Friday, September 20, 2013

The Body Shop Honeymania

We are pretty much going Winnie the Pooh on you here at Emerald Eyeliner this week. I love honey, I use it to sweeten my porridge in the morning, it's really good for you and let's not forget it has smoothing and healing properties. It truly is the ambrosia of the Gods.  

The Body Shop Body Butters are pretty much a staple in most bathrooms. They are exactly what you need if your skin needs moisture.  Personally I always have one close by and while I might not need it every day I definitely use it a couple of times a week.  The Body Shop are expanding their body butter range with a Honeymania Body Butter but they are also introducing a whole Honeymania range.

First up is of course the famous Body Butter* which not only smells divine but also seems to be more moisturising than other body butters.  The fragrance of Honeymania is of course of honey but it's also light and fresh.  Some people can find the scent of honey a little overwhelming but Honeymania gives you the sweetness of honey without being overpowering.  The body butter promises 24 hour hydration and normally I would scoff at this claim but anybody who has put on skinny jeans after applying a body butter will know that they take longer than lotions to absorb into the skin but also continue to leave the skin really hydrated.  I could feel how soft my skin was the day after applying Honeymania body butter, it was if I had just applied a body lotion.  I am not sure if it's the honey in the body butter which helps with hydration but it's my new favorite body butter. What I find most amazing is for each Honeymania product 100 busy little bees have to visit 50,000 flowers to get enough honey.  They really are busy little happy creatures.  Honeymania Body Butter costs €18.95

A new addition to the Body Shop's bath range is the Bubble Bath Melt*.  This is a liquid bubble bath similar to bath melts from Laura Mercier (but costing €13.95, a fraction of the Laura Mercier price). Scoop out a small amount of product and your bath is turned into a honey bubbly wonderland.  My only problem is the product can be quite messy - thank God we have a running bath on hand to clean up our hand from the golden melt ;)

Honeymania Lip Balm* is a sweet tasty way to keep your lips hydrated. At €7.50 its an affordable way to see if you like the scent.  I love that the balm doesn't feel waxy just moisturising.  I prefer stick balms for my purse but this has found its home beside my bed.

Don't forget the famous soap free Soap* €3.95 with a cute honeycomb and bee - personally I am way to messy to use soap but what a cute present this soap would make.

Honeymania collection is available now and the Honeymania Body Butter is a new favourite of mine (as you can probably see cause I had to use it before I took pictures).

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