Friday, October 4, 2013

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks

The Body Shop do body lotions and that's it right?  Wrong.  While I am a bit of a body butter expert (nothing moisturises your shins like it), I am not very familiar with cosmetics from the Body Shop.  The Body Shop's latest cosmetic release is their Colour Crush Lipsticks - exactly my kinda product. 

Colour Crush lipstick give high impact colour while also being moisturising with a delicate rose scent.  There are 24 colours in the range and they are broken up into three groupings - nudes, pinks and reds.  Today I have two of the reds and a pink to show you.

The packaging reflects the shade range of the lippy (nude, pink or red) which makes them bright and pretty to look at.  The colour shade and number is written on the outer sticker of the lipstick but unfortunately only the number is written on the base - not a big deal to most people, probably just a blogger gripe. 

The lipstick is moisturising but not overly so which is good for pigmented colour, it means the lipstick is comfortable on the lips but will not slide down your face.

First up is Red Siren - 101*  it's my favourite shade of the three - a perfect classic red.

Sexy Crimson - 125* is a vampy wine/red colour, perfect for a bit of drama.

Rush of Pink- 230* a light delicate pink - not something I would normally gravitate towards (it's more a Sile colour) but the milky pink shade is fully opaque.
My face looks a little washed out in this lighting

Colour Crush Lipsticks are a great range of affordable lipsticks and the range means there is a nude, red and pink to suit everybody.

Red Siren, Sexy Crimson and Rush of Pink

The Body Shop Colour Crush Lipsticks are available now and cost €12.95.  There are a couple of hot pink colours calling my name.  Ill see you at the Body Shop. Pin It
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