Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Clarins Graphic Expression Autumn 2013 Collection

I have been avoiding Autumn collections because I love summer and I don't want to admit that it's over, but it's October now so I guess I should move on (I refuse to wear socks yet though).  

Clarins are offering us a ton of new products for Autumn and I was in awe of the wonderful Claude when he talked us thought the collection.  The makeup collection is called Graphic Expression but Clarins have also have a new foundation and concealer to complete our face.

Clarins Extra Comfort Foundation*  is a nourishing foundation with argon oil which is in a thick cream formula.  Ill have to admit when I tried this first I HATED IT, I felt it was quite heavy and very strongly perfumed.  Of course the foundation is thick if you put too much of it on, you only need a small amount of the foundation and the fragrance does fade.  When I learned how to use it properly I really did like the foundation, in saying that I think Extra Comfort is probably suited to a slightly more mature skin (my skin is obviously immature and hanging around street corners) or drier skin.  I have combination skin and the oily sections do not need the added nourishment. The foundation doesn't cake or settle in lines so I think its the kinda of foundation that I would recommend to my mam.  Extra Comfort Foundation is available in 10 shades and costs €43.00

Ah Clarins Instant Concealer* I have been loving you.  I have been very tired lately and my dark circles have started to develop bags too (which is just flipping brilliant) so I have needed a concealer that is light, pigmented but also powerful.  Instant Concealer covers the dark circles but is also delicate enough not to settle in any lines that are on the outside of my eyes.  You only need a tiny amount of this concealer.  Instant Concealer has made it into my September Favourites for good reason it not only conceals but also slightly brightens the darkness, it has Aloe Vera to sooth (in yo face puffy eyes) and also contains caffeine which refreshes the skin.  Instant Concealer comes in 3 shades and costs €24 but you will have it for a long time  (I have number 1 which is for fair skin)
Onto the Graphic Expression collection - first up is the Eye Quartet* No 11 Forest.  Three of the shadows are normal satin eye shadows with the champagne being a chunkier shadow with more sparkle.  My favourite shade of the 4 is definitely the brown (its the shade with Clarins embossed onto it) its such a pretty and universally flattering shade.  The shimmering champagne shade was a new formula for me to use and I discovered that its better used to highlight the inner corner or for smaller areas - its not my favourite eyeshadow formula but creates a very pretty effect.  The Eye Quartet costs €41.00 so basically a tenner a shadow (I find the price of palettes are better if you break down the price per shadow)

Clarins are again treating us to their 3 Dot Liner which we have already reviewed (here) and love, its eye liner for idiots which suits me perfectly.  If you gently dot the liner along your lashes you are left with thickened and fuller looking lashes.
Kohl Pencil* in black is a classic black liner with the added benefit of having a brush on the other end - how brilliant is that?  Much better than having one of the smudge rubbers which just seem to hold dirt.  The brush means you can blend out liner simply and with more precision (see picture of blended liner).  Kohl liners come in 8 shades and cost €17.00 and I happen to think the taupe shade is absolutely beautiful and is on my list.
Clarins Be Long Mascara* is no ordinary mascara it also has a complex which enhances lash growth and also strengthen lashes.  More importantly for me the wand is small and manages to fit in all the corners of your eye to cover all the lashes - the wand also has an interesting shape which grabs the lashes.  Be Long leaves you with pretty lashes and has been one of my favourite mascaras of the year (coming a second to YSL Baby doll mascara).
I am slightly in love with the texture of Clarins lipsticks, they are soft and moisturising and taste delicious and Joli Rouge Spicy Cinnamon* leaves you lips feeling amazing.  Its a perfect shade for Autumn.  My only regret with Clarins lipstick is they tend to come in a classier shade range than I am used to - I love the formula so what I wouldn't give for them to make a slag pink shade for me.

Joli Rouge Lipsticks costs €21.00 - it might not be a shade that I would normally wear but it feels amazing on my lips.

Finally it wouldn't be a Clarins Collection without a face and blush powder* as with other Clarins powders they look stunning and you can use the pink lines as a blush but use the rest of the powder as a face powder or finishing powder.  If you already have a Clarins face & blush powder you don't really need this but they are beautiful powders and it will be a trusty part of your collection for a long time.  The Face and Blush Powder costs €37.00.

Have you picked up anything from the Clarins Graphic Expression Collection?
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