Monday, October 7, 2013

Sleek Face Form in Fair

Sleek are kinda genius when it comes to makeup, not only do they give us great value makeup but some of it is really outstanding.  I am a big fan of their eye palettes and their blush.  I was intrigued to try out face form which is a contouring and blush palette. 

The Face Form Palette comes in 4 shades (Fair, Light, Medium and Dark)  I picked up Fair which I thought was the most suiting to me and to be honest the prettiest.  I have never really contoured before, I never felt the need for it because of my razor sharp cheekbones and all (just checking to see if you're paying attention).   Since my cheeks tend to veer towards chipmunk I thought I should give easy contouring a shot.

The handy palette has a matte brown, a shimmery pearl to highlight and a rose gold blush colour.  It's very pretty don't you think? 

The brown colour is very natural and not at all muddy which was a big fear for me about contouring, it's simple to use and blends easily.  The highlight colour is so pretty and makes a quick and simple highlight.  I love the blush colour, it's a dupe for Nars Orgasm but there is quite a bit of shimmer in it and I think they would have been better off with a less shimmery colour blush in the trio.  There is no need for shimmer in the blush when the highlighter has beautiful shimmer to it.  I do like to use the blush on its own but with the highlighter it's a little too much.  I think it makes a beautiful blush but I wouldn't use both the blush and highlighter together. 

You can pick up a Sleek Face Form Palette from the wondrous Cloud 10 Beauty (here)  where they cost €12.99.  As you know we are huge fans of Cloud 10 Beauty because its the quickest gratification online shopping has ever given us - yes their shipping is amazing and they give you free samples, AND if you sign up to their Facebook page (here) you can get special offers and promotions.
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