Friday, September 13, 2013

FYI - For Your Attention Space NK Gift With Purchase

Why Oh Why am I on a shopping ban?  Oh sweet lord I do love a good freebie and I love nothing more than a freebie with a lot of brands that I haven't tried.  Enter Space NK at Harvey Nicks which have a beauty event running on the 18th and 19th of September.   When you spend €175 you receive a goody bag worth up to €300 of cult products and new discoveries, book an appointment with the lovely girls there and get some advice on the new beauty products (I am dying to try Living Proof Flex Hairspray but as you would imagine the list goes on and on and on a bit more) a bit of pampering and a glass of bubbly.  Space NK in Harvey Nicks really is a gem which is filled with wonderful makeup brands like Chantecaille, Kevyn Aucoin, By Terri, Hourglass and that is not evening mentioning the skincare and hair care products that they stock (I am loving the look of the T3 hairdryer). I could happily spend all day and all my money there.

 Tickets are €15 and fully redeemable against any purchase at the event. To book call 01 2910421.  You can also shop on Space NK's website which is

And if you do go you can visit my Stila Counter while your in Harvey Nicks and look at some of their Autumn offerings which I will be talking about very soon (I might have some on my face right now) Pin It

Mark Hill - Two out of Three aint bad

So we had the sun, we had the fun.  I enjoyed days where my hair could air dry and be away from the shackles of the hair dryer - oh the liberation and the frizz -.  I did feel that my hair needed a little TLC so I headed into Boots to buy a deep conditioner... did I already have a deep conditioner ?  of course I did but I wanted something new and fantastic and I found it.
I don't know why I walked past all the huge displays of hair brands and stopped at Mark Hill with its fabulously pun intended MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Treatment but stop I did and once I opened and had a sniff at the wonderful concoction I knew it would be coming home with me.  It smells like sweets - or summer sweets like 10 penny bags with a faint hint of liquorice (only a hint mind you cause I am not a fan of liquorice).  The conditioner claims that you only have to leave it in for 2 minutes for beautiful hair - I have never used a watch :) but it definitely works and in less than 2 minutes.  My problem would be putting too put product in because it smells so feckin good.  If you have fine hair this could weigh your hair down slightly - just use less product.  After I have washed out the conditioner my hair is left with a slight memory of the fragrance - beautiful - but more importantly than that it feels wonderful and soft.  I felt my hair had dried out a little what with highlights in June and a bit of sun but this restores it and feels like a lovely treat but one you can pop in when your in the shower - no messing around for 15 minutes or putting a towel on your head, just pop it on wash yourself or shave your legs and bam your done. 
I shall sandwich the bad in between the two good products - Next up is Beach Babe which is a sea salt spray, to be honest with you its more of a "its not you its me" situation with this product.  I love that wavy hair beachy look but I hate my hair to feel crunch or full of product and alas as with most Sea Salt sprays this makes my hair feel horrible and gritty and dirty.  I used it only once and as a rule on this blog we NEVER speak about a product having used it only once but I felt it made me look more like Crazy Cat Lady from the Simpsons than a beach babe.  I met my friend when I had this in and her first words to me were "what's up with your hair" which is not really what anybody wants to hear.  Of course I have one of two sea salt sprays at home (I will never learn) and I have come to the conclusion that they are just not for me.  I have discovered that if I plat my hair when its wet and let it dry I get the look of beachy waves without the crunchy feel.
Last up from the trio (no I didn't pick these up on 3 for 2 but there was money off on the products - Boots is great for that.  I think they might be on 3 for 2 at the moment) is the Sun, Sea, Frizz- Free Anti Humidity Spray which I picked up cause as the heat went on my hair got bigger and bigger and I was about to discover how Marge Simpson's hair stood on the top of her head (lot of Simpson's references today - don't know why).  I would use this fine mist like spray after my hair was done and it was so fine I almost thought no product was coming out - until I sprayed it in my face to check, I know I am an idiot.  The spray is very fine and delicate but it seems to do the trick because my hair didn't frizz up and it added a small amount of shine to the hair.  Its not the hair spray for you if you want strong, ridged hold or to lock a style in place, this is more a finishing spray but one that keeps humidity at bay.

I picked these up in Boots where they were around the 10 euro mark each (they were on special offer with money off) I cant find a link for them on so I cant find an exact price (sorry).  If I was to pick one product it would be the MiracOILicious 2 Minute Intensive Treatment I am currently using it as my conditioner every other wash it smells AMAZING. Sometimes you just want a quick affordable product that works and this is it. Pin It
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