Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Redken Diamond Oil - Shatterproof Shine

So we are great lovers of hair oil and my favourite for a long time has been Orifluido for two reasons
1. it's less expensive than Moroccan oil
2. it's a lighter oil than Moroccan oil

So for a long time Orifluido has been a firm favourite of mine even though I get to laugh when my Mam gets confused and calls Moroccan oil - Brazilian oil (I think she is getting her hair treatments confused).  

Personally I think when the oil is lighter it spreads through the hair better and while I am not great at using products on my hair I always use a hair oil on my hair after I wash it.  

Redken have a new offering in the mix called Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine*.  Redken have developed 2 versions of the oil, the first one is in an Amber bottle which is for fine hair and an alternative for thick coarse hair which is in a black bottle.  If you think you can't use hair oil if you have fine hair, you can just use a smaller amount and now Redken have a oil specifically for your hair type.   I have a lot of hair so I went with the black bottle. 

Diamond Oil is a lighter oil than any other hair oil I have used.  It comes in a very swanky bottle which dispenses the product through a dropper.  As I said the oil is more watery than other hair oils which means that it spreads through wet hair easily and you have less chance of overloading the hair with product (which is going to make the hair oily and not what you're going for).  

While other hair oils are dependent on argan oil, Diamond Oil cleverly mixes a trio of oils - Coriander Oil (smooths),  Camelina Oil (softens) and   Apricot Oil (conditions).  I have tried the Ojon Rare Blend Hair oil which also mixes different oils and my hair HATED it - my hair was oily, flat and limp.  Diamond Oil is light and glides thought your hair, you would have to use a lot of it to weigh down the hair and even if you're feeling heavy handed the dropper means the amount of product you dispense is measured.

As with other hair oils you can use this on hair after you wash it, on dry hair to give it gloss and even as a treatment before you wash your hair. 

Diamond Oil is really a pleasure to use - except when you're like me and forget to close the top of the bottle and then drop the bottle on the ground (the shape of the bottle meant that thankfully not a lot came out) but I found myself soaking my hair on the ground like Homer Simpson, it's not every product that would find me on my hands and knees and mopping it up with my hair.  My hair oil mess ended up being quite a nice pre-wash treatment.

Redken Diamond Oil Shatterproof Shine costs €33.95 (less expensive than Moroccan Oil) and is available from Redken Salons and stockists. Pin It
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