush and the eye brush.

So what are my thoughts?  Well first I will ask you a question, are you a buffer or a fluffer?  Personally I am quite a buffer, I am guilty when applying bronzer that I tend to pile it on and buff it out - exactly the opposite of what the experts tell you to do.  The experts tell you to gently fluff (possibly not fluff but stay with me) on the product, gently applying as you go.  The Duo Fiber brushes are perfect for fluffing (I can't stop using the term fluff now) on product - they don't pick up a lot of product so are perfect for gentle application. 

When I first used the brushes with bronzer I was a little confused because they don't pick up a lot of product (the opposite to what I am used to) but you can use these brushes with powder, cream or liquid and I have been loving using them with my Estee Lauder Gelees which are intensely pigmented - so intense that I haven't really been using them without looking like a clown.  Because the Duo Fiber brushes pick up minimal product, just the right amount of intense pigment is picked up.  

I have been using the face and contour brush but am not a fan of the eye brush, I find the Real Techniques eye brushes tend to be a little too big for my eyes and this eye brush is also a little too big.  I have also found that although the brush is soft, it's tapered into so much of a point that it scrapes my eye.  

If you like to buff on your face products these are possibly not the brushes for you (although I might see you at clown school). If you want a gentle, soft application Duo Fiber brushes are definitely worth a try.

Real Techniques Duo Fiber Collection are available from Cloud 10 Beauty (click here) and cost €27.99.  You know that we are huge fans of Cloud 10 here at Emeraldeyeliner not just because they give you free samples when you make an order.  I would also advise you to become a fan of their facebook page (here) because they have great special offers and money off codes.
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